helpful insurance [deleted] 3:56pm, 23 November 2004
If we can...
bhikku 16 years ago
Mrs D Mrs I Mrs F F I Mrs C Mrs U Mrs L T Y.
Meer 16 years ago
yup, I'm having trouble too...but I also haven't remembered to deliberately look.
Dr Juffwamba 16 years ago
I have an M
I think we should try and collect a whole alphabet and then make posters out of them.. or something...
helpful insurance [deleted] 16 years ago
Excellent! On the lookout...
In the No Words group we've had a thead along these lines for a couple of months, although by the nature of the group it's a linear conversation, and there is no attempt to do anything with the images themselves.

My contributions to date:
T Cross 01, K K_Fleur (detail), O chair, I 'gator II
i knew there had to be some sort of conversation along these lines, but being the lazy people we are, we just made up a new group rather than looking. these are fantastic though
The No Words group is different from this tho'. The whole premise of the group is that the images are the conversation (thus no words), where as here I'm reading that the images are a means to an end. As such if the aim is to make typographic arrangements what about starting a thread for each letter and collecting what we can; to then get creative with what we have later?

Adding to the list:
V V, O or Q (?) Birdhouse Blues 01
Meer 16 years ago
Mouse, why don't you throw those in the pool?
Dr Juffwamba 16 years ago
good idea, so whenever someone gets a new letter, drop it in a new thread...
wiwik01 16 years ago
Hello all. I'm a newbie here.

I happened to be assigned to look for the whole alphabet around us and to make a poster for it for a class last quarter. Since I'm currently living in Miami Beach, I thought that Art Deco would be a nice theme.

Let me know what you think. (The "Z" is pretty far-fetched, isn't it?)
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