Dr Juffwamba 5:15pm, 28 February 2005
Wake UP!
I figured I'd get this re-rolling again with a rather rubbish M
Dr Juffwamba 16 years ago
I still dont know how to post thumbnails and I can't be bothered to find out how so if someone could tell me that'd be lovely!
Meer 16 years ago
The devs have simplified the process for us (though it only works in your own photostream):

1. Click on "View Different Sizes" on the bottom right of an image's page.
2. Click on the size you want (thumbnail, in this case).
3. Grab the 2nd set of html on the bottom of the page ("Copy and paste this HTML..."
4. Copy and paste [that] HTML! :)
Meer 16 years ago
While I was using the bathroom yesterday I was contemplating if I could make every letter of the alphabet out of my tiles (not quite, using enough tiles it becomes a digital readout, but I don't have diagonal lines for Ks and whatnot). So anyway, I'll keep an eye out.
helpful insurance [deleted] 16 years ago
What wonderful things we think when doing all that sort of stuff. Frequently I find myself pondering the mysteries of the universe, such as, what manner of implement would reach the gunk behind the toilet; what chemical compisition said gunk possesses; where the hell the last of the toilet roll went; whether it would be possible to have a meaningul conversation with Elisah Cuthbert; how the hell *that* came out etc. I'll give that tiles thing a go.
helpful insurance [deleted] 16 years ago
I shall, of course, be largeing this group up when I start taking pictures again. This will happen when I remember to take my camera home.
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