MacroFan2010 6:44am, 16 July 2010
I got this for my wife but ended up using it a lot while in Zanzibar due to its size (No one wants to walk on the beach with a Nikon D300 SLR and Zoom Lens)

I found the IQ really impressive, because of the bright weather and under exposures I had to play with the exposure compensation a bit, I think this is evident from the pics I have posted.

The zoom is really handy, see the picture of the restaurant in the ocean and the boat, pictures are still sharp. I got great portrait pictures as well.

PS: None of the pics have any post processing. Straight out of the cam

Overall this is really well all rounder camera for most situations.I am glad I bought it.

Let me know your experiences and thoughts. I see the Group is still small so I am guessing not many owners of camera at the moment.
Cassi-Rose 11 years ago
Same as you. I love it. Wondered where those photos were taken. I was thinking maybe Thailand. Never thought of Zanzibar.

Love macro shots and am getting good shallow DOF using the macro zoom setting, less so if I'm 1/2 inch away from the subject. Will post some macros here shortly, maybe tomorrow.

The freedom of this camera is such a delight.
MacroFan2010 11 years ago
oh yes that is Zanzibar, trust me I have been too any beach destinations around the world and I must say that Zanzibar is the best.

Sand is like powder and water is amazing.

I like to see your macros.
ky1dog 11 years ago
I also like this little camera it is so versatile,I use it mainly for grab shots as it is not always practical to carry around my D3x all the time,
i have found the v-lux quick to focus and it does what I need it to its a good little all rounder
Zdenko Zivkovic 11 years ago
I just LOVE my V-Lux 20.
For everyday pics, snapshots and when i do not want to carry my bulky DSLR, it is just fantastic. Fast focus, easy menu, easy and logical manual settings, preprogrammed settings and so on.
Well something needs to be said that is not positive and that is. fairly short duration of battery and that a spare battery is very expensive. Approx 90€, and that is almost the double price of a Nikon D90 battery with much larger capacity.
Giovanmar 11 years ago
Hi guys, I have just ordered one online. I cannot wait for it to arrive. Will be needing some advice from you lot.
Cassi-Rose 11 years ago
There's a user guide pdf included. I like printed guides but almost no one gives them out anymore. On a couple of pieces of software, I've sprung to actually buy one.
Tobysmum 11 years ago
I'm so glad to have found this group and read everyone's opinions.
I have an inexpensive Samsung camera, but have decided to splurge on something a little better and so will be buying this Leica in 2 weeks time, when we go to London.
Mailogutah 11 years ago
I love this camera especially for its amazing zoom. I can take many street shots without being noticed by the subjects. the b&w scene is also amazing.
Sranyoo 11 years ago
After using it for a month, I am now really in love with it. What I like best is when I use the flash to take some of the quite reflective surface like plastic covering some fruits, it seems to handle that reflection very well. Also the low light photography is also very impressive. Small and handy. I love its original case too as it is very handy when I need the camera really fast.
BlueMan. 7 years ago
Have just bought one from Ebay and am really pleased with it so far. It feels so solid when handling it.
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