MzMullerz 2:28am, 17 April 2007
There is a guest book here

and may i just say that it is all too horrific for me tor wrap my brain around. i am in absolute shock. having lived in blacksburg it is simply unfathomable to me that this could happen there.

my deepest sympathies to the victims, their friends and familiy and the entire Virginia Tech community.

peace and love, all.
Daniel A. Norman 15 years ago
Heavenhated 15 years ago
heart felt condolences...
kaw2462 15 years ago
Us people in CT would like to open our DEAPEST,DEAPEST.DEAPEST condolences.And we will pray for the survivers and the injured.
zippy lock [deleted] 15 years ago
Sorrow,sadness and condolences from a little piece of England
laboriqua_nena 15 years ago
sorry to here tat my condolence
con_sway_lo 15 years ago
My heart aches for the victims and the families of this horrific tragedy and my condolences to each of the familes affected by this disaster. As a mother of four, three of whom attend a college in various parts of the country, I cannot imagine the anger, grief and disblief these parents are feeling. I myself am struggling to make sense of it all..

All I know is WE,as a country, have failed to protect these youth from Cho Sueng Hui and WE have failed to protect Cho Seung Hui from himself.

We've all heard the saying that it takes a village to raise a child, haven't we?

If you know someone in need of help for God's sake HELP THEM!
If you see someone in need of love and friendship LOVE & BEFRIEND THEM.

The rewards are unimaginable.

Since my kids have gone off to school I have adopted a few from the local colleges and I can't tell you the joy they have brought to my life and the sense of relief their parents feel knowing that there is someone near by, just in case. College can sometimes be a lonely place and having a local family can help make the transition much easier. I believe that what goes around comes around and in adopting students my own children have also been adopted by a family where they attend school and as a parent, I sleep much better knowing should they need help or sound advice there is someone there to help. Funny thing.....our familes have now become an extended one an I have several new vacation spots.

If you're a parent [even if you're not] and have a child or know a child attending a college far from home please visit your local college and adopt a student; become a surrogate parent to someone elses child it could make all the difference in both your lives.

If you're a student befriend a local classmate and become part of their family. What you learn may surprise you!
nikaboyce 15 years ago
con_sway_lo: beautiful! I have three little ones, have about 8 years before college in our house.

I remember meeting several very unbalanced people in college but they were not angry at the world, they just tried to take their own lives. Several others did in my freshman year (Tulane).

I did the best I could to be caring and loving to those people. It takes a lot of work and attention. Most of us are not really equipped well enough to know how to help them personally and also how to get them the right help.

Imagine this. A friend in my dorm seemed upset. He seemed to want to get to know me better so we had a friendly chat, nothing at all creepy or indicative of a serious problem. He did seem upset and sad tho. The next morning, I was awoken by my RA standing over my bed and a policeman at my door. As soon as I opened my eyes, without them saying anything, I asked how he was.. I feared something really bad had happened to him. They didnt tell me all the details but he did try to kill himself but they found him and got him to the hospital. After that, there was no support for me or others in the dorm. That semester, a kid had jumped from a neighboring dorm, like 20 stories up, and some of the kids in my dorm saw him falling and then hit the bike racks at the bottom of the building. No support for any of us. I can tell you, being alone dealing with these weird experiences coming from a completely balanced home.. I felt like "some thing was catching" like some how I would wake up and get what ever was going around! Thats not rational but I had no one to talk to about any of this. That made it all worse. Nothing happened to me regarding that and its all a story of long ago.

College can be an amazing wonderful time or it can be horrible with confusion and lack of support and love. Thats enough to put some people at serious risk to themselves and others.
alzaya 15 years ago
I wish to express my sadness for this tragedy.

It is my opinion that Virginia Tech is getting a bad rap in this shooting. The real cause of this shooting, and many more that will happen in the future is poverty and inequality.

Please look at the below link and sign your name to the letter of the Declaration of intent. This foundation has the ONLY solution that would solve terrorism and shootings in the future.

Please, please take a look and sign your name.
jetsquirrell 15 years ago
there are no words to express my sadness.... all i can offer is my whole heart.
poppaJ 15 years ago
my condolences do go out to the Hokie family. I've been trying all week to find the words to express how I feel and words of comfort for the families and friends of those lost but the words just aren't there.
My thoughts and prayers are with you all.
yourlildevil2006 15 years ago
My condolences go out to every family, student and faculty member, if anyone needs anything call me. 13087500168. Im from Nebrakska. god bless and my prayers are with you. lots of love,
jomarifoto 15 years ago
a moment of silence for those who perished needlessly, senselessly...

for va tech 009
Spector1 Posted 15 years ago. Edited by Spector1 (member) 15 years ago

Thanks for the amber you brought from the forests of the NW. I didn't know why you gave it to me at the time but I do now. Listen for the music and God bless. RIP.

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