charming slip [deleted] 4:51pm, 1 January 2008
I don't know if anyone can help me, but I had trouble finding the right stuff to put in to get the dvds to work. We finally got the dvd to work but I lost the sound. I was running ubuntu feisty on but I am upgrading now to ubuntu 7.10. I don't wxpect the sound to work with that either. I know where the drivers are located in windows but I am new to ubuntu and don't know where they are kept at in linux. If anyone can help I would appreciate it. Thanks.
Miky In The Sky 14 years ago
try to check if volumes are on with alsamixer
keen bikes [deleted] 14 years ago
If you can't find anything in the alsamixer, I'd recommend heading over to the Ubuntu Forums and searching threads over there. There are quite a few on sound. And if you can't find your answer, create a new one! :-)
charming slip [deleted] 14 years ago
Thank you, that fixed it, I appreciate the help.
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