Dolinski 5:57am, 22 December 2006
Hey i just recently got beryl working on my dual monitors and i am just confused as to how to take screenshots when rotating the desktop cube.

Any one have any clues how to do it???

Dolinski 15 years ago
oh nevermind, i figured it out, i just created a launcher myself that had a delay of 10 seconds so i can position my beryl how ever i want before it snaps a shot, so it works out in the end, although if anyone has any other suggestions id like to hear them!
observant way [deleted] 14 years ago
Well, you don't need a delay, all you need is to set up a keyboard shortcut for taking a screenshot. :)
Pak Fu Lo 14 years ago
is there a "print"-key on your keyboard? if so, energize!
јad 14 years ago
on terminal try
gnome-panel-screenshot --delay 5
best of benni 13 years ago
Hey guys,

if your screenshots of your Beryl Cube were successful I propose to post them in my new group Ubuntu Screenshots with Compiz.
Of course you can post your newer ones with a compiz-effect, too.

I'm looking forward to see your screenshots!

Regards, Benni
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