malyousif 5:29pm, 23 November 2007
This is the thread in which you can post a note to the admins, be that a complaint, a pat on the back or an alert.
A.K.M.Ali hossain. 13 years ago
Thanks to all.
Ahmed Rabea 13 years ago
Dear All,

Thank you very much for the great idea of this group.

Is it possible to increase the number of pictures in the pool (not in the mean time), but as the group grows, the competition will get hard. As long as the idea to compete to show the beauty of the beloved Bahrain, I don't see increasing the size of the pool will harm.

malyousif 13 years ago
Good idea Ahmed, but in keeping with the norms already established by tens of "Top 20" groups around Flickr, I don't think the change is necessary. "Competing" to get into the Top 20 should be fierce and let the best survive.

There is another group I run and I am the sole administrator on called "Bahrain Experience" and in that I invite a lot of pictures in and keep only what I personally consider the best. Maybe we can find space for your idea there?
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