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fuzzy twig [deleted] 7:01am, 2 December 2007
Well, not only bags but you know, wallets, purses and stuff like that?

Whats your stand on buying fake bags?
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Lt. Cobretti 14 years ago
i did one time, but the quality of it sucked they just end up with huge rips so your stuff would fall out!!

i'd say no to this one, you shouldn't buy fake bags their just a waste of your money!!
Matatias 2 14 years ago
I'd buy this one:

Mac... 14 years ago
What do you mean fake?

You think it's a bag, go to put something in it and it jumps up and shouts "HA! Fooled you - I'm really a turnip!!"

No? Oh, ok then.
durasoul Posted 14 years ago. Edited by durasoul (member) 14 years ago
I want a turnip bag. Then I could always have a snack with me, for those endless classes.

I have to admit that I bought a fake Gucci bag in LA years ago. It was my first time in LA, and I was just exploring the sites, with no intention to buy any counterfeits. I ended up buying it not because it said Gucci and was $10, but because it fit the aesthetic and size specs that I had been looking for in a small purse for almost a year. I'm *really* hard to please with purses - I find most of them ugly and awkward (most especially in the current trend of truly hideous bags) - and so I just couldn't pass up getting a bag that would suit my needs so perfectly. I still carry it, and it still looks great. I get compliments on it all the time. (Yes, I'm honest about it being a fake.)

All that said, I have never bought a fake since, and don't intend to do so again. I have no idea if all the talk about the funds going to support crime are true or just propaganda from the fashion industry, but I'll err on the side of caution. I generally look for locally-made stuff now.
endurable dime [deleted] 14 years ago
I don't really pay attention to labels and stuff. I bought a bag a year ago that was a tokidoki knock-off. It took me some googling to find that out, and honestly? it's decent quality and I spent $20 on something that would have cost me $150. If anything, having the fake has made me aware of the designer, and my mom is chipping in to buy me a real bag off of ebay... not because I want an official bag, but because I like the designs and the shape.

Pricey bags don't always mean good quality.
shell_s 14 years ago
i say buy whatever it is that you fancy but it seems to me that people who buy the knock-off designer bags are just trying to keep up with the joneses.
holly rainbow 14 years ago
i have 2 fake Tokidoki bags. i love the artwork, but i can't afford a real one just yet, someday i'd like to get one. but my fakies are holding up for right now & if i spill something on it i'm only wrecking a $20 bag & not a $150+ bag. :P
christyio 14 years ago
Not if it had brand designs on it or fake logos, no. I'm not into the fake LV (or the real LV) or Gucci print bags. They look either 1) fake 2) show off-y.

Now, I DO like quality bags.. WITHOUT the nonsense logo printed all over it. Quality bags typically are real, though... and I just as well assume get a moderately cheap ($50ish) bag once or twice a year than either one crazy expensive bags or ten trashy dirt cheap ones that fall apart.
fuzzy twig [deleted] 14 years ago
actually, im not proud of this or anything--but where i come from, we do have good quality fakes. I am soooo tempted to buy some of them but if i do buy it, it'd look fake cuz its too expensive for us to buy ♥ But nevertheless, i'm still praying that i dont have to resort to buying fake bags over the years.

teehee, i actually have five fake tokidokis and three real ones and i love them all equally. But can i just say that the real ones have been with me forever and the sad part about it is that some of my friends think that my fake ones are the REAL ones and the real ones are the FAKES. how sad is that :(

Anyways, thanks for replying guys!
Keep your answers coming!

Peace Y'all.♥♥
orawanja Posted 14 years ago. Edited by orawanja (member) 14 years ago
I bought one when i visited China. I've heard that some of them actually made of the real material (canvas or leather) from the manufacture (some brands are made in China). The quality wasn't that bad if you got in the right store but the price would be different from the real cheap one.

However, i think i prefer to buy a genuine one when it's affordable. For me , I'm willing to pay for the price of designer's intelltual and their creativity. It's supposed to be luxurious goods so when you are not up to it, don't use it. I do respect some of the brands that's run for generations, too bad that most of them are conglomerated now.

Many of local brand handbags also has good quality material and cutting, so why not? I buy when i feel that it's worth my money despite of the brand.
AzureCloud 14 years ago
I've heard the ones in China and Korea are actually good quality imposters, if you can believe it. There are high-end imposters, where they can be in the hundreds of dollars. Whenever I'm in BKK, I find it amusing that these small shops in malls and night markets have a "back area" and catalog of practically every brand name you can think of, but in faux. Personally, I like to either go with the no brand, but still cute bag, or save up for a good quality, real one.

I don't feel quite right when I'm carrying a fake one -- it makes me feel like I'm tricking myself. At the same time, carrying a real bag doesn't mean it enhances your sense of self -- it's more about the quality of the item, the materials used, and the particularity to details that make the bag so expensive (although probably only worth 1/4 or maybe 1/2 of what they charge).

I have my shelve of nicely kept branded items, and I equally have the bags I've picked up from night markets, H&M, and Target that I also love :)
fuzzy twig [deleted] 14 years ago
i feel the same way too ;) but just like i said, i can't help but like the fake ones too just cuz the real ones are waaaay too expensive ;)
knowing stocking [deleted] 14 years ago
I dont like the fake bags with the real logos.

Like autoamerican i did buy it once and the quality was very poor. so i wouldnt do it again.
patchworkbunny 14 years ago
I just buy high street bags and the occasional mid-range designer. I buy what I like (and can afford) and I'd have to go out my way to find a fake so it's not worth it in my eyes.
tlvsn 14 years ago
No fakes but no labels anyway, if I'm going to pay loads for something how can they expect me to walk around doing free advertising for them?
etherealframe 14 years ago
I have a couple fake bags... just doesn't feel as good as a real one. =)
Facing Fury 14 years ago
I usually use vintage military field bags (those shoulder bags like what the field medics used or those vintage map cases) which are usually genuine militaria or surplus gear. Most of that stuff is built to take some serious abuse, but also, a lot of that stuff is contracted out to the lowest bidder. Soooo, most of the "real" stuff out there is aged, and has taken a beating, and some of that stuff is made really cheaply. Now, you can buy aftermarket or replica stuff that is made way better than even the government issue stuff. So in this case, yes, I buy the "fakes." When it comes to military style or mil-spec stuff, sometimes the aftermarket "fakes" are better than the real thing.
RachaelWD 14 years ago
I hate bags covered in logos, I wouldn't want a real one even if it was free. I like simple bags. I buy the $10-$20 purses at Target and they work great for me.
abaft industry [deleted] 14 years ago
i just bought a bunch of fake purses in new york city. i love them and you seriously cant tell they're fake
Twice Smitten 14 years ago
I found a bag I loved at a swap meet, really cool print and shape. I then noticed this little tag that said Kate Spade.

I bought the bag and then kept getting comments from people about my "Kate Spade" bag. I had no idea when I bought it that it was a designer knock off. But I decided not to feel guilty because I would have never bought a KS bag at $450 (or whatever) so KS was not really losing money...AND I now recognize her name brand products. A win-win!
redjade75 14 years ago
Yep. Cause then I can have LOTS of bags.
Superchou 14 years ago
I hate those logo bags. Those LV and the Dooney and Coach bags with all those logos on it just look cheap to me... I know, they aren't, but they do. I don't really have any interest in designer bags period.

I will only buy leather (not the pleather ones) since they tend to hold up better and while I have bought leather bags that cost me like 70-100 in the past I got them 'cause they were nice quality - not cause anyone would recognize it as a designer bag. And yeah, those were Coach, Kenneth Cole and some other brand, I think Perlina or something.

Anyways, my day to day bag is a little Timbuk2 Metro bag that - for me - is perfect. I have been carrying it just about daily for well over a year and it is the strongest bag - looks exactly like the day I bought it - plus my dSLR fits perfectly inside it. Cannot ask for much more than that.
Look In The Tunk 14 years ago
Vera Bradley bags are kinda garish on their own (the only reason why I have one is b/c it was free because I won a gift certificate) but the knockoffs are really bad.
mlle_bleue Posted 14 years ago. Edited by mlle_bleue (member) 14 years ago
Branded bags of any kind, real or knock-offs, are not for me. I would not be caught dead with a branded bag, a branded blouse, a branded shoe, a branded anything.
xelia. 14 years ago
I'm a Tokidoki lover (I have 17 or so of them), and even though there are many fakes that are totally cute, I can't bring myself to buy them. To me it's paying someone else for copying another artist's work; and I think that kinda sucks :/
fierce toes [deleted] 14 years ago
No i wouldnt. Its a matter of "cant afford it, forget it then"/ i only buy genuine luxury goods if i really love it a lot, and never because of the brand and mostly if they are designer brands, the logo must not be screaming loud and must be subtle (i dont expect to be advertising for them walking around after paying alot!)
wandererchronicles 14 years ago
Eh, names don't mean a lot to me. If it's a nice bag, and seems to be of good quality, then I'll buy it.
Wafflefriezz 14 years ago
I'm not a person of labels. I'll use anything as long as it's quality. I'm a function over fashion type of guy.
♥mabeliita♥ 14 years ago
Well it depends, since most of the people who know me knows that I can´t buy the real thing I wouldn´t, and if I´m ever going to have say an LV purse I want the real thing... but if it´s something not that obvious (with all the monograms and stuff) I would definitely buy the knockoff if I like i.t
Agamid 14 years ago
the only bags i buy are hand made, second hand or army disposal ones.

'label' bags are so over-priced, and fake label bags are usually poor quality and made in Asia using child or what might as well be slave labour.
full hair [deleted] 14 years ago
i wouldn't - i'd rather save a lot of money and splurge it on a real one. i'm not a big fan of LV and coach though. those logs are overrated.

and i can't help but agree with AzureCloud. i went to korea last summer and they even sold fake chanels at duty-free chanel store. i mean, come on!
uuuuuuU 14 years ago
i wud if its of good quality and at reasonable price. but im not really into buying-fake-stuffs-so-that-i-can-show-it-off thing. i might as well buy bags within my budget,affordable mid-class designer, or just random bags with no logos or whatsoever. its the function that matters.
docphiusa's deth-cam 14 years ago
If the bag was made well, with all I need in a bag, and it so happens to be a fake one, I would probably buy it. It's always hard for me to find just the right bag anyway...
souadam 14 years ago
I don't see the need for flaunting what you don't have.
People are more likely to steal your bag if it is posh.

I am perfectly happy with my cheap Animal rucksack, a nice Burtons messenger bag for going out, a cheap camera bag for cameras and a Nintendo messenger bag for when Im feeling geeky.

Dont act above your station.

If you cant afford it dont buy it.
dynamic clover [deleted] 14 years ago
I used to work @ a place where they sell fake designer purses. they have about a million different 'levels' of quality fake brand name purses. some of them are so poor that they didn't even attempt to make the purse into something that resemble the original. usually, the simpler the design, the better they can copy. Or if they copy a purse of a complicated design & it actually turns out good, then it will be so expensive that you might as well buy the real thing.

I'm not into brand name purses. but i really like the Gucci Horsebit Hobo, & i'm planning on buying a knockoff version of it. [=
knowledgeable branch [deleted] Posted 14 years ago. Edited by knowledgeable branch (member) 14 years ago
I have one, a coach, and I get compliments on it everywhere I go. I have never gotten so many comments on anything as this bag.

It's a patchwork satchel-like purse in shades of browns and pinks.

See it below:
Switching Handbags
JadenesS 14 years ago
I go with the real ones, the fake ones fall apart or are really cheap looking. I have only one fake and it isa AAA fake haha meaning its mirror quality to the real thing, and I have a keen eye on whats a good fake or a cheapo fake, my mirror fake laid me back $170, and the department store lady at neiman marcus was fooled it was the real deal...anyways I stopped buying any kind of luxury designer brand bc I have a new passion its called : latidolls, beware they get you addicted!
its spelled Roda 14 years ago
I won't. I just saw a fake signature bag with the wrong type of logo design. I balance my collection out- real brand name handbags & cute ones I find for less than $20 (I get more compliments on those!) Gotta loove Target ;)
yearofthegurl 14 years ago
never. I have this thing with knockoffs. I have to admit i have purchased a couple back in high school, and then the trend just dies, it doesnt "feel" right. So now im pickier than shit (excuse my language -haha) It has to be real to me.
dee_gee 14 years ago
I'm not really into labels for my clothes or bags, and I especially hate having a bag with any writing on it, or a prominent logo. I don't like walking around making statements with my gear I suppose.

So I guess wouldn't buy a fake designer bag because I don't think I'd ever be into the real one. I buy a bag if I like the style, colour, size, quality, handiness, etc, not the label or the maker.

I do buy fake leather bags though as long as they don't look too rubbish, and I do aspire to the real thing too, but only for the quality. It doesn't matter the maker.
askance.glance 14 years ago
I think if you would consider buying a fake bag because you want people to think it's designer, thats no good.

You should support the actual designer if you admire their label. If you don't respect the name, then why do you you want a bag with the branding of someone you don't' like, even if fake? Go for a non-branded bag.
wally_bat Posted 14 years ago. Edited by wally_bat (member) 14 years ago
i don't agree with buying a fake designer bag if it has the true label on if it says 'kate spade' or if it has the exact same patterns and designs as the true bag. in that case it could be an infringement on the designers original concept.

that designer has worked hard to come up with a new line each season to sell. in essence the fake handbag seller is 'stealing' their designs.

i don't have any problem with a fake bag that uses the same aesthetic.
i've bought a nine west bag that has a jaquard print that is similar to a gucci/coach/guess print except it just has squares and i've seen plenty of dept store brands that sell $20 bags with cherries on them with a brown background a la LV. but if you are buying it in a dept store, its nearly certain that they aren't infringing any any copyrights.

but if you are going to spend $80 at a faux purse party why not spend $30 more and get the real thing. if you really like that designer enough to seek out the fake, then support that designer by saving up the money to buy their product.
girlyy 14 years ago
I would buy a similar style or design of a nice leather bag that I can't afford, but not a knockoff or replica (like a fake LV, gucci, coach or tokidoki).
sweethappychick1985 14 years ago
Well I dont think I brought a fake bag I dont really go for names if i like the bag i will buy it.

I brought a billabong wallet and matching bag once and it last abt 2 months b4 the click on my wallet fell off and my handbag strap broke seems pointless to me if its not going to last spending a huge amount of money on a bag
saplings 14 years ago
personally, i would not...some states might possibly ban/illegalize buying AND selling of fake bags, since it supports the sweatshop industry.....i buy second-hand/vintage anyway, it's the best option...besides, SH stores sell brand-name merchandise all the local one sells LV bags, Chanel totes and stuff; some are fake, but i've stumbled upon a $4 prada or two, one which i bought. :)
♥Madi 14 years ago
Can anyone guess whether this bag is a real or a fake?

thismodernpanda 14 years ago
I think as long as you know it is fake when you are buying it, then I don't think there is a problem. It is when they try and flog you something they are telling you is real that I hate.
High Voltage1 14 years ago
I don't really have a problem with fakes, unless you're buying it to try and flaunt your "riches" that you really don't have.

I bought a fake Fendi Spy, not with the intention of folks seeing it and saying "Oh my god I LOVE your Fendi bag!", but because I really love the shape, size, everything about it. But there is NO WAY I will ever be able to drop thousands of dollars for a bag. I get a lot of compliments on it but never because it is being recognized as a brand, just because it is has a unique shape and features.

That being said, I've studied up on how to determine fakes of certain brands, and I always get a laugh when women and girls mince into my store with a fake LV on their arm, showing it about and I just giggle to myself and wonder how little it actually cost.
Bru Porto 14 years ago
you mean, the ones you buy for 20 bucks on the street, but cost 1000 in the mall?


I don´t care about labels, i could buy a fake purse w/out knowing it´s a fake purse! XD
Vicky Paz 14 years ago
I don't like buying fake bugs, purses or wallets. I know that this is unfair for the original brands.

However, depending on the economical situation of the country were you live in, you don't have any other choice but to buy cheap things or to resort to fake brands.

For example, I live in Argentina and the monthly revenues are not enough, therefore many people turn to buying fake things.

In my particular case, I'd rather saving some money fiirst and buy from the original brands when I have the opportunity to do so.
mlle_bleue 14 years ago
I don't like fake bugs either. ;)
bumpy hair [deleted] 14 years ago
If you're so vain you start buying fake bags you've got bigger questions to start asking yourself. You impress nobody with brand-name tat, whether it's real or fake.
fuzzy twig [deleted] 14 years ago
Good one Biscuits. :) i like what youve said.
endurable dime [deleted] 14 years ago
I think that people are mistakeningly thinking that "fake bags" automatically equals the designer bags that have their initials all over them. My tokidoki bag, while easily spottable because of the characters, only has the name written really small on the bag. For some people it might be an issue of wanting to fit in with their fake knock-off, but for others, they might truly like the design and structure of the bag and simply not want to shell out that much cash, or simply can't afford too. (Wal-Mart is starting to sell really poor tokidoki knock-offs which to me look nothing like them, but they're still cute, and I would buy one, not because they're a knock-off but I like the design and some of the patterns... the same reason I like tokidoki.)
wingnut4ever 14 years ago
I purchased a fake Kate Spade "Sam" bag a few years back and it fell apart within about 2-3 months after I purchased it.
I now only purchase the "real" thing even if it takes me a few months to pay it off!
One word says it all .... QUALITY!
Zelda Halo 14 years ago
i totally disagree with buying fake bags!

If you think about it it's unfair to the companys that make the original bags and to those who make fake bags that are mostly children & that's against humanity and the fashion world.

Even if you or anyone can't affored buying an original bag their are many cheap bags that actually look stylish and funky!

I would rather not have a bag at all than buy a fake one-for real!
As an artist, I say NO to knock off's.

It really peeve's me to hear people say "well it's not like so and so designer needs any more money." Bottom line? It's stealing.

$450 purses are $450 for a reason. Buy a $10 knock off and you will never appreciate it as much as you would if you had the real thing. At $10, it's just a throwaway piece of junk.
fuzzy twig [deleted] 14 years ago
"Bottom line? It's stealing."

Biffy, amen to that :)
gaudy lake [deleted] Posted 14 years ago. Edited by gaudy lake (member) 14 years ago
Why not?
I don't like buying designer purses because I don't think it matters who made it--I mean come on it's a purse why should you pay hundreds of dollars for something that's not gonna last a lifetime? Purses I think shouldn't ever be more then 50 bucks max.
fuzzy twig [deleted] 14 years ago
jessica.diamond 14 years ago
I don't mind buying fake bags. I don't have the money to pay for the real ones. I don't care to pay that much money for one either. So, fake bags are fine in my book. I don't see any problem with it.
popsicles for dinner 14 years ago
I don't know anything about brand names; It's only recently I realized bags with LV's on them stood for Louis Vui-whatever the hell. The only brand I can recognize off the bat is Tokidoki because they're cute and cartoonish. So if I ever do buy a fake bag I wouldn't realize they were copies of another brand in the first place.
fuzzy twig [deleted] 14 years ago
Nice answer Jessica D :) It gives a little view on the people who say yey on the Fake least people would have something to gauge on ;)

thanks all! Keep em coming ;) ♥♥♥
◄Susana► Posted 14 years ago. Edited by ◄Susana► (member) 14 years ago
I just watched a news item on fake bags and other fake goods and there were a couple of things that struck me. First of all, buying fakes is illegal and if you get caught buying it, there could be a large penalty, and two, many of the factories that produce these fakes employ child and slave labour, so if you are someone with a social conscience at all, you might want to stay clear of this type of thing.
Food, Fash, Fit 14 years ago
How can you tell which bag is more ethical, though? Even GAP got caught using iffy methods of production.

I've got a bag which I suspect is fake - since I realised, I've stopped using it, because I've gone right off it now. I also have a couple of Juicy Couture bags, because that's my favourite brand and it's not too pricey. I've only paid around £100 for both - I'd rather buy a designer bag in the sale than buy a good fake for about the same price.

I don't think the morals of buying fakes are as black and white as some people think, but I do know that for every single person I see with a Chloe padlock bag, or a LV bag, I think 'FAKE'. Unless the person is well presented and is wearing obviously designer clothes, it just looks like you've bought a fake at the market, so as someone said, you're only fooling yourself if you're trying to impress.

Then again, some designs are so beautiful I can see why people are tempted to get a cheaper version. (Aka Fendi Spy - beautiful!)
Goddess Findings Posted 14 years ago. Edited by Goddess Findings (member) 14 years ago
HUm....well, I actually have a Chloe padlock bag, and so, maybe because I've lived with mine for a while, that fakes are very distinguishable from the real thing. That being said, MAN is that bag heavy! I often leave off the padlock at the risk of someone thinking its a fake (this bag is a large tote in gunmetal) when I go about my shopping, or I just have to resign to being weighted down! I slug that thing around in my sweats or jeans too, and I imagine many people with real bags do the same. I've also seen some pretty tacky fashion plates with real bags- and I find a good many real bags tacky looking.... so....?? go figure. I guess it's a complicated world out there!

Bottom line: style transcends labels.
jadenbritz 14 years ago
Nope, as much as it is really tempting, I really won't be comfortable using fake ones. I would always settle for local brands which are more affordable rather than buy fake designer ones. Some local brands are also of good quality.
k4r!n4 14 years ago
I've never bought a fake bag...I wouldn't, either. I have 2 really high-quality leather bags that hold everything I need, look great, and won't look bad in 10, 20, 30 years. These are bags I can give my kids or grandkids. For the fun, of-the-moment bags, I go to Target, H&M, etc.
Buying fakes doesn't seem worth it to me. I look at expensive items as an investment. Why spend the $50 to use the bag for 3 months when you could have spent $100 or so and know it's going to last you years?
Greg Williamson 14 years ago
yes, of course.

in korea the knock-offs are good quality. why spend a lot for a name?
pixiedust_8202 Posted 14 years ago. Edited by pixiedust_8202 (member) 14 years ago
I wouldn't if I couldn't afford it nor would I buy a cheap knock off. Somethings you will just have to except in can't always get what you want. Plus there are plenty of bags that I can afford and love!
tomaksound 14 years ago
cheaper i say YES. But wont feel very good after that.
pinkyttc 14 years ago
I totally agree with biffybeans above.

I pride myself in collecting great designer bags. I would never buy a knock-off. Granted, if you don't know about the designer, then that's one thing. However, if you are designer obsessed and you bought one - you'll just never feel the same way b/c it's mostly shoddy quality.

One really good fake designer bag could set you back a bit ($170 as someone stated above), however if you spent $1,000 on a real one, you could go back to the store about ANY imperfection (one thread coming loose? they'll take care of it).
If your fake bag comes apart - you just lost $170 - period. You'll then start the cycle all over again. If you bought the designer bag, it'll practically last you a lifetime.

I personally only buy signature styles (they never go out of style and can practically be used almost year-round).

They're investments. In 20 years from now - I can carry my Chanel, Gucci, LV and it'll be like I bought it the year before.

Just my .02
hibiscus101 14 years ago
i do! i'll buy seconds or knockoffs here n there. as logn as its still a quality bag i' happy. brand names have never meant much although i was in love with my coach bag(a second) that was great until the reason it was a 2nd(which i had previously thought was the bleed in the colors on the back of it) came to the surface, the zipper wasn't fully attached ot the bag and came flying out one day. :(
but yah as long as its useful i dont care if it's fake or not
readytostand Posted 14 years ago. Edited by readytostand (member) 14 years ago
i have a couple of faux chanels (one was a gift from my brother when he went to china) and a faux LV wallet, but i'd definitely recommend going for the real thing if it's an option. i have two real leather designer bags (miu miu and betsey johnson) and the quality in comparison to the fakes is just incredible. with the fakes: on one the zipper broke off, on another the seams tore and the back stained from rubbing against clothing, and the snap on the wallet fell off several times. :P
marshalmeribus Posted 14 years ago. Edited by marshalmeribus (member) 12 years ago
yes i did... i have 2 gucci handbags and 3 Lv wallets and i;m very glad :)
commend posted by Canon T1i
mighty moon [deleted] 14 years ago
I'm really not into designer bags at all, so the idea of a cheap, fake bag doesn't intrigue me. I rarely use bags until they fall apart, so the quality doesn't have to be outstanding for me, it's all about the style, size, and comfort. Most of the fake bags look pretty cheesy...I DO have a fake tokidoki, the artwork is almost just as cute as my real one.
Tamsin. 14 years ago
i have fake bags by accident theyre really good quality aswell

lavidavintage 14 years ago
I bought a fake, beautifully made Miu Miu bag for my mom when I was in China. It looked real, and cost about 50 US. Expensive, but it was higher end fakery. I really wanted to keep it for myself. I also bought myself a fake Coach wallet to ease the loss of the MiuMiu. Really pretty red, lower end fake. 6 months since I bought it, and a little piece is starting to fall apart. Since it's not a real one, i'm going to attack it with a little superglue.

I just don't have the money to buy real stuff. Buying knock offs isn't really a moral question for me, as it is the idea not wanting to look like everyone else with fake me outs. I'm perfectly content to buy a no-name bag that's really cute and durable, or better yet, buy a name brand that's used or vintage!!!
memeeps 14 years ago
I'd be embarrassed to be seen with a huge fake logo on my bag...trying to be cool with a logo isn't my style anyway...I'd rather spend my money on a designer-less bag that's actually cute and durable
shell_s 14 years ago
hate to drag up an old topic but this recent article goes with this discussion.

the article briefly discusses the sellers not the buyers, fyi.
Cacauzitta 14 years ago
I prefer don´t buy fake things, because I really don´t know how it was made anda who made things like that!
elena, 14 years ago
I can't afford the real thing, but I definitely wouldn't buy a fake in place of that. It just looks kinda tacky in my opinion and it just isn't really worth it to me. I'd rather save up for the real thing and then appreciate it more, especially since I can use it as much as I want if it's a timeless kind of bag. Some counterfeits can be really good, but one little detail can really mess the whole thing up. xD
Maja Huse Posted 14 years ago. Edited by Maja Huse (member) 14 years ago
I'd much rather get a good high street bag really, and make an effort to find one that isn't on everyone's arm. The fake designer bags just remind me of the friends in my teenage years who would carry a logo-ridden "louis vuitton" bag accompanied by an entire outfit from H&M :)
BugGirl5971 14 years ago
first off, BarGal, I have the matching wallet :) Second, I'll happily buy a fake as long as the price/quality is decent, and it doesnt SCREAM the original designers name all over it. i have a fake prada that i bought in new york, mostly as a joke because i wanted to say i bought a fake prada off of street vendors, but i rarely use it. its HORRIBLE quality, but i only paid 5 bucks for it. i have a kate spade knock-off i bought at a market years ago, but i wasnt aware it was a knock-off til people started complimenting me on my "kate spade" and i have a coach knock off that a friend bought for me to match my wallet. out of everything, the wallet is the best quality. it even came with the "certificate of authenticy" , is stamped quite nicely, came wrapped just as i would imagine a real one would (I'm a dispatcher, i dont make nearly enough to ever afford a real one) but it was bought at a purse party, so looking back knowing what i do now, it was probably stolen.
bottom line for me is if i like the way a bag looks, and that bag happens to be a knock-off, if the quality and price is right, chances are i'll buy it.
hopefully someday i'll be able to afford a real one! :)
parisxo 14 years ago
the one time i bought a fake chanel bag, it burst at most of the seams and i could never use it again. the piping even came off! then again, I only paid 10 euros for it but still! i still have a faux burberry bag, matching wallet, and a faux balenciaga, and i love them. :]
lethal trains [deleted] 14 years ago
I have a fake Gucci wallet bought in Bodrum, Turkey. the qualtiy is good, but it smells.....terrible. I think it's made with a horrible plastic.
ella*loves*bags 14 years ago
i once bought a fake LV but i have never worn it... it was just thrilling to bargain on the street and getting it for 20 euros instead of 50 euros... actually i don't like the design anymore and i would never consider buying a real one! has this ever happened to you? that you bought a fake on a nightmarket or on the street just because you thought you are going to make a good deal?? i felt quite stupid right after i bought it :)
another question: do you think there are people who would never ever buy a fake? not even if they are on holiday somewhere and are exposed to all these fakes which they could buy just for fun?
Sandra S.n. 14 years ago
I do and I would.
I have a real balenciaga and It makes me feel real bad when I realize that it's made with fur.
I wouldn't pay thousands of dollars for a real bag anymore plus they are made of fur so yeah to fake good looking bags!
ambie_d_d26 13 years ago
I don't care much about brand names. I buy what I think is functional, fun and cute. If that means that i end up buying a fake tokidoki, that's fine with me, too. Right now, I have two dickies bags because they are cheap, they have a lifetime warranty and they can go through just about everything.

Bags are bags. If you can afford it, and you like it, buy it. *shrug* I'm not all that hung up on brand names.
kellie-ie 13 years ago
purses are my weakness.
and i recently went to chinatown in nyc and got fake purses and a fake wallet to match. (hey, when in rome....)
honestly, id rather pay for a knockoff and not have to spend so much money than be sad i cant afford the real thing.
and so what if its not real? it still looks pretty!
goddessofxanadu 13 years ago
I think the whole concept of paying ridiculously inflated prices for everyday items because of some fiendishly engineered media cult is a sad and sick one for those with more money than sense/wisdom/compassion.
LeP'titಠ_ಠ 13 years ago
why designer bags at all?
Bags are use for carry stuffs.
I like cute bags that make me, myself happy.
Not bags for impress strangers on street.
marvelous finger [deleted] 13 years ago
any bags with a designer label I own are all fake, they are from some chinese people at a local fleamarket. :P
wiotch 13 years ago
Goddessofxanadu, you do realize what group you're in, right? LOL.

To the OP, I'm not really into fake bags, but I don't have a "moral" issue with it or anything. In my experience, most fake bags tend to be pretty logo-heavy, which is something I'm not particularly fond of when it comes to clothing, accessories, etc.
chianunwa 13 years ago
Damn. Bitter much, goddessofxanadu?

As for the OP, I'm not really into fake designer handbags myself. In my experience, most of them tend to be really logo-heavy, something which I'm not too fond of when it comes to clothing, accessories, etc. I'd much rather save up and buy a classic, versatile high-quality real designer handbag that will last me for years, ya know?
goddessofxanadu 13 years ago
Not exactly bitter but very mixed feelings..... sometimes I just feel that we are manipulated so heavily by the media that we don't even realise what we are doing or how we got to this place where something to carry your stuff in becomes such a complex issue....seems like were just these little pawns that the big guys program via the media and we respond like pavlovian dogs.

Im not saying Im really any different....I can feel all that pressure too and I give in too it sometimes, (not with bags, but with cam/computer stuff) but I often have this uncomfortable sense of being manipulated, as I know I am and its difficult to really know where your own desires end and the media programming starts.
Sometimes I don't think we have any desires that are really our own.

I too am fascinated by what is in peoples bags and why, but I wonder why Im fascinated and where it all starts y'know? I hate that feeling of being a sleepwalker.
i have in the past but will not ever again - tacky , they never look good and Im sure there is some child labouring away somewhere hot and sweaty making them for all the wannabe fashionistas!!
having said that
i feel sorry for woman who fork out a lot of money for originals and when they walk down the street people glare and think 'Fake...fake'...haha
samanthamaeee 13 years ago
I'm in ownership of a few fake designer handbags and wallets.

I have mixed feelings about them too, seeing as how a couple of mine are falling apart already.

As long as they're a high quality fake, I'm willing to stake out some cash for it. (Good lining, working zippers, high-quality materials, etc.) I'm just not interested in throwing out so much money for a bag I'll eventually tire of in the long run.
naraku009 13 years ago
No. Noooooo. One time, in a waiting room, when I still wore my pink suede-bottom Coach bag, someone commented that they had the same bag and they picked it up at Marshalls. Quite offended that my REAL Coach bag had such a good lookalike (or that the person was blind), but I would never buy a fake.
sandrine artemille 13 years ago
I've become a diehard tokidoki fan, and I don't think I could go with a fake one. Of course, the fakes have cheap plastic zippers instead of the big metal ones and have weird stuff like "This of Flower Spring" all over the pattern instead of Tokidoki so they're pretty obvious.

I got tricked online into a fake bag on an auction that used a picture of a real bag. The paint was peeling on the hardware and it had a rediculously strong chemical smell. That really turned me off towards wanting any fake bag.
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