ModernBods 12:56pm, 14 April 2013
Sometimes it feels like only your Great Aunt Mauve is reading your blog...

I'd be interested to see how you bloggers are doing in terms of getting an audience for your blog.

Research shows that getting back links, good SEO, and guest posting are the key ingredients to getting more readers.

If you don't know what any of that means, or simply want to know more, you can join Blogbods - our free community of bloggers, all blogging about blogging!

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Back to the discussion in question...! How are you ranking on Google? Are you paying money to get traffic through programmes like Google Adwords? Or are you using Youtube and other social media?

Did you have a turning point when you suddenly got a bigger audience?

Share your experiences on this discussion board, so we can all help each other. It's the topic we've found most bloggers do struggle with.

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