ticialovesmonkeys 1:02am, 28 August 2008
Is going on? Did this group close? We have not had a new topic in a long time?
Lumpen Heap 13 years ago

I suggest Peace as a topic if the admin is not around!
Cathy G 13 years ago
Hello, I just popped by to check if there was a new theme, anyone out there? :)
flickrrob 13 years ago
mjyo 13 years ago
Hello Hello Hello.
Is there anybody out there?
Nod if you can here me.
Is there anyone home?
Yvonne and Samuel 13 years ago
Hello - I just joined thinking it was a brilliant idea for a group. Too late, I realised that the group does not actually seem to be functioning anymore. I do hope somebody revives it. I see there are 4 admins so surely one of them is around. If there is no response perhaps somebody - or me - could start another group on the same idea and get it going again.
Coffee_Break 13 years ago
Since nobody else is answering, I will.
I thought the best thing for me to do is to post a new theme.

And if someone can explain to me how the hell did it happen that I'm an admin of this group, I'd be more than happy.
Yvonne and Samuel 13 years ago
Thank you Coffee Break for coming to the party. I hope there are still enough members looking in to get things moving again.
most uncool 13 years ago
thank you coffee_break
oliviermela 13 years ago
So no new theme since October?
Joel... 13 years ago
I think the group went the way of the Slinky...
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