KDE ??

// Denise \\ 8:03pm, 23 August 2008
I'm still a relatively new user and someone was recently talking about KDE to me the other day. To, not with, because I am absolutely clueless. ;-)

Is it something that runs *inside* the current OS? Or is it something else completely?
Miky In The Sky 13 years ago
KDE is a windows manager and, from 4.0 version, a composite manager.for example if now you are using Ubuntu, Gnome is the windows manager and compiz is the composite manager.
Brick Farmer 13 years ago
KDE is a WM that can be set up to look more like Windows than Gnome. It also can be more mac-like, bit both of those application require KDE 3.5. KDE 4 hasn't gotten to the mimicry point yet. I like KDE 4.2, because it simply looks better than GNOME.
Plus, I grew up using KDE.
landotter 12 years ago
Install "kubuntu" from your package manager and you can choose that environment from the login screen.

Might want to install Xubuntu as well--seeing as these environments take so little space on your drive.

Then see which one you prefer.
Brick Farmer 12 years ago
Reading my previous post, I'd definitely say that KDE 4 has achieved the point where it is possible to mimic any OS.The screenshots thread on ubuntuforums is testament enough to that.
You can use compiz in KDE as a replacement for Kwin, but I wouldn't recommend it. I tried that back with KDE 4.1, and it was not fun.
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