inkswamp 1:53am, 1 July 2008
Greetings, everyone.

The theme for the week of June 29 - July 6 is "STANDSTILL." Photos intended for this theme are tagged with themestandstill so we can easily find all photos associated with the theme. Each week we tag the photos with a unique tag so that each theme we do can easily be searched and viewed as a group within the pool.

The basics: You may post up to three (3) photos per member. Please don't post more than three photos in the pool for any one theme. If you want to post more photos on the theme, you can post them in your own account, and add the tag for this theme so they will show up in tag searches. But please choose between one and three for the pool, no more.

And, as always, please invite any of your contacts or friends who might enjoy participating in this group. The more, the merrier!
poly_mnia 14 years ago
A Walk by the Sea...
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