Paul Henman 2:26pm, 4 July 2011
The TOPW Flickr group only has two rules about photos: tag them (as per the walk details) and this one:
Note: this group is only for photos taken on Toronto Photo Walks events.
There's also a reminder on the Flickr group's home page:
Only photos taken on Toronto Photo Walks events may be posted to this group. Other photos will be removed. Repeat offenders will be banned from the group.
Clearly some people are still posting photos here which were not taken on an official TOPW walk; I'm tired of sending polite notices, so from now on I'm just going to remove those shots.

For Discussion posts, the following are not acceptable:
- offensive posts
- commercial promotion
- self promotion
- unofficial walk photos
- non-TOPW walk photos
- non-photo related

If anyone spots a non-TOPW photo in our group, let me know (or post the link here) and we'll remove it.
tmarkcollins Posted 6 years ago. Edited by tmarkcollins (moderator) 2 years ago
Posted photos should ONLY be from official TOPW walks. All others will be deleted and the user may be banned.
A kindly reminder that you MUST tag your photos from official walks. Look for the appropriate tag in the walk description. It'll be either 2020TOPWrs for our scheduled walks, or 2020TOPWos for other official walks that are approved.
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