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Sticky Pool Cleaning (part 4) groc 2005 groc 6 years ago
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Bag, Society and Materialism ?? ashleyyjk 3 jsdgdo 7 years ago
Old school cameras Fivefifty_Tom 7 Jonathan Östberg 7 years ago
Do you *really* carry your cellphone in your bag? Thermoptic 45 screamingflea 7 years ago
How many lip balms/ lip glosses do you carry in your bag? AzureCloud 138 screamingflea 7 years ago
What's in Your Zombie Apocalypse Bag? Marc Tull 0 Marc Tull 7 years ago
Where do you place your bag? lifelive~ Penni Janisch Moler 55 MGES 8 years ago
what bag are you coveting right now? and why? .My English Garden NY. 57 I am Borg 8 years ago
Do you actually have a wallet? Plume145 11 I am Borg 8 years ago
newbie saratagami 0 saratagami 8 years ago
noobie: question of one of the rules.. grey point (deleted) 1 groc 8 years ago
Do you name your stuff? 7ichi88 2 A_Shankasaurus 9 years ago
What's the weirdest thing you carry in your bag? witty approval (deleted) 137 kittydorkdork 9 years ago
Would you buy fake bags? fuzzy twig (deleted) 117 SignsOfLife/Love 9 years ago
What's your strategy for an organized bag? patia 70 SignsOfLife/Love 9 years ago
80k views thanks to this group? danielhaaf 1 7ichi88 9 years ago
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