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nevadog 5:30am, 2 May 2005
Just wondering what kinda blogs we have here...
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i'm working over at

it's a photo blog.
A little bit of everything with a touch of bs? I'm a random blogger.
nevadog 17 years ago
Mine is a blog about being back in Iraq and my memories from the first time here... it is and interesting and hard to describe blog, perhaps you can just go here...
un-understand 17 years ago
i write random things, usually about culture, japan, music, things i've been doing etc. at

my others are linked from there.
imageo 17 years ago
Not exactly sure what it is now, but it started as a kind of personal exploration of "Things They Forgot to Tell You About DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY"
my day-to-day life decribed at livejournal and some writings about my life as a young man in Bergen, Norway, in 1991 called "grønsj" (an era known in the rest of the world as "grunge") Both written in Norwegian, sorry international friends...
Clemens S. Orth 17 years ago
Hmm, about nothing special I would say. I guess what ever comes across me and I want to write about I put in my blog about Living on an Island and for the German readers go here.


P.S.: And about all Cheltenham take aways I visited :)
known moon [deleted] 17 years ago
h4rrydog Posted 17 years ago. Edited by h4rrydog (member) 15 years ago
How the trickle of individual moments quickly becomes a deluge of memories... here are some of the moments I've shared from New York City, Cincinnati, Chicago, Taipei and London.

I started my photoblog ( to force myself to notice little special moments while living in Cincinnati, Ohio (USA). Inevitably, some of my NYC photos ended up in there also.
Joel52 17 years ago
It is just a photoblog:

écoute s'il pleut

Hello everyone!
A 365 daily pictures photoblog for the year 2005
parallel angle [deleted] 17 years ago
SeanLucas 17 years ago
The Campus Crawl

whatever I find really interesting (sex, tech)
mingaling 17 years ago
la rò 17 years ago
random. but, unfortunately (for you!) it's aaaal written into italian-
:) anyway you can watch illustrations...

la rò
John Patrick Hoke 17 years ago
I have had a number of blogs over the years, but I have consolidated most to although I will soon have another for the building of my house... probably LOL!
I blog randomly about whatever comes up.

I have three:

Watermark, which is my main blog -- photos, poems, reflections, and cat blogging (which earned me a mention in the New York Times.)

Blogging Blog, which is my 'meta' blog -- lots of resources there for beginners, or even those who have been blogging for awhile.

Abide, resources for folks who live with chronic illness, and some whining.

I also have a Links Blog, which is very extensive.
insee 17 years ago
i've got three...

Idiosyncrasies ... where i rant about everyday things =p

Reflections ... mostly poetry

Perspectives... i post my favourite photos here.=)

pretty new to the blogging scene tho... :)
Mine is

Photos, humor, and LOTS and LOTS of sarcasm.
I write for Londonist.

My personal rants and raves, which undergo absolutely no self-editing, are at
cobalt123 17 years ago
Eldercare and Disability Forum, and two political-inclined ones at antville and blogspot. Since I started with flickr I have enjoyed being able to post my images in either one of these last two blogs- both in the Blogs_That_Flickr ring. The other 4 blogs are specialized and not public.
T3G 17 years ago
I have two

T3G:2 - my personal blog, pointless ramblings and commentary on football, music, movies and my life.

andrewtegala dot net - work blog focused purely on professional experiences in the workplace
Oyvind Solstad 17 years ago
My blog is at It's brilliant... ;-)
Sugar and Vice 17 years ago
Mine is a personal blog, mainly covering my pin-up girl persona, rantings, and ups and downs in my love life.
awesome sky [deleted] 17 years ago
Mine is about whatever crosses my mind or my path.
alyhms 17 years ago
My e-Space to rant and rave...
FunTimesGuide 17 years ago
Our blog is about all things FUN!...

Jim & Lynnette's Fun Times Guide

My husband Jim and I share with everyone our full-out passion for whatever it is we're doing at the moment!...

We cover a wide variety of current topics, music & songwriters, computer how-to's, photography, gadgets & electronics, and more.

Mostly you'll find photos & highlights of all of the funny and unusual things we experience on a daily basis – including our unique adventures, daily activities, and whatever else seems interesting at the moment.
Poagao 17 years ago
Daily life as an ex-American in Taiwan:

Same in Chinese:

and my film production journal:

I have another blog for my real thoughts I can't express elsewhere.
јad 17 years ago
personal blog

Currently a personal blog but sometime in the next two years a portfolio. 17 years ago
ok, Ill join in. generaly geeky banalness.
johnpettit 17 years ago
ditto. no specific
Inkygirl 17 years ago
Weblog for writers who work from home:

My personal blog, with photos and my illustrations:
romanagiulia 17 years ago
Personal blog here too...
mstabbycat 17 years ago
My blog, as most, is pretty random and just whatever interests me that day.
JKPorter 17 years ago
I like news and then the blogers views of that news so a bit of everything and I try to keep my blog updated every so often
confused pet [deleted] 17 years ago
Well, I've got three blogs: - Main blog. I blog about anything there. Whatever is on my mind. - Another blog that I keep. It's updated daily with things that I might be doing. Mostly one-liners, or links to articles that I find interesting. - My LJ, which I update with quizzes that I find around the net, and email forwards that I find interesting.
I'm at . Just normal random daily stuff.
Fatty Tuna 17 years ago
Read me at sockparade.

I just wrote about one of my greatest fears today. The fear of forgetting all the ordinary moments in my life.

Thanks to everyone for sharing their blogs. As cliche as it sounds, I really enjoy getting to know the person behind the camera. Some of you are amazing writers. Keep blogging!
I began to prove myself that "It is life after 70" : Il y a de la vie après 70 and then, I wanted to speak about the years before, using my journals wich I began at 10 so my second one is called : 1944-2004

But they are in french.
I also have a photoblog, but it's mostly images from Flickr. And another, last one to try out Type-Pad too, not only Blogger. Tinkering with the model is not possible, alas, with the free version of TypePad. I use it to write about "writing".

A big bunch of nothin' really.

Happy to see the other bloggers with flickr accounts. Hmmm, what are the odds?
nycgirl 17 years ago
i'd like to say my blog is different, it's definately a unique blog as far as new zealand blogs go
brown government [deleted] 17 years ago
Find me at

I don't really know what to classify it as, maybe someone can help me? I am doing a "week in the life" of series, mostly to show people just what a busy person I am.
I'm from Taiwan,

Jason Show
tasken 17 years ago

from Argentina
carritron 17 years ago
Mine is about my life as a Spaniard in Tennessee. Just the things that surprise me about this country's lifestyle, trips, etc. I try to post as many pictures as I can, and to give my own perspective in the stuff I tell. (some people find it funny, other stupid... well, that's me).

By the way: it's in Spanish.
Amber * 17 years ago
Well I have 3 blogs...

Blogs That Flickr .
I showcase all of my member's blogs & photos that are submitted to the Get Flickrd! Group pool. We are listed on blogshares - valued @ $18,929.52 in just ONE month!

Renaissance Culinaire Diary of a pastry chef in the making. Cool culinary photos, formulas....
Recovering The Satellites My photoblog...I am really into taking pictures.
OzzyC 17 years ago
I've got two blogs. My first blog is random musings, observations, opinions and ramblings. It's part text and part picture blog. I talk about fatherhood, the Marine Corps, politics, you name it.

My second blog is about building a boat. My friend and I are building a cabin cruiser from the ground up. It's partly about the journey, partly about the technical aspect of building the boat. It's almost always got pictures to describe what we've done that week, and several entries have links to short video sysopses of what we've done.
terrific rhythm [deleted] 17 years ago
My blog is about whatever I feel like writing on a given day. Mostly, that seems to be stuff about using my Nikon D70 and the GIMP. I'm at:
sh4keer 17 years ago
My main blog about whatever I like to blog about is called Harumph! but I also have an mp3 blog.
swift sweater [deleted] 17 years ago
We have two, Comentario Loco and Spitting Image. Loco is text-random ramblings about everything and nothing, Image is our photoblog.
Erik R. Bishoff 17 years ago
Messin around with a personal blog about whatever strikes my fancy. Architecture, Photojournalism, Politics and my family mostly.
abundant potato [deleted] 17 years ago
mine is kinda like therapy! hehe, i write on it to take a break from study or just get my thoughts out. it's just about my life really!
BenRod 17 years ago
I'm a webmaster, but my site is for a local audience, for the most part. I have forums, my two blogs (one is just fun links and weird news I find, located at, and the other is my personal blog, which includes photos and rants, stories, and poetry. Whatever I feel like publishing when I publish to it, which is quite a bit.), and a couple of blogs of friends. I call it a social site for drinkers. We also have some funny T-shirts and stuff that we thought were amusing.
micketymoc 17 years ago
Confused blogger: writes about anything, always swears to focus writing on religion and politics but never gets around to doing it.

Stepping on Poop.
Road Blog 17 years ago
my blog 'A Time to Reflect' is about everyday happenings in India - society, culture, advertising... I also have a photo blog at
No Middle Name 17 years ago
More of a writing scratchpad than anything else, really: No Middle Name.
Josh Smith 17 years ago
Ummm. Still figuring out what to turn it into. A lot of random stuff. Mostly works in conjunction with my art/design/writing/et cetera website.

the color of infinity
inconclusive reward [deleted]
I would say that mine is a photoblog; I record my cooking creations as well as everything that interests me. I don't express how I truly feel about things/people/politics/... on my blog, well, I guess I still prefer to keep certain viewpoints to myself. And I don't promote my blog because I don't feel the need to. I only share it with people who I like enough and who might be interested in my blog.
Spygirl 17 years ago
woohoo ~ promo promo! here's mine ;)
amusing coil [deleted] 17 years ago

I blog about everything, I am a mom and a wife but that isn't my whole life. My blog today is about sex, needing it!
tread 17 years ago
the mundane in my life, the world's woes and photos...also mine is about needing sex...but aren't they all really.
flippant discussion [deleted] 17 years ago
Ebb and Flow is my blog about my life and the literature I've been reading. It is a meditation of sorts on everything from poetry to philosophy to novels to, well, how all these things relate to living in a meaningful way.
Sarah Jane 17 years ago
Never migrated away from the blogspot thing - one day I hope..

Random postings about life, lack of love, architecture (in positive and negative light depending on the day.)
various sticks [deleted] 17 years ago
MadSci 17 years ago
mainegal 17 years ago
Notes From Away - typically about life, politics and randomness in Detroit, Michigan... I go off topic whenever I feel like it..
keen base [deleted]
I'm afraid I am only intermittent about my personal blog:

Baslow's Electric Omniumgatherum.

Lately it has mostly been about weight loss but a poke through the archives will yield a greater variety of topics.

I also run a political blog:

The Inwood Progressive.

It was meant to be a blog to which all the members of a reading group contributed but has ended up being mostly me posting links. I'm not sure anyone actually reads it and I am wondering if it is worthwhile.
vista 17 years ago

Hey hey, that's flickr powered.
Eric Eggertson 17 years ago
Mostly corporate communications, public relations, and how they are affected by technology.
poopoorama 17 years ago
I write about many things in my blog: fun stuff I do with my friends, work-related things, animation, game dev, technology, basically whatever comes to mind.

Poo-Poo Platter
firemind 17 years ago
I have quite a few blogs. These four are my most important:

Firemind is my personal blog where I post pics and write what I want.
The Demo Blog is a group blog dedicated to helping people enjoy blogging. We teach online and post our pictures at Our Photoblog.
Take A Glimpse - this blog is designed to showcase photos from the Glimpse group here at Flickr and to provide tutorials.
katelovesfood 17 years ago
i write whatever i feel like. most of my photos from my blog end up on flickr, too.
workable fall [deleted] 17 years ago
A blog with drawings, drawinglog, with tohughts, life...
tachyonxero 17 years ago
harmonious robin [deleted] 17 years ago I use this one for random thoughts. Then there is which I share with my (now) fiance. We use it to update our friends and family about our lives in China.

Is my main blog where i post links to stuff i find intresting mainly new progs and pics and bits of every thing really.

and I am working
feeble company [deleted] 17 years ago is about my life and everything that comes to my mind, and I also have where I sell some necklaces, bracelets and earrings I make.
Erik R. Bishoff 17 years ago
I can't believe so many people have the paitence/time/creativity to have more than one blog. I just have one. I have to admit with multiple topics on my blog it does get jumbled. Maybe I should consider dividing up the themes?


Some of these blogs are GREAT... bravo!
Voodoo Zebra 17 years ago
i used to have a few but now it's just this one
Campin' Guy 17 years ago
I have two blogs that I write daily and have been working on for quite some time The Daily Thing and Yosemite Blog and I've just started writing 3 other blogs over at making this more than just a hobby.

Into the world of professional blogging.
donna di mondo 17 years ago
Personal blog. Number one goal is to minimize the times I feel compelled to write the phrase "british bastard that dumped me"...Hey, this didn't count okay?
Meowgical 17 years ago
Random babble: Melodrama
tonkitty 17 years ago
Mine is Twisted Yarns and Tall Tails, started this March. I thought I'd be writing a knitting blog, but there's not been much of any of that. Mostly it's entertainment - the ironies and amusements of my life. I enjoy writing and the blog provides a format.
Neena 17 years ago
Living in a sad little town with lots of great scenery, in southern Utah.
Tim Zim 17 years ago
Writing about the voyage that is my new lifestyle converting Lady Jane, an ex fishing trawler, into a liveaboard at

Lady Jane at sea
burly measure [deleted]
I'm a creative director in a vast, vast corporate colossus (who shall, for the moment, remain nameless - hmmm, is that symbolic?) Anyway, I'm also a mail-order Reverend although not particularly religious.

My blog is a pulpit/soapbox for rants and raves on politics, philosophy, observations, work and opinions on tattoos (among other things) - peppered full of my photos and illustrations.

It all springs from the basic premise that You Are A Cog - and maybe thats not so bad.

Feel free to drop by!
The_Kinkajou 17 years ago
Been blogging for half past forever. Mostly ranting and photos and comics and a bit o' everything.

The Kinkajou's Lair
Kristal 17 years ago
I have several. My main one is a personal diary/photoblog:

My other photoblog is nine sides of sunday which is a weekly photo project.

I Like Mike is an online love letter to my husband.

The Postcard Project is a collection of postcards from all over the world. This month, we are raffling off a flickr PRO account to one of the contributors. Your entry is a postcard received during the month of May. This is a great project that my son started last year when he was seven and I would love to get some participation from you flickr bloggers. You can also participate online, if you don't want to send in a card. Just check out the ABOUT page for more info.
Notorious SUP 17 years ago
sfquixote 17 years ago
Kodachrome Quixote

Moving to digital, but still hearkening back to the ol' kodachrome. Random musings mostly--politics, technology, travel, culture, film, travel, religion... at the moment it's heavily dosed with my rapidly concluding time in London. I throw a few photos up every now and then, but mostly just link back to my account here.
amorousmusings 17 years ago

it is pretty much a direct reflection of what is going on in my life minus the diary-esque feeling of a lot of blogs out there.
kpishdadi 17 years ago
ladygnome 17 years ago
A bit of this, a bit of that.
Pictures of my knitting
Thinking out loud (in writing)
dull needles
"procrastination illustrated"
WkHanson08 17 years ago

Family blog; lots of pictures of family and friends.
Jannie-Jan 17 years ago
An interesting range of topics covered in this group. Enjoyed sampling your words & photos this evening.

2 blogs host multimedia works:

Vlog of a Faux Journalist
Originaly created to foster curiosity, it's morphed into a video log of faux journalism.

Free Audio Books
This is very new and a means to give something back to the world. I have a good reading voice and my mom is going blind, so want to provide a service for the sight impaired.
monkey-typist 17 years ago
wow..alot of variety then!
mine is (supposed to be) a way for me to keep check of the 'progress' of my final uni projects, to post random photos, and just write a bit about whatever im thinking about really...come and have a look!
non_prom_queen 17 years ago
I have a "Mommy Blog"

just one with alot of foul language. ;)
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