malyousif 5:04am, 22 November 2007
There are many hundreds of groups on Flickr, the vast majority of them start with a bang and then just die down, which is a shame. It would be nice if this group does not suffer such a fate. The best way to insure that it does not is to increase its membership and have an active community surrounding it. The design of this group is that just about everyone who joins gets upgraded to a moderator and from those quite a number make it to full administrators with cart blanche access. This insures that no single person is "the boss" and much more importantly, if one of us gets busy with real life, others can easily take over the administrative tasks.

There is much promotion to be done though, if we are to be successful. So please do spread the word and invite your contacts to join this group. If you have a blog, please give us a mention and invite your readers to view the pictures and contribute if they could.

Lastly, how about someone designs a creative logo, prize cup, banner, buttons, etc and we use those both here and on our websites and even include in our email footers to increase the awareness of our group?

If you do create something for us, please post the image in this thread so we can have a look. I promise you will get a nice pat on the shoulder for your efforts!

The invitation code within Flickr for this group by the way is the following, feel free to cut and paste it wherever you like to increase our membership!
Groups Beta