jezz59 2:17am, 9 November 2007
Free Sewing Pattern

This is a link to a free apron pattern
from 1940's. It can be made from an old dress or you can use new fabric.
It is easy to make - even for someone
with beginning sewing skills.
It can be made in Missy Sizes, Plus Sizes
or even Children's sizes if you adjust the measurements.
People were very frugal during WWII
because of lack of resources. Today we are learning to utilize our resources
by recycling. Enjoy!!!!
angry chicken 14 years ago
thank you!!
calamitysue 14 years ago
Thankyou jezz that is a great pattern.
great meeting [deleted] 14 years ago
I just found this. Thank you! I'm looking forward to making my first apron.
RainbowVintage 14 years ago
Aw, dang, hi Butterfly! I just found this group through a thrift-shopping-focused Yahoo group. Small world!

I love the rationing-ness of this pattern, what's that old chestnut, "make do and mend" I think? Those details fascinate me, I love learning about how people got along. But the link seems to have gone.
great meeting [deleted] 14 years ago
Hi, Rainbow! Yeah, it does look as if the link is no longer good and I haven't made an apron yet, LOL.
very crochet 13 years ago
is this link still working?
VeronicaMade 13 years ago
This link isn't working any more. Does anyone have a copy of this apron pattern they could send me?
The Queen Of Re 12 years ago
I found this link for a free apron pattern

Hope this helps
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