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mroth 3:47am, 11 April 2008
[I work here.]

While you have not yet reached your goal of 20K members, we at FlickrHQ have heard of your noble efforts and seek to answer your cries for justice.

Save the date: Wednesday, April 16th, 11:00am at Bob's Donuts in San Francisco @ 1621 Polk Street . I will purchase one (1) free donut for every We Demand Donuts group member who shows up.* (*While supplies last.)

UPDATE: If you plan on attending, please RSVP on the Upcoming event so I can get a sense of how many people to expect.

This is not a joke.

Let glazed and jelly-filled freedom ring!

(I sincerely apologize for those members who are not local to the SF Bay Area, but the combination of a greasy donut and a postal envelope is a very sad thing indeed, and would be an affront to Donutkind.)

[Added by jakerome: Check to see if there's a Day of the Donut meet-up in your area, or volunteer to organize one, over here. And if you can't make it to any meet-ups, wherever you are please enjoy a donut and post the photos & videos, ]
(1 to 100 of 193 replies)
kindly card [deleted] 13 years ago
How can we be assured that you work here, no offense?

Can you mail donuts to those who can't make it there?
Fletcher Gravy 13 years ago
I can be there in 5 hours!
kindly card [deleted] 13 years ago
I can be there in 5 hours too, but will flickr also pay for my gas to get there?
Fletcher Gravy 13 years ago
gas, why worry about gas, we're talkin donuts here!
Superchou 13 years ago
wait! you can mail me mine!!! I am in Baltimore


I want my donut too :(
kindly card [deleted] Posted 13 years ago. Edited by kindly card (member) 13 years ago
I agree. Having free donuts only in SF doesn't seem fair, the rest of us flickrites deserve our own free donuts!
Fletcher Gravy 13 years ago
I'm thinkin' sub group for all those of you out of the area demanding that they mail you your donuts
coordinated vest [deleted] 13 years ago
*books a flight to SF*

kindly card [deleted] 13 years ago
Go away.
invincible wave [deleted] 13 years ago
How about a nice piece of fruit?
kindly card [deleted] 13 years ago
He's a real staff member. :)
Alex Halavais 13 years ago
Wait, have you so soon forgotten that NYC is the center of the universe?
Fletcher Gravy 13 years ago
can we get them Emailed?
.K 13 years ago
*hopes dshalock books one for her too*
ENIGMA ARCANA 13 years ago
burn the chiademon
standing advice [deleted] 13 years ago
LOL - I'm in Sydney. Eat a jelly for me - we do have crispy cream here - but breadtop savory is way better.

Have fun! GG flickr - xoxox
lhl 13 years ago
someone remember to post some video of this.
Pacdog 13 years ago
Well It's kind of mroth to make this nobel jester and I'm sure a few of you will make the date and time for the free donuts, but the rest of us will cry.

*cries with superchow*

BTW: watching Stewart shave was something I really could of done without!

ColleenM 13 years ago
Can't I just have the T-shirt?
kindly card [deleted] 13 years ago
Donut t-shirts for those who can't attend? Interesting.
invincible wave [deleted] 13 years ago
I'm coming to get you, EA!
invincible wave [deleted] 13 years ago
And don't fuck with me.
*points to M*
roasted baseball [deleted] 13 years ago
Jake, could I have the honor of car-pooling with you?
sandelion 13 years ago
Why not give the donuts out in a central chicago?
ENIGMA ARCANA 13 years ago
*points to pointy hat on head*
Superchou 13 years ago
I still want my donut!!!
kindly card [deleted] Posted 13 years ago. Edited by kindly card (member) 13 years ago
Yeah what the hell, where's the donuts for the people who can't go there? I shouldn't be talking with my pro account extension, but I can't be greedy and let the rest of the group not get donuts!

I did not in any way shape or form get a pro account extension.
Harsh Mangal` 13 years ago
I can reach there in less than 24 hours, given the flight I'm in is a non-stop New Delhi to SF. LOL!
Pacdog 13 years ago
See ya there Harsh!

*starts peddling*
Harsh Mangal` 13 years ago
I'm on my way, Pac! I'm coming all over for a donut. LOL!
TrEjAcK Posted 13 years ago. Edited by TrEjAcK (moderator) 13 years ago
Please, please video this, somebody...

Can Jake get to San Francisco Wednesday? I think he already knows where Flickr HQ is - you know, he's been turned away before...
kindly card [deleted] 13 years ago
I know where it is.
kindly card [deleted] 13 years ago
Well kinda.
Superchou 13 years ago
can someone please just fucking mail me a goddamn donut!

Automatt 13 years ago
Hooray! Donut freedom!
I will move some meetings around to receive my donut!
Can we have coffee, too?
Harsh Mangal` 13 years ago
We're oh so mad about these donuts. I never EVER thought that I would see a day like this! *sighs*
Big Sumo 13 years ago
Air freight mine to OZ please!!!! Something with choc on top.
kindly card [deleted] Posted 13 years ago. Edited by kindly card (member) 13 years ago
There better be video from this meetup involving donuts.
Harsh Mangal` Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Harsh Mangal` (member) 13 years ago
And, we're protesting AGAINST this video thing! Jeez.. don't know where the world is going!
DrPix 13 years ago
Well, you could mail the coupon for free donuts lol...
and just 1 donut? Come on...send us a dozen box coupon and i'll share with others...honest lol...
sandelion 13 years ago
Don't get greedy, one donut each will do.
thoughtless playground [deleted] 13 years ago
Finally, Donut Victory!!
workable apparel [deleted] 13 years ago


I want my donut...
Harsh Mangal` 13 years ago
You want me to travel all over the world, just for a piece of cake? If you think I will, you're.. sooo thinking the right thing. Yeeehaa!
♥ shhexy corin ♥ 13 years ago
he's a scurvy dog is mroth... he'll demand sexual favours of you, I can guarantee it!
Geodog Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Geodog (member) 13 years ago
You are going to spend all Microsoft's money on doughnuts? Yeah!
striatic Posted 13 years ago. Edited by striatic (member) 13 years ago
it should be held here:

Allstar Donuts

yelp! reviews:
♫Joyousjoym Too Posted 13 years ago. Edited by ♫Joyousjoym Too (member) 13 years ago
donuts are good for a diet !
the more you eat the more you need to diet !!!
donut have a bad day ,
Do have a great day

yep its me guys this is my alternet
im bi polar you know !

ill give mine to whoever wants it !
Muzzlehatch 13 years ago
Whoa... did someone say CAKE?
hallowed things [deleted] 13 years ago
I came to mock the no video idiots.

I stayed to recieve my real life free donut. And yes I may just drive up from San Jose to get it.
Lumberg the MIA Llama 13 years ago
I don't like donuts. I demand bagels.
sandelion 13 years ago
If we get the 20000 members we can have whatever we want!!!
DottieboBottie 13 years ago
I'll have a donut on your behalf. It's out of love, baby. I will sacrifice my hips for you.
elastic giants [deleted] 13 years ago
This rocks, seriously. Someone eat an old fashioned for me!

Pacdog 13 years ago
I'm kinda hoping a Boston cream pie donut is ate in my absence. Screw Jake just cause he is from there! I said Boston cream pie first!
♥ shhexy corin ♥ 13 years ago
Except that the only person who can possibly turn up is Thomas Hawk... I think?
staxnet 13 years ago
Woo hoo!
Pacdog 13 years ago
Thomas Hawk will be there cause he lights the lites!

Mabie he can eat that boston cream pie for me!
Steve Rhodes 13 years ago
Performing Ourselves: Flickr as a Technology of Memory, Communication, and Expression

SFLights, he does work at flickr. I even talked to him about video on flickr at a Yahoo brainjam talk about flickr last November.

Though we'll have to see if he can give us dispensation to have a video clip longer than 90 seconds since it will take longer than that for him to buy us all donuts (and perhaps it can be webcast as well to make everyone who can't make it hungry). 13 years ago
This is frankly an outrage to New York Flickr Donut fans
revertebrate 13 years ago
And Vancouver fans.
ososment 13 years ago
Sigh, can somebody please eat one for me?

This is a small win and mroth thank you for this but i would like you to join my "We Demand a Nikon d300 each group"
jakerome 13 years ago
Hooray for donuts! Our plea has been heard! I will do my best to attend, but if I can't make it, I'll be sure to send a representative to collect my donut!

Keep inviting your friends to the group folks! It will make this protest even more successful!
noxious bulb [deleted] 13 years ago
Fletcher! You MUST promise me to eat a donut for me then, too. Are you going to promise me that? I am sure if you tell them you're eating the second one for me they will give you two. Please?

(By the way, I will then forever think you're really really crazy for driving five hours one way just to eat a donut, but hey! It would be fun!) :-)
jakerome 13 years ago
@olivia: sure, let's car pool!
ancient rate [deleted] 13 years ago
Since I live in Pennsylvania, I'd be willing to sell the rights to my donut for $300 to anyone interested.
HenrikX 13 years ago
How about a european tour? In Sweden we most definitely need more dough. You can keep the nuts, we have enough of those alreday. :)
♥ Nat hamlin 13 years ago
SF donuts????????????

save me a GLORy hoLE

Brian Hart 13 years ago
You know, I think that's totally cool of mroth to offer. Insanely cool. And I hope somebody takes him (or her?) up on it.
Lars Pohlmann 13 years ago
this is an outrage! we german users are denied our rights once again!
I am sending in a friend of mine to get that donut. Where will it be?
Fletcher Gravy 13 years ago
let's see, I get off work at 2:30, that means I hit the Morgan Hill traffic @ 5ish, it should only take 3 hours to get to SF from there, so 8 pm, looks like it's prolly gonna be too late to catch a donut, hmmm, if I skip work, and leave a 4 am then I . . . oh crap, my lovely (and pregnant) wife just walked in and said "No."

Such is the way of the world

I demand My donut be mailed!
Can you give my one to someone that would appreciate a homeless person or even Thomas Hawk or Jake Rome.
helen_wheels 13 years ago
Can you freeze my doughnut and I will pick it up later? I'll be in SFO in November!
Lú_ 13 years ago
Um ... I demand a plane ticket to San Francisco??
D. Bjorn, Catchin' Up 13 years ago
Aren't 'Frisco donuts made with sour dough and left over sailors?
earthdog 13 years ago
Can someone write an excuse letter for me to give to my boss so I can make it?
ososment 13 years ago
certainly, do you have his email address, I shall get it off this afternoon.
Pacdog 13 years ago
What Binary Guy said!

Feed the San Francisco's homeless with my donut!

I'm serious!

*puts foot down*

*shakes fist*
noxious bulb [deleted] 13 years ago

It's all cool, Fletcher... it's all cool... great men will always be kept from doing great deeds by their significant others... it happens to me, too, all the time... :-)

((Just so this won't be misunderstood... the irony button was pressed here... ))
Piper at the Gates 13 years ago
just cause I'm an ass
kindly card [deleted] 13 years ago
Pockafwye 13 years ago
Yes! I agree. Make sure someone gets video of the free doughnuts.
hungry caption [deleted] 13 years ago
i see many from TBG here welcome friend and bring donuts
Weird Fresno 13 years ago
I live in Fresno (insert joke here). Can someone pick me up?
​eyebex 13 years ago
That was too easy. I don't believe it.

[I work here.]

where is here

where is your staff badge

it's a conspiracy

they are trying to keep us under control
dctennis 13 years ago
Texas here, I guess I'll settle for having it mailed, if you don't mind.
mroth 13 years ago
eyebex, staff badges only show up in the official Help Forum, not in private groups.
Superchou 13 years ago
♥ shhexy corin ♥ 13 years ago
He's mentioned here:

Plus, I've met him. He smells like staff.
Corgi_T 13 years ago
Dammit, some of us have jobs that we have to be at during weekdays. Can I send my boyfriend to pick up my doughnut?
beebo wallace 13 years ago
Can you send me a sticky off of Heather's desk? I'll forgo the donut.
sandelion 13 years ago
At least you live in the area, I can't drive cross-country on a Wed. I have school on Thurs!!!!
joelf 13 years ago
I'm allergic to donuts :(
living asleep 13 years ago
he does work here folks , i mean shit he has a hackday segment in his profile
​eyebex 13 years ago
staff badges only show up in the official Help Forum

*becomes paranoid*
​eyebex 13 years ago
yey donuts!
C. E. Beavers 13 years ago
What Flickr should do is partner up with Dunkin Doughnuts (Ewww Krispy Kreme) and send out coupons for one free doughnut to the group members.

Just sayin'...
mag379 13 years ago
When is the donut roadshow getting to Glasgow? I WANT MY DONUT!!
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