roxydynamite 10:35pm, 16 April 2007
I am a newspaper photo editor. (Our website is We are covering the Virginia Tech shooting story. We have a sidebar story about citizen journalists changing news coverage.

If you took photos on campus today at Virginia Tech, I'd be interested in possibly running them in our newspaper. This is for Tuesday's edition, so please contact me asap.

Again, this is for photos you took yourself. Most of the photos in this group are from legitimate news sources like CNN or the Roanake paper that have been "appropriated" and posted here.

Please Flickr mail me if you have photos.
Thank you.
nikaboyce 14 years ago
Rachel: all photos have been (I believe) appropriately credited. I have personally been in contact with CNN during this story and have not had issues.

If you have issues with people who have posted a photo that is the property of Roanoke, I suggest you contact them directly.

You will likely need to find the people with original shots and send them an email as they probably are completely overwhelmed with many requests and not checking here constantly. Any images placed in this pool remain the poster's property and there is no implied rights to anyone beyond those explicitly stated per photo (clearly, you know that.. but some people do not seem to).

Good luck.

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