where to buy?

angry chicken 11:26am, 19 August 2005
I have been finding patterns on ebay, ruby lane, and presto store, grandma's house, do you all know of any other sources? The prices are really going up. :(
whole tax [deleted] 16 years ago
Estate sales advertising "sewing". Thrift stores and antique malls almost always have vintage patterns. I will keep an eye out for you.
SouleMama 16 years ago
I only ever find them at yard sales these days. But less and less so each year, it seems.
joymadison 16 years ago
I haven't seen a lot, except at antique mall type places.
angry chicken 16 years ago
thanks stephanie. It's getting hard to find them, huh?? everyone-start buying them! before they all are on ebay only!:)
mrspilkington 16 years ago
these two ioffer shops occasionally have some:

and, but her prices are a little higher.
Kitty And Me 16 years ago
I find the best bargins at outdoor Flea Market & Antique Shows. There are a quite a few of these shows here in the midwest.
Klucking Bear Posted 16 years ago. Edited by Klucking Bear (member) 16 years ago
Thrift stores! I find vintage patterns for 25 cents each. I also find lots of vintage crafting magazines and books with ideas and patterns in them. Thrift store notions grab bags are a great way to find vintage finishings, too.
Artdoodads.etsy 13 years ago
Etsy and eCRATER are great places to look as well!
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