Mailogutah 3:02am, 5 September 2010
Strangely I found it easier to take low light photos with this camera than the d-lux 4. Another case is the flash compensation which is not available with V-LUX 20, even without it, when in the iA mode, the flash seems to have automatically lowered the power by itself ... I am not sure if this is correct but the subjects are less over-exposed as compared with my d-lux 4.

Easier low light photo may have to do with the larger size sensor ...
Giovanmar 11 years ago
Andrew, where can I find the iA mode? I am new to this camera, which I have received on Friday. Can you please enlighten?
Mailogutah 11 years ago
Sorry Giovanmar, I really meant the "full auto" mode.
Cassi-Rose 11 years ago
I've had excellent results with low light as well. Will post a few low light shots shortly. Am so pleased with this that I'm planning an excursion in the next week or so specifically for some dusk/night shots.
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