Mailogutah 9:45am, 21 August 2010
I see most of the postings has location mapped. was that done automatically by the camera's GPS data? I tried uploading some photos but it only shows the coordinates in Aperture but not in Flickr... maybe I am doing something wrong?

Appreciate the help.
Sandro Ferrara 11 years ago
I andreweiys,
flickr dosn't work in right way; happened me too.
you have to move the image in the geotagging window a few millimeters and then save.
Mailogutah 11 years ago
Thank you Sandro, you mean I need to do it manually for every photo? But the location shows up automatically in aperture. I see some photos with the gps data in the exif data but not mine, strange.
Sandro Ferrara 11 years ago
yes for every foto :-(
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