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Monday, April 16th 2007 2:37PM
Fox News is reporting that the police have recovered two 9mm handguns.

Monday, April 16th 2007 2:13PM
As of now, 32 people are confirmed dead. One person from West Ambler Johnston Hall and at least 20 people from Norris Hall have been killed. The shooter as well has been killed, but it is uncertain as to whether it is a student or not.
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Gallery of photos from the Collegiate during time of shooting
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Monday, April 16th 2007 4:26PM
A memorial will be held at 2PM in Cassell Coliseum.

Monday, April 16th 2007 4:24PM
President Bush remarks on tragedy
David Harries, CT Head Copy Editor

President Bush addressed the nation at 4:15 p.m. He spoke out against the violence that struck Virginia Tech earlier this morning. Bush said that he would be "praying for the victims and their families and all members of the university community." Bush also offered any necessary support to Tech and local law enforcement and said, "schools should be places of sanctuary and safety."

Monday, April 16th 2007 4:21PM
Downtown remains supportive in face of tragedy
Michelle Rivera, CT News Reporter

Early this morning, the voices of the police erupted from loudspeakers as they drove through downtown streets asking people in the downtown businesses to close their doors and remain inside.

Restaurants and shops closed down and as tragedy unfolded on the Virginia Tech campus, the streets were subdued.

"It seemed pretty quiet this morning," said Richard Beyma, manager of Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches. He had heard of the shootings at approximately 9:30am when an employee called in and told him the news. "We had to close down eventually because it wasn't safe, and the police were ordering that everyone lock their doors and stay inside. A lot of (our) employees were also on campus and had to stay indoors and couldn't come in to work for their own safety," he said.

Later in the day, Jimmy John's received calls from the VT Emergency Medical Services and Blacksburg EMS for catering orders. Both services received discounts. They opened up the restaurant again in the late afternoon after the police had control of the situation.

"It's odd that this is happening here," Beyma said. "Blacksburg isn't the type of town you'd expect shootings and bomb threats in."

Leslie Hager-Smith, newly appointed director of the downtown merchants of Blacksburg, agreed.

"I've lived here 25 years and it's completely out of character with anything that has happened before," she said. "I don't think most of us understand what happened. It's a gut-wrenching, tragic event."

Shane Mckelvy, line cook at Gillies, arrived at work at around noon after the shootings took place. There were a few customers when he came in, he said, and after serving them, the restaurant closed down due to the tragedy at Tech. They remain closed for the rest of the day.

"We've been quiet all morning and opened late," said Hal Bullock, manager of Pee Wee's Pit Barbeque. To show their support, Pee Wee's are allowing anyone in town's service, such as the police, to eat for free for the rest of the day.

"This isn't a downtown story, a community story, or a Tech story," said Hager-Smith. "It's much vaster than that. Our prayers go out to the families and students involved."
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Monday, April 16th 2007 5:01PM
Parents are advised to call 1-540-231-3787.

Monday, April 16th 2007 4:59PM
Preliminary reports detail tragedy
Christopher Ritter, CT Online Director

According to Virginia Tech police chief Wendell Flinchum, preliminary reports have stated that the doors of Norris Hall were chained. The shooter killed himself within Norris Hall and bodies were found throughout the building. No additional persons are in custody.

Monday, April 16th 2007 4:54PM
Virginia Tech Police explains shooter's death
Christopher Ritter, CT Online Director

Police have confirmed that the shooter took his own life.

Monday, April 16th 2007 4:44PM
University Relations confirms death count
Christopher Ritter, CT Online Director

University Relations has confirmed 31 deaths at Norris Hall, in addition to two deaths at West Ambler Johnson. The identity of the shooter is currently unknown as no identification was present with the suspect.

Monday, April 16th 2007 4:39PM
Blacksburg Transit to run shuttle service tomorrow
David Harries, CT Head Copy Editor

BT busses will run between the Inn at Virginia Tech and residence halls starting at 8:00 a.m. Tuesday morning. The bus service will run through 5:00 p.m. The bus will stop at the intersection of Washington Street and Spring Road and run to the Inn. Parents should gather at the Inn at Virginia Tech determine information about their student.

Monday, April 16th 2007 4:24PM
Hospitals handle a surge of victims
Charles R. Barrineau, CT Reporter

Roanoke - Three victims of today's shooting incident on the Virginia Tech campus are currently being treated at Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital in South Roanoke.

"We've received three patients here, all critically injured from the incident," said Carilion Spokesperson Eric Earnhart. "They were critically injured and thatÕs all the information I have at this time."

Roanoke Memorial is unique in its status as a top-level trauma facility.

"It's one of the level-one trauma centers in the state, yes, and this would be the trauma center for this region," Earnhart said. "There are certain criteria for level-one trauma centers, including having certain types of doctors on-call, certain types of surgeons on call 24/7. Sometimes certain types of neurological and head trauma are more easily at a trauma center because you have those types of doctors on-call."

Although Roanoke Memorial is a level-one trauma center, that does not necessarily mean that all patients here may require such services.

"I donÕt know what types of injuries we received," Earnhart said. "Keep in mind, the other situation youÕre dealing with here is you have a large number of patients, obviously, more than one hospital could handle. And, we have, sort-of, a regional system where when youÕve got a mass-casualty situation the patients are divided up so that they can be treated appropriately in other places. I don't know if those patients came here because this was the only place we could treat them, or because this is where we had room."

One thing affecting the transport of patients from Virginia Tech to area medical centers is the high winds in Blacksburg and the surrounding area.

"Obviously, you get people here as quickly and as safely as you can," Earnhart said. "You've got to figure safety is a factor. We have two medical helicopters; both are grounded because of the high winds because it wouldn't be safe for the patient or the flight crew to fly in these conditions."

All three patients transported to Roanoke Memorial were done so via ground.

"We have the same critical care equipment in some of our ambulances that we have in the helicopters," Earnhart said. "The patients have the benefits of the same level of care, the same technology in a ground ambulance, but you do have a longer trip. Again, you have to weight the safety of the flight versus the time factor and when it's unsafe to fly you just simply can't do it."
Globetoppers 15 years ago
Thanks for this forum. Hard to speak, type or think at the moment...
My 14 year old said "more deaths than columbine?"

Why does a child know this information or even have to think about this?

Beautiful Blacksburg. (received my BS from Va Tech...)
nikaboyce 15 years ago
Monday, April 16th 2007 5:27PM
Students react to the tragedy
T.Rees Shapiro, CT Staff Writer

Erin Sheehan was one of four people able to walk out of her 9:05 German class in room 207 Norris Hall.

"It's a small class, about 25 people," she said. "And I would say no more than 2 people didn't show up, were absent. And of those of us that were in there today, only four of us walked out of that room, but two of us had been injured during the shooting," Sheehan said.

"It seemed so strange," Sheehan said. "Because he peaked in twice, earlier in the lesson, like he was looking for someone, somebody, before he started shooting. But then we all heard something like drilling in the walls, and someone thought they sounded like bullets. That's when we blockaded the door to stop anyone from coming in."

"He was just a normal looking kid, Asian, but he had on a Boy Scout type outfit. He wore a tan button up vest, and this black vest, maybe it was for ammo or something."

"I saw bullets hit people's body," Sheehan said. "There was blood everywhere. People in the class were passed out, I don't know maybe from shock from the pain. But I was one of only four that made it out of that classroom. The rest were dead or injured." She described.

"My professor, Herr Bishop," Sheehan said, "I'm not sure if he's alive."

Philip Kai Seward, who started a Facebook group back in August about the William Morva incident described his closeness to the events of today.

"I started phoning around to some of my friends," Seward said, "And eventually I got in touch with Erin."

"She told me she was one of just a few people to make it alive out of a class room that got attacked."

"I picked her up from the Blacksburg Police Department just a while ago, but when she first told me what had happened I thought it was all a bad joke," Seward said.

"It was all just a surreal moment," Seward said. "When I realized it wasn't."
Globetoppers 15 years ago
(ps this rainbow icon now in use? Taken in the building in front of Norris Hall...)
nikaboyce 15 years ago
globetoppers: so sorry to hear about your child knowing that.. mine do not remember it (the oldest was not born yet I think).

*hugs* re it being your almamater.. When Katrina happened.. it was hard for me because I went to Tulane.. there is little anyone can say!
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Monday, April 16th 2007 5:38M
Students respond to shootings
Alexandra Hemenway, CT News Reporter

After the multiple shootings that took place this morning on Campus, many Virginia Tech students have been left feeling shocked and saddened.

"I was in my dorm room this morning when I found out what was going on," said junior Sam Leake, who lives in West Amber Johnston, "This is just a really horrific incident, I always thought Virginia Tech was a safe school."

Most students, including those that live in West Ambler Johnston, were unaware that anything had happened until much later in the morning. In fact, many students that woke up around 9 a.m. got ready to go to their 10:10 a.m. classes as usual. Right before most students went to leave they were told that West Ambler Johnston was locked down for the second time that morning.

"I left to go to my 10:10 class," said freshman Ashley Loessberg who lives in West Amber Jonston, "It wasn't until I went into the hall that my RA told me that we were in a lockdown situation again."

Many students expressed frustration that classes were not cancelled until about two hours after the first shooting took place.

"I really thought they should have cancelled classes sooner," Leake said. "If they had, maybe some of these deaths could have been prevented."

"I received and read an e-mail about the situation that happened at West A.J. this morning but it didn't say anything about not going to class," said freshman Cheryl Cordingley. " That makes me feel really uncomfortable."

After such a horrific incident many Virginia Tech students are expressing their absolute shock and disbelief in regards to this situation.

"I just can't believe this happened," Loessberg said, "I mean a lot of people have been calling and e-mailing, but I think it will take time to sink in."

Chase Damiano, a freshman student at Virginia Tech, went to his French class in Holden Hall, which is connected to Norris hall, and thought the day was going to proceed as usual.

"I woke up and went to my French class in Holden Hall like a normal day," Damiano said. "While I was in class I heard sirens, but with the bomb threats made recently, the sirens didn't cause that much of a concern."

However, after a short time Damiano learned that something serious was happening on campus.

"More and more police officers started showing up and then two women came to our classroom and said that a shooter was in Norris Hall. We barricaded ourselves in the classroom and watched the news. We just sat there and watched the casualty numbers rise from two to seven to 22, " Damiano said. "When we looked out the window we could see students running with their hands up, and we definitely could hear gunshots."

Cordingley watched the events that took place at Norris Hall from her seventh floor window in Slusher Tower.

"After I heard what had happened I decided to stay in my room," Cordingley said. "Some of my friends and I went out the stairwell window and we could see what was going on at Norris. There were police and ambulances everywhere over there."

Despite the feelings of shock and frustration that many Virginia Tech students have expressed, students are also expressing feelings that the Virginia Tech community will come together and find strength within one another.

"I think this definitely has the potential to bring the community together," Cordingley said. "I intend to go to Cassel tomorrow to show my support for all of those people that have been impacted by this shooting."
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