sara vilbergs 12:58pm, 16 July 2007
Last weeks winner, fbechwati sent us the judging for the theme Aftrnoon, here are the winners:

1st. place:
Our little soulman
by: Johey24

3rd. place:
cozy on the wall
by: LoveyLane
*lovey* Posted 15 years ago. Edited by sara vilbergs (admin) 15 years ago
Thank you so much for regarding my picture as high as you did! i'm still stunned. :)
johey24 15 years ago
Hey, thank you so much!! A pleasant surprise. Aria, your boy made me smile ... what a great story it tells. Lovey Lane, those are awesome colours you managed to capture.
Aria Fotografia 15 years ago
Wow! That's great! Thank you "theme" powers that be!!!! It's nice to be placed between such great pictures, too!
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