jeffegg2 7:48am, 15 October 2008
Due for release end of this month?
calm level [deleted] 13 years ago
No, but I'll probably download it when it comes out from Beta and when I get the time to try it. I don't usually try Beta versions of Linux, I don't have the time to debug the problems with them. I try to stick with stable releases. There are a few bugs still on 8.10.
This is one bug in the beta:" A problem that could result in corruption of the firmware on Intel GigE ethernet hardware has led to the disabling of the e1000e driver in the Linux kernel included in Ubuntu 8.10 Beta."
Gilmoth 13 years ago
I upgraded to 8.10 last two weeks ago.
I had to download the latest Nvidia driver from the Nvidia site (the drivers in the repositories didn't work). This is the only problem I had so far.
I installed Gimp 2.6 (2.4 is included), I think I'll upgrade OpenOffice, too.
blackout2day 13 years ago
It works fine for me
charming slip [deleted] 13 years ago
My husband has it and he says it works good except the shutoff doesn't work very well but I guess that is a bug that is in the os. I would like to try it.
nchenga 13 years ago
installing it right now...
MasterJ77 3 years ago
Groups Beta