cfehnel 12:34pm, 1 November 2007
I have been playing around with for a little while now.

I have used a lot of programs to track goals, weight, calories, etc, but this seems to be the most comprehensive and useful tool I've used.

You have your standard dashboard page called your locker room, where you see an overview of your progress of goals, listing of objectives, and journal entries, which provides a nice overview.

Workouts is wonderful. You can browse through a ton of user submitted workouts, which are rated by users. They have everything from a "Training for a 5k" workout to "Mass Muscle Building" and everything in between. You are free to join any of these programs. Want to know what exercises are in the workout or, more importantly, how to do them, they usually have a video that shows the proper technique and form for each one. If they don't they usually have a picture and a detailed description. This is extremely helpful especially for gym beginners.

Nutrition is also very nice to track. You have the ability to edit your daily intake goals and then compare based on what you have eaten for the day. It also keeps track of your overall progress. The one downside to the nutrition section is that if you search for a food to see how many calories, carbs, etc. are in the item the results are very limited. CalorieKing is by the far the most extensive database that I've used and Gyminee does little to compare with it. The nice thing is that you can do a search through CalorieKing and then input it into the Gyminee database. I haven't tested this myself, but the option is there.

Once you have signed up for a workout and go into the Progress section you have the ability to add in how you did with your workout. This is very nice and this is something that I have always had a problem with. Keeping a journal for me has always been a cumbersome experience, therefore it never lasted very long. I think this has a shot of working for me, though. For me this is by far the most useful tool gyminee provides. To be able to accurately track your progress like this is amazing and is a powerful tool in staying motivated.

The last three features (I'm sure I'm missing some) are groups, Journals, and My Gym Buddies. Basically Gym Buddies are your friends. In your account you can allow everyone to see all your information, just your Gym Buddies, or no one at all.

All said and done, I'm very excited to using this site for a long time. I really feel like I've found my one stop tool for all my dieting/exercise needs. CalorieKing was nice, but I feel this is two steps beyond, and that is saying a lot for something that is still beta.
deafening toad [deleted] 14 years ago
Nice! looks like a good site -- I'll have to try it out
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