Best settings

António GM 10:16pm, 13 June 2010
For all of you who use a VL20, wich are the best settings you have on the camera, for getting the best possible image?
Cassi-Rose 11 years ago
Don't know yet. I'm still experimenting.
ky1dog 11 years ago
I love the ability to use the manual settings
colinmckee 11 years ago
i have been experimenting with Aperture and shutter priority but still find the auto setting produces the best results - still its a learning game as they say
jnkay 11 years ago
My go-to settings right now are high dynamic and pinhole, when I'm not shooting with the aperture-priority or manual settings. The candlelight setting also is impressive.
Sranyoo 11 years ago
I always goes for the iA mode and get a very good picture.
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