josef.stuefer 9:15pm, 3 January 2006
While doing the mosaic I had a closer look at the stats (v, f, c) of my top-20. I summed them up for the pictures in my mosaic: v-17084 | f-1296 | c-940.

What's your mosaics vital f-stats?
(please don't take this too serious, it's just playing with numbers)

[add] v/f = 13.2 (one fave per 13.2 views)
SuperDave!! Posted 15 years ago. Edited by SuperDave!! (member) 15 years ago
Wow!!! Your 20 photos in your mosaic have more views than my whole photostream does. ;-((

EDIT: OK, curiosity got the best of me and I finally counted my stats.

V-7,014, F-281, C-386
Total photostream views: 15,815

So that means that these 20 photos account for 44% of the total views of my photostream.......... WOW!!! That doesn't say a lot for the rest of my photo's ....... ;-P

¡nils! Posted 15 years ago. Edited by ¡nils! (member) 15 years ago
Same for me, I feel ashamed posting any numbers here ;-)

[EDIT] OK, just out of curiosity I calculated the numbers, and having done so, I can make them public anyway:

1607 views, 82 comments, 27 favorites
nicky's 15 years ago
well i had to add them up but didn't amount to such great numbers as josef.stuefer but here they are :)

2291 views 147comments 104 faves
Wen Nag (aliasgrace) 15 years ago
Cool idea to play with the numbers. Here's mine: v-8335, f-542, c-389

Thanx for inviting me to the group, Josef Stuefer!
abstracted question [deleted] 15 years ago
Just added them up so here are mine:
V-9361, F-349, C-518
radiant star 15 years ago
Here are mine:
Views: 3219
Favorites: 125
Comments: 186
rebeccamissing 15 years ago
I will post my collage later, but was intrigued by this.

My stats: v-3491, f-231, c-198

Not only are Josef's numbers incredible, his favorites to views percentage is the highest in this thread thus far: 7.59%.

My own 2005 top 20 stands in at 6.62% favorites to views ratio.
hkvam 15 years ago
I did my counting.

V-38677 F-2518 C-1257
marj k Posted 15 years ago. Edited by marj k (member) 15 years ago
V-1430 F-151 C-119
... but I only joined in December ;-)
Percentage f/v 10.5
mygigi 15 years ago
I can't believe you're making me do math this late at night :)

Fun Flickr Facts

1. 10367 views
2. #19, 20, and 21 were all tied with 15 favs
3. my most viewed photo was 22 on the list
4. 561 favs
5. 587 comments
6. 17 out of 20 are self portraits
~Carolina~ 15 years ago
I became a Flickr Lovr a couple of months ago. So far..
V- 5832 F- 240 C- 164

My most viewed is #84!
Nicolas Hoizey 15 years ago
My stats: v-5036, f-135, c-103

Not to bad, for a novice, I suppose... ;-)
Ezu Posted 15 years ago. Edited by Ezu (member) 15 years ago
My stats:

V: 4,893 F: 309 C: 563

V/F = 16.10
V/C = 8.70

On the picture set:
Max-V = 501 (#1)
Max-F = 35 (#1)
Max-C = 44 (#3 & #7)

The top 20 favorited makes the 39,42% of views of my photostream.

I love statistics :D.
awake stitch [deleted] Posted 15 years ago. Edited by awake stitch (member) 15 years ago
I only started uploading photos in October 2005...

Views 4589
Faves 301
Comments 332
V/F 6,56
V/C 7,23
MaxV of these 20: 554 (no. 2)
MaxF of these 20: 38 (no. 1)
MaxC of these 20: 29 (no. 2)
The views for these 20 photos are higher than the views for my entire photostream...
Janet Leadbeater 15 years ago
fun with numbers
who doesn't love maths ;)
views: 11 837
faves: 813
comments: 590
fav/view: 6.87%
top 20 views/photostream views: 33.55%
fave colour of flickr favourite givers: blue
vintagedept Posted 15 years ago. Edited by vintagedept (member) 15 years ago
f 107
v 3909
c 323

v/f 39.55
v/c 12.10
c/f 03.02

I can quote this: "The views for these 20 photos are higher than the views for my entire photostream.."

faves: 776
views: 13814
comments: 740

Fav/view = 5.62%
EyeOfTheJen 15 years ago
F - 132
V - 1965
C - 132

Damm, I feel a little inadequate here!
duncan 15 years ago
total: v 4785, f 159, c 107
average: v 239.25, f 7.95, c 5.35
total photostream views: 37306
12.83% of those views taken by these 20
fav/view = 3.32%
raspberrytart 15 years ago
top 20 fav'd in 2005

I have spent four months on flickr.

My top 20 fav'd photos received...

221 favs, and

This means...

3.96% of people who viewed these photos also fav'd them,
5.39% of people who viewed these photos commented on them, and
I received 136.20% more comments than favorites.

My top 20 fav'd photos have an average of 279 views, 11 favs, and 15 comments.

My #1 fav'd photo is #3 for views and #2 for comments.
My #1 most viewed photo is #2 for favs and #3 for comments.
My #1 most commented photo is #4 for views and #4 favs.

One photo in the top 20 has no comments whatsoever.

20% of these 20 photos hold 80% of the favorites, causing me to grit my teeth because that dumb rule has been proved correct yet again.
doozzle 15 years ago
I did the maths and my top 20 fav'ed account for:

172 favs
deVos 15 years ago
My stats:
520 favs
average views: 1192.6
average favs: 26
average comments: 24.5
views/favorites: 45.9

But that's nothing. Solea actualy has some pictures that have over 500 favs, EACH! Comments per picture usually exceed 100 per picture and the view count will probably not fit on a calculator.
Michael Nagel 15 years ago
views: 3814
favs: 180
comments: 220

f/v: 4,72%

Looks like I've got a long way to go to catch up ;)
familiar company [deleted] Posted 15 years ago. Edited by familiar company (member) 15 years ago
views: 9659
favs: 348
coms: 633

f/v: 3,6
v/f: 27
Brooks Ayola 15 years ago
Views = 21,272
Faves = 665
Comments = 336

Ha! A lot of views with little interest!
Carrie Musgrave | Posted 15 years ago. Edited by Carrie Musgrave | (member) 15 years ago
Top 20:

Views: 10103
Faves: 750
Comments: 357

v/f: 1 fave per 13.47 views
v/c: 1 comment per 28.3 views

People fave the photos more than twice as much as they comment on them.
full snow [deleted] Posted 15 years ago. Edited by full snow (member) 15 years ago
Views: 2088
Favorites: 70
Comments: 175
V/F: 29.8

subberculture 15 years ago
Views 14,361
Faves 28
Comments 19

They like it, they just don't tell me why...
MarniMELT Posted 15 years ago. Edited by MarniMELT (member) 15 years ago
There are some very impressive numbers listed above!

Views: 1597
Favs: 50
Comments: 49

32 views for every favorite, 3.1%
(Thanks Marj K).
jauderho 15 years ago
I'm a consultant so naturally I made a spreadsheet :)

This is after 4 months on Flickr ( I joined in late August).

Views: 9149
Favs: 442
Comments: 290
Pictures of hot women: 0

v/f: 20.7
marj k Posted 15 years ago. Edited by marj k (member) 15 years ago
For a meaningful comparison with rebeccamissing's original post, to get favourites as a percentage of the number of views:
Favourites divided by views multiplied by 100.
442 / 9149 x 100 = 4.8%
50 / 1597 x 100 = 3.1%
309 / 4,893 x 100 = 6.31%

Those whose egos got a boost by having stats better than Josef's, sorry to bring you back to ground :-)
Be Still 15 years ago
The totals for my 20 top faves:
v: 3384 | f: 178 | c: 232

v/f: 19

Total stream views: 4110
94 photos
82% of my views come from 21% of my pics

Again, that damn 80/20 rule!
fantastic vessel [deleted] 15 years ago
Finally, my numbers:

faves = 542
views = 9261
comments = 947

f/v = 5,85%
v/f = 17,08

Laura Grace Posted 15 years ago. Edited by Laura Grace (member) 15 years ago
views=12720 (all 20 are of...zombies...)

fav = 99


total stream views= 14151

(ps--I was heartened to see that I'm not the only one with favs > 100...)
FlyButtafly 15 years ago
Ok, here's my totals:

v = 19679
f = 282
c = 269

I got an avg. 69.78 views per fave (but the majority of views come from my 2 top faves, and I've got one other high-viewed but not-so-high faved photo, so the numbers are slightly skewed because of that.)
phitar Posted 15 years ago. Edited by phitar (member) 15 years ago
ok, i love maths and games.

so the top 20 images got 80% of the views. why bother :-)

the top 3 photo views totals 61444 (one of them not in the top 20), more than half the total, so it heavily skews everything. that's what external links can do...

i laughed at jauderho's pic of hot women stats !
marj k 15 years ago
My top pic: 1089 views / 134 favorited / 64 comments
My second pic: 32 views / 3 favourited / 1 comment
REALJimBob Posted 15 years ago. Edited by REALJimBob (member) 15 years ago
v = 3080 | f = 79 | c = 30 | v/f = 39 (one fave per 39 views).

[Subtracted my own comments of course.]
Marko_K Posted 15 years ago. Edited by Marko_K (member) 15 years ago
v= 11443 ka 572,15
f= 766 ka 38,3
c= 535 ka 26,75
f/v (%) 6,694
1 fav need 14,939 views

and one more ;)
Your photostream has been viewed 9486 times.
Julie70 Joyoflife Posted 15 years ago. Edited by Julie70 Joyoflife (member) 15 years ago
Too much work to make a total

view=1098 for the 1st (Une nuit blanche à Paris)
fav 46 for the 1st (Aie! they will see you!)
53 comments for the 1st (same)

but interestingness first is "shaving"

And my photostream has been viewed 59287 times: WHAT DOES that MEAN? as I have almost 8000 images now on line? They looked at some? I looked at them? Someone understands what that means?

I find funny the images "most favorited and most viewed" and the differences between them, but when I look at the twenty, I like the diversity!
*Zig* 15 years ago
v= 7548
f= 395
c= 418
v/f= 5,23%

Not too bad for kittypics ;)
Robin Thom 15 years ago
Views 20,079 out of 49,184 for the year.

Faves 649

Comments 780

View/Fave 31
Linus Gelber 15 years ago
My view-heavy results:

Views - 24,089
Favs - 402
Comments - 199
jah~ 15 years ago
Only been on Flickr for not quite 2 months-

Total for matrix:

Views: 2134
Comments: 166
Favorites: 100
mickyates Posted 15 years ago. Edited by mickyates (member) 15 years ago
Been on flickr 5 months....

views ....... 6446
favorites ... 252
comments .... 244
views/favs .. 25.6
3.9% of views were faved
photostream viewed 7781 times ....
_rebekka 15 years ago
ooooh... i love doing math on a friday night... (wasnt going out anyway, so why not)

here are my numbers from my top 20 faved images:
total faves: 5147
total views: 152648
total comments: 2676

and, at the moment, my photostream is up to 624830 total views, for what its worth. (since april 31st, 2005)
concerned guide [deleted] Posted 15 years ago. Edited by concerned guide (member) 15 years ago
I think that the "hot" pictures in MY photostream dont represents my
work as a photographer.
Photos are from between
01 Jul 2005 & 04 Jul 20005
Total : 20 photos
V: 96584
F: 414
C: 221
But, Any way ,I am thankful.
Brenda Anderson 15 years ago
My top 20 stats:

Views: 15421
Favs: 764
Coms: 339
especially_today 15 years ago
My top 20:


stereotyp-0815 Posted 15 years ago. Edited by stereotyp-0815 (member) 15 years ago
5338 / 277 / 213, photos from sept to dec

but those numbers influence your way of seeing,
so better don´t pay too much attention ;)
bigeoino 15 years ago
in comparison to some of the ones above I'm v. low:-
3005/ 112/ 100

(one fave per 27 views).
(one comment per 30 views).

Max view - 736/ 22/ 20
Min view - 32/ 3/ 2

but they only correspond to about 16% of total viewings since I started - total 18760 but started in 2004 - of my photostream.
But only really 'discovered' or used groups since June/July... so external views only arrived via tags or friends.

So hopefully 2006 will be the year!
sk8mama 15 years ago
Food for thought: I'm brand new to Flickr, been on all of two months, so I can't claim hundreds of views, etc. How much ego is tied up in these numbers? How important are they?
FlyButtafly 15 years ago
sk8mama - it all depends on the person. ;) I think everyone appreciates the views/comments/faves (I know I do :) but they mean different things to different people. I wouldn't get hung up on them. Though when you see people with hundreds of faves per photo, it can be hard not to. ;)
Rune T Posted 15 years ago. Edited by Rune T (member) 15 years ago
My top 20 of 2005:

Views: 27816
Faves: 1278
Comments: 869
Pictures of hot women: 0

Been on Flickr since August 2005.
Violentz Posted 15 years ago. Edited by Violentz (member) 15 years ago
I think I did it wrong the first time. We are counting the views, favorites and comments of just the top 20 FAVORITED images right?
Violentz Posted 15 years ago. Edited by Violentz (member) 15 years ago
one other factor that should be considered, myself and many other members make comments on their own photos to thank people or respond to a remark or question. Shouldn't our own comments be overlooked when we factor in the total number of "comments" ?


Favorites: 332

Views: 9234

Comments: 291 (without my comments)
FlyButtafly Posted 15 years ago. Edited by FlyButtafly (member) 15 years ago
I only added up the numbers for my top 20 faved - but I neglected to subtract my own comments, so I do need to go back and change the number for that. I just haven't bothered - yet. ;)
Violentz 15 years ago
well, I'm not sure you're required to subtract your own comments, I just did because I know I thank everyone who leaves me a comment, so I probably have just as many of my own comments on photos than I do from Flickr members. hehe
Art Ascii 15 years ago
Views 8808
Faves 357
Comments 418 (including mine)
V/F = 24.67
V/C = 21.07
MaxV of these 20: 2324 (me and son under hose)
MaxF of these 20: 39 (me and son under hose)
MaxC of these 20: 58 (coz I commented back for everyone who commented)
angelferd 15 years ago
V: 4,664
F: 76
C: 317

just a few
eclectic echoes 15 years ago
hmm...Navel gazing can be interesting ...

Top 20 fav's

views: 7733
Favs: 396
comments: 472 (not including mine)

v/f: 19.5
c/f: 16.4
f/v: 5.2%
c/v: 6.1%

Max v-f-c was Meet Inuk with 1414-92-52
Tampen Posted 15 years ago. Edited by Tampen (member) 15 years ago
The most staggering statistic up there is rebekka's 625,000+ photostream visits since April. Fubuki and Special are in a similar stratosphere, and it raised the interesting question of whether Flickr has its first millionaire yet....
_rebekka 15 years ago
im up to 710,000 right now..
tinkernoonoo 15 years ago
Uh...I'm bad with numbers. Yeah, that's it. Bad with numbers. I'm sure my stats are AMAZING! :-P
brawny rain [deleted] Posted 15 years ago. Edited by brawny rain (member) 15 years ago
So rebekka had 624,830 views two months ago, and 710,000 four weeks ago. So that should be +/- 90,000 views a month.

So today, while writing this reply, she should have 800,000 views. At the beginning of May 2006, she'll reach the million :-) Now that's something!

1 000 000 views / year. Impressive!
_rebekka 15 years ago
yep, you were pretty accurate , i reached and passed the one million mark yesterday, april 19th (1007100 right now) , 11 days shy of my one year flickr anniversary..
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