Love this camera

Cassi-Rose 11:20pm, 15 May 2010
Got the camera yesterday. Have been playing with it today. Love it so far. It's so small and light, it's like photographing with a feather or being a bird on the wing, a real feeling of freedom.
colinmckee Posted 11 years ago. Edited by colinmckee (member) 11 years ago
glad to hear it, just ordered mine, arrives tomorrow (i am like a kid at christmas!). always wanted a leica and my budget just now reaches this far - so hoping for wonderful things out of it.
lomonick 11 years ago
Just got mine today. I absolutely love the zoom.
colinmckee 11 years ago
i have been really impressed with the sharpness of the zoom, and the ability to create your own settings for the various manual modes is great. the colours are sharp also, my only niggle is viewing the screen in bright sun - but that is always the danger with this type of camera.
Cassi-Rose 11 years ago
Viewing in the bright sun, yes, there's always a trade off somewhere, and this it. I can live with that though considering the quality of the images I'm getting.

The black and white is fab, much better imo, than taking an image in color and then converting in photoshop.

Me, too, on this is the Leica I can afford. Was so psyched when I heard about it. All I want to do now it take pics with it. Also, am doing much less post processing, very minimal in most cases which is a pleasure.
I've been using the Leica D-Lux4 for the past year or so. I lost it (or it got stollen...) so I had to replace it and wanted to buy exactly the same. It is now discontinued (at B&H), so I bought this one. Just yesterday.
I think it is slightly lighter and the zoom is better. No cap on the lens is also good (used to always forget it somewhere). For the rest, I will discover. Love it already!
Tobysmum 11 years ago
Well, I got my camera last week in London and am absolutely thrilled. Quality through and through and the zoom is phenomenal.
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