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nevadog 5:30am, 2 May 2005
Just wondering what kinda blogs we have here...
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Joel Symonds 14 years ago
I run an ambulance/medical blog from Edinburgh
Miss Tuppy 14 years ago
Mine is generally a personal blog, with a heavy influence on music, music is my life hence I write about it alot.
Check it out, if any of you are interested in swapping links let me know.
The French Pantry 14 years ago
It's a little bit of everything blog
yummilysweet. Posted 14 years ago. Edited by yummilysweet. (member) 14 years ago
i have had for some time now and it basically just contains alot of self-reflections and opinions on certain stuff, and mostly about the things i have done, the people i have met.....

it's all about my life. :)
katelynjane.etsy 14 years ago
Just added another entry! Take a look!
ceaseless dust [deleted] 14 years ago
netbobz 14 years ago

I like 'knowledge' and 'humor'. And my world revolves around that. Well, the reason being that I believe - knowledge is power and I'm always curious to know more. And, again if there's no humor in daily life, I suppose, there's no life, actually!

So, my blogs are all about knowledge and humor, that I wish to share with the world.

If you like my blogs WHY CORNER and J 4 JOKES, just don't forget to link them with your social networks.

Gian Alvarez Posted 14 years ago. Edited by Gian Alvarez (member) 14 years ago
my travel and photo blog.. check it out... and link exchange...

my blog is all about Iloilo, a touristy province in Philippines. It is one of the most historic places in the country since it was the last stronghold of Spain in Southeast Asia.
CBJason 14 years ago
I'll join the foray - got a poll up to for the photo bloggers out there. Stop over, vote, add me to your feeds - drop a thought in the comments, and I'll link back! :)
NeoGaboX 14 years ago
My blog is a poetry one: in Spanish

or in english
christienbenn 14 years ago
Not Yur Average StayAtHomeMom
interesting sidewalk [deleted] 14 years ago
christhomson 14 years ago
My blog is all about Apple, the internet, and really anything tech. It's a personal blog - so the topics range all over tech.
abstracted spiders [deleted] 14 years ago
SHARING music memories, artwork, music news, knowledge, books, album artwork, photography, music festivals, recommending new bands and music thats in my head
katelynjane.etsy 14 years ago
I just blogged in mine!

It's all about promoting other Etsy sellers, showing off pictures and all that jazz (: Check er' out! 14 years ago

I post the stories behind some of my photos.
Scarlet O. 14 years ago
storm2k 14 years ago

my (in)frequently updated blog about technology, politics, and culture.
jumbled finger [deleted] 14 years ago
nisti2 14 years ago
vids,partys, pics, and some dominican stuff...
sarimeh 14 years ago
matiasc 14 years ago
closed teaching [deleted] 14 years ago
Photoblog and weblog (but that one is in Dutch ;-))
coffy x 13 years ago
Damien Franco 13 years ago
Your Photo Tips

Just like the name says, it's a photo tips blog, only it focuses on you. Or something like that...

Sometimes, I'm even kinda funny (my wife thinks so at least).

There's a photography book club, tips, and a Weekend Perusing section every weekend where I show off images taken by the readers in our Flickr Group.

With every post (well almost every post) I use readers images from the group as illustrations/examples and provide links to thier flickr stream and any other website/blog found on their profile page.

Kinda makes a good way to throw some link love to my readers.
CBJason 13 years ago
Thanks Damien! I had forgotten all about it in my migration to the Mac - (lost the bookmarks and have been trying to catch back up!)

Oh yeah, mine is Canon Blogger
Stacked Plates 13 years ago
I'm a blogger as well! Mostly storm chasing stuff with photography in the "off" season.

Stacked Plates - Storm Chasing/Photography Blog
MSilence 13 years ago
NothinGoldCanStay just an everyday blog, I just started this one after not having one for like a year since GreatestJournal closed :[
Laserone ☆ Lauren 13 years ago
Hi all! I've been blogging on and off for a long time. I just started a new blog at and also I am working on my "Life Stream" which will be an archive of all my blogs and sites going back to 1996. That is at and I'm still working on it.

I'll visit some of your blogs, I always love to meet new bloggers. :)

Nick Sardar 13 years ago
Hey everyone! My blog is a simple show case of my portfolio, and I'm enjoying flicking through many of your blogs through this discussion!

neutaou 13 years ago
My  blog is this.

@awursterphotos 13 years ago
appledale 13 years ago
Hey guys! My blog is a dumping ground for daily happenings, photos, recaps of concerts, and flash fiction.
khosey1 13 years ago
Hi; I'm having fun going through these posts and checking out the blogs on here. You can find my blog at AZ Writer, or Arizona Writer, because I'm from Arizona and while I'm a capable writer, I kinda suck at titles. It's a combination of humor, nature writing and a parenting blog, with whatever else I feel like thrown in.
Seven Second Rhapsody Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Seven Second Rhapsody (member) 13 years ago
I'm a writer by profession (sorta), illustrator by passion (doodling, really), world traveller in dreams.

Other than that, ah... I grumble a lot
remaras 13 years ago
I write about technology on my Data that Matters Blog.
RMStringer 13 years ago
Bob's Thought ... a Photo Blog. 13 years ago
Houkwing 13 years ago
mine is Tutorial-NET M writing every aspects of computers and internet
i b u 13 years ago about our beautiful country Maldives
Simply Frugal Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Simply Frugal (member) 13 years ago

A blog that focuses on buying smart using cost per serving, not just the coupons and sales.
thenagainphoto 13 years ago
i'm a mom with a mission: make it to the end of the day
Style AZ 13 years ago
Can't write for life of me but doing it for fun:) Random!
kodakpicturezzz 13 years ago
yusuf_alioglu 13 years ago
{Timeless Photography} 13 years ago
My blogs are about my 22 months of homelessness while battling sickle cell, cancer, HIV and the creation of my community outreach organization while going through all of it.
Mina SelfDestruct 12 years ago
I have an art blog.. where I sell my paintings, prints, and photography. :)
mbuntag 12 years ago
yusuf_alioglu 12 years ago
shaggy ground [deleted] 12 years ago
It started of my rants and all, now morphing into a photoblog about live music events/any image that catches my fancy:
understood smile [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by understood smile (member) 12 years ago
Seeing that I'm new here, I'll be short and to the point. My blog(s) consist of:

Short Stories
Everyday life in my town (Detroit, MI)
Dreams and goals and whatnot.
Hi . . . my blog is just a random one for my design stuff and my photography. I'm not pro, but at least I can have something to post to!!

efficient spy [deleted] 11 years ago
Belief Makes Things Real

What you can find from my blog:
photos (mostly taken by your's truly)
post processing tutorials (for GIMP and Photoshop CS4&CS5)
my life in photos
music discoveries
random updates

Please check it out and subscribe if you're interested.
A comment would really make my day! :)
@awursterphotos 10 years ago

saranisha Posted 10 years ago. Edited by saranisha (member) 10 years ago

i'll follow you back! :)
cmdblog 10 years ago
Android apps and customization widgets
Hendaoui 9 years ago
freefdawatchlist 9 years ago
saranisha 9 years ago

I'm from London/Cambridge, and I'd love for you to check out my blog!

The bracelet I designed in collaboration with has launched TODAY and my followers will get a special discount!

10% of the proceeds go to the KISS IT BETTER campaign for GOSH!

please check out my blog post, let me know what you think & follow!

I'll follow back! Keep looking for the discount code and the bracelet could be yours! full price its only £8... Whats 8 quid to a GOOD CAUSE!

(this bracelet excites me... can you tell?)

anyway, i'll stop babbling, here's the link!

Krimsonlake Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Krimsonlake (member) 9 years ago

It's a mixture of personal blogging (general musings, my life in general, and mental health) and creative experiments (photography, art, etc).
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