jpnick 4:37pm, 20 April 2007
Please join our petition and boycott at
jetsquirrell 15 years ago
heck yeah - i am outraged!! i will not watch it !!
poppaJ 15 years ago
I signed and will email this link to everyone I know!
Roy. M. 15 years ago
It was a wrong decision made only to draw more viewers, it's disgusting. I did not, and will not, watch this video – it has no value but shock value.
mrstimothychung 15 years ago
Yes, I was very disappointed. It was disgusting, and very scary. I don't think they are just airing it merely for "revealing the whole truth," but to gain attention from people all over the world to watch their channel and visit their website. What a cheap way to do... just to shock people and benefit from getting more hits on the website. I thoguht they were not supposed to air them because the tapes were still under investigation anyways? Was it even legal to do that?

Not to mention how children would think if they see these things, and all those sick-minded people who might just follow the lead after seeing these...
sketchySteven Posted 15 years ago. Edited by sketchySteven (member) 15 years ago
Thanks for the petition link.
randomPhotons 15 years ago
Nothing But Carnage News
Joits 15 years ago
yeah, they basically did what he wanted them to do which was for him to spread his message of hate. all they were concerned with was ratings and not the fact that it will probably give more confidence to copy cats out there...
Manas Tungare 15 years ago
Please join this facebook group if you feel the same:

Nonstop screening of Cho's videos will only encourage future shooters

We wish to request the media to stop the repeated screening of Cho's videos and photos. I have made the conscious decision not to watch them. I believe that screening them repeatedly offers him attention that he does not and did not deserve.

I've heard him quoted as referring to the Columbine killers as 'martyrs'. Screening his videos will only send a message to other mentally ill violence-prone individuals that such a ghastly act brings them posthumous attention. We believe this has the potential to encourage them to take to arms.
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