Paul Henman 7:53pm, 15 December 2019
Our regular schedule for 2020 is the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month; off-schedule walks have an asterisk against the date. We'll start off with a walk on New Year's Day as usual.

Schedule: Jan01*, Jan18, Feb01, Feb15, Mar07, Mar21, Apr04, Apr18, May02, May16, Jun06, Jun20, Jul04, Jul18, Aug01, Aug15, Sep05, Sep19, Oct03, Oct17, Nov07, Nov21, Dec05, Dec19.

Please remember to continue using the two hashtags when you post your photos: “2020TOPWrs” for walks on the regular schedule and “2020TOPWos” for those that are off-schedule – this helps our admins with keeping the feeds on track.

UPDATE: we continue to be on hold during the pandemic. We'll post updates in the Discussions page once we're able to restart.
K.Devlin 1 year ago
Hi I’m new here (to photography and this group) but very interested to join the next walk, how does it generally work, where do I go?
maartech 1 year ago
See you April 4th!
Matthew Burpee 1 year ago
Hey Paul! How's it that I just joined this group now and have met you through a Flickr event back in the Web 2.0 days! I'll look up dates and times and hope to join you soon.
Paul Henman 1 year ago
Kieran Devlin:
We're a bit late planning Saturday's walk - expect to see details later this evening!
The walk plans have a start point (usually at 10am, somewhere TTC-accessible) and either a destination or general direction; we don't tend to have detailed routes planned out because it's often more interesting to see what takes people's eye along the way.
The plan also includes the walk leader's phone number because (a) not everyone joins us at the start, and (b) it's easy to lose track of the group if you get engrossed and they head off, so be sure to keep their number handy!
The pace is pretty relaxed - people tend to break into smallish groups and stop whenever they see something interesting. We do try to have someone at the rear of the walk to make sure no-one gets left too far behind ... unless they want to!
Most people share their photos in the Flickr group (we ask that everyone uses the hashtag, which is also in the walk details) - some people post theirs the same day, but some of us take weeks :)
Paul Henman 1 year ago
Sounds good!
April 4th is also the Flickr WorldWideWalk so we'll try to do something a bit special :)
Paul Henman 1 year ago
Matthew Burpee:
Hi Matthew - see you soon!
irina's 1 year ago
Hi, I hope to join this group for my first walk on April 4th. Looking forward to it!
Paul Henman 1 year ago
Great, see you then!
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