MerlinsMan 11:24pm, 19 October 2006
Early releases make this lens sound very attractive. I had Google translate a Japanese press release. Among the interesting bits:

While in order to achieve the specifications of 16~50mm F2.8 whose design degree of difficulty is high very, the DX compound aspherical lenses, by arranging glass mold aspherical lens 2 ideally, it guarantees the peripheral light intensity, furthermore the SD glass 2, it removes chromatic aberration by the fact that LD glass 1 is arranged, it is sharp and the description whose contrast is high is maintained. In addition, it is thorough the ghost, flare measure with the multiple coat of each lens.

Has anyone heard when the lens will be available in the US?
tychay Posted 15 years ago. Edited by tychay (member) 15 years ago
Well they were scheduled for a Fall release, but obviously that didn’t happen. I think it’s delayed until 2007. Argh!

I don't think the Pentax version is out yet either. :-(

I’m so jonsing for this one.
tychay 14 years ago

Ahh, new lens
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