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witty approval [deleted] 11:17pm, 16 August 2007
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I currently don't carry anything considered "weird", but I forgot a straw inside my bag for weeks.
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caramews 13 years ago
If I recall correct it's just called a "Star Filter" or something nice and obvious like that ;)
Korarnithlas 13 years ago
Ooo, forgot I carry a kubotan (a 6'' stick of metal with a hole in one end for whipping around on a piece of leather cord or some such. More because I think it's cool) and a letter opener knife.
hammerforscale 13 years ago
i carry a geological grain-size comparitor :D now thats gotta win the wierdest thing competition lol.
darwin.wins 13 years ago
a compass. i can look at a city map where ever i end up and take notice of where the major streets are, but if i'm on a street, i don't always know which way's north. after that, it's pretty smooth sailing.

then there's the thermal blanket for that just in case moment like natural disaster, freak blizzard, getting lost in the woods, etc., etc.

on my backpack, i carry an ifak (improved first aid kit) that we carried on our body armor in iraq. it's more of a sentimental thing.
gregnlaura 13 years ago
A spare pair of clean underwear for my three year-old daughter, and any of the random things that she puts in there herself to surprise me - skull and crossbones pirates eye-patch, miniature my little pony... three-week-old leaking bag of cheerios...
damp lumber [deleted] 13 years ago
A coaster from Pike Place Brewery. Don't even know why I'm keeping it in there...but it's there.
@gwe 13 years ago
A promo button for a Korean fried chicken restaurant that doubles as a bottle opener.
f_bomb28 13 years ago
Lock de-icer
sunnyd1225 13 years ago
My sis carries DARTS and TACO SAUCE around in her bag. (?!?!?)
coolierjulier 13 years ago
2 sets of plastic silverwear
NunoNeon 13 years ago
weirdest thing right now.. is the little doll i made. . it looks like a voodoo doll, BUT its not. I just got really bored a couple nights ago and tore up a pair of jeans i was throwing away and made him. :) (hes in the picture i posted)
panoramic spark [deleted] 13 years ago
When I go to dinner (I'm at college, cafeteria style all you can eat dinners are included in the food price :D) I bring a travel sized tabasco sauce and tupperware in case there's something good, like gold fish, that I take back to my room with me!
pursehappygal 13 years ago
A flat, credit card sized tool kit. The knife is the most used item.
The Hidden Windows 13 years ago
Foreign currency. I always have it, and I don't know why. Guess I'm afraid I'll have to leave the country or something :P
Acid Ronin 13 years ago
Depending on the bag... Spraypaint is the weirdest thing I usually carry.

In my "day" bag the weirdest is probably my Gameboy...
psyder 13 years ago
foreign currency, including soles, pesos, dollars and euros.
DebSrsns 13 years ago
I used to carry a seashell or a river stone for sentimental reasons, but then I got paranoid about losing them...
Err... Well, these may be a bit odd.
-A barbie head.
-A bolt. And other misc. shiny-ish objects.
-A bag of fruit loops.
tim_perdue 13 years ago
As noted in my most recent photo, there is currently a tiny plastic baby in my bag. It's out of a king cake from this past Mardi Gras. In case you're wondering, it's a New Orleans tradition - the baby is baked into the cake, and whoever gets the piece with the baby in it has to buy the king cake next year. It's also supposed to bring good luck, so I haven't taken it out yet...
amelstrange 12 years ago
- squishy sheep doll for those photo opportunities.
- rubber pig's feet, just because.
- fake ogre-sized thumb prosthetics
CJensenS 12 years ago
A Hello Kitty doll... and I will be 30 in September :/
Bharath Kishore 12 years ago
I'm not sure if you might call this weird- I always carry a Rubik's cube or some similar puzzle. My biggest enemy when I travel is boredom. And not to mention a pocket knife and a lighter(Since I don't smoke).
ShutterBabe927 12 years ago
A 15mL bottle of cat dewormer medicine and 4 short-blade knives (I love knives).
IrishBoy05 12 years ago
An original piece of the Berlin Wall. I got it with a video game a few years ago. I'm a history geek.
avarenity 2.0 12 years ago
Currently, I've got a random Nerf form dart in my bag. Which can be considered weird.
CJensenS 11 years ago
At the moment it´s a small green vintage Dodge metal/plastic car....
I love cars but to own such a car in Denmark is an expensive affair ;(
For me the weirdest thing is probably tea bags, spoons, straws, and paper napkins. Yes...I'm always afraid that I'll be without one of the above when I need to eat. And whose to say the restaurant utensils are clean. LOL!

Oh and rubber bands..lots of them!
eminent collar [deleted] 11 years ago
The weirdest thing that occasionally shows up in my bag are bits of colored glass and interesting rocks. I collect those sort of things.
Klee Bruce 9 years ago
My bird field guide. I'm a birdwatcher :-)
senorapants 9 years ago
i guess some people think a teabag is a weird thing to carry, but as i explained, my gym serves free coffee and since i HATE coffee i sometimes just use the hot water supply and have tea.
danielhaaf 9 years ago
Steel wire
avarenity 2.0 9 years ago
I carry a green laser pointer around often. I use it to point at stuff in the sky when I'm doing astronomy outreach sessions with my friends.
Frompkin 9 years ago
I keep a portable hole in my bag. Never know when you might need one.
natipedia 9 years ago
I've had a sachet of ketchup in my bag for those 'I need sauce for my chips' times. In another bag I've been carrying around loads of sea shells in a pocket for years now...
Trae A. 9 years ago
I carry Fili and Kili legos from the Hobbit.
CJensenS 9 years ago
Definitely a Tangle.
kittydorkdork 9 years ago
I always have at least one Tarot deck in my purse.
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