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fuzzy twig [deleted] 7:01am, 2 December 2007
Well, not only bags but you know, wallets, purses and stuff like that?

Whats your stand on buying fake bags?
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Alyiena 13 years ago
i wouldn't. if would just cost you a lot of money on rips and will tend to buy more bags than usual.
kelpenhagen 13 years ago
I've bought both. I have a Marc Jacobs - it was a treat when I was away on a work trip and I use it a lot do worth every cent. But I was recently in Bangkok and picked up a fake Mui Mui bag. It's terrible quality, but a lot of fun and great for work and only cost about $20. I like my fakes to look really fake... no point pretending it's real!
robust giraffe [deleted] 13 years ago
i have bought some fake handbags,
they are cheap and have high quality
you may try here
knowing middle [deleted] 13 years ago
I buy fake stuff occasionally. I buy fake watches for the fun of having the fake and I'll tell people - "yes it's a fake" and they can't believe I have a Gucci or a Rolex for $20!

A lot of fake stuff is of very poor quality however so the answer is yes and no.
pursehappygal 13 years ago
I would take a very wide berth around fakes and avoid them like the plague.
Cheap copies are exactly that. cheap. and by the time you but another to replace your first,you could probably save up to get a good quality bag, or keep o going to get one from a reputable dealer.
knowing middle [deleted] 13 years ago
It can be hard to tell what is worth buying. Many will buy - for example - an expensive branded dress but will wear it only once before eventually donating it to charity. A cheap rip-off might not last more than a few wearings but will last long enough for the purpose for which it was intended. Only the wearer knows it;s not genuine.
ibanezzzy 13 years ago
Yah, most of the people who judge you based on what kind of bag you have are generally too dumb to realize it's a knock off.
knowing middle [deleted] 13 years ago
No. It's not just that but...

People in Britain get mugged and murdered just for the Rolexes they wear. Better just to have a cheap knock-off and keep the real stuff in the bank.
rampant expansion [deleted] Posted 13 years ago. Edited by rampant expansion (member) 13 years ago
For me, I have one Gucci White Pelham knockoff. Honestly, I haven't been finding the Gs on the Gucci attractive lately. My knockoff one looks better to me.

The knockoff holds up really well but the braided handles really digs
into the shoulders. I've asked people who have the real ones and they stated that the braided straps digs into their shoulders too.

If it weren't for my knockoff, I wouldn't know that it was such an uncomfortable bag. I wouldn't have wasted +1k on a fabric bag. If I'm going to spend that much money on one bag, it better all be made of leather or some high quality skin, not fabric. I can get a lot of nice fabric Coaches which appeal more to me with that money.

Fabric gets dirty really easily, along with light color leather so it is comforting that if there is a mark or something has spilled on it, it is a knockoff and I didn't spent loads of money for it. I have a gray Coach that has a light blue satin lining and I am always worried if the leather or the satin has been marked because the pristine look of the entire bag is ruined and a waste of a couple hundred.

My mom stated that she had a fabric bag (not designer or anything) and when she was in the crowd at the market, someone took a knife and slashed through the fabric. The stuff inside were stolen and she didn't notice anything. Fabric is fabric whether it is a Target bag, Coach or Gucci. It's makes no sense to buy the same thing at a higher rate.

So I'd say, go for the fabric and light colored knockoffs (if they are well made) and the real dark leather or, if you must, dark fabric bags.
vaneea 13 years ago
I rather spend my money on something I can afford but authentic. I can't wear anything fake with dignity.
impossible cows [deleted] 13 years ago
I have two knockoffs, and one real purse. Okay, three.

I have a real Dooney and Bourke Bucket Bag I bought off of the website, and my mom got a Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 knockoff and I got a Coach knockoff at a thriftstore, because we were new in the purse world. That night I found the Coach to be fake, and my mom's, we sent it in and they confirmed it was fake. I use it though, when it's raining and I don't want my Dooney to get wet. It broke twice. xD So now I just want real purses.
war_eagle_piccolo Posted 13 years ago. Edited by war_eagle_piccolo (member) 13 years ago
Yes! We bought fake Gucci's when we went to NYC :-O

I think it's dumb to buy really expensive purses. I have a bunch of super-cute $5 and $10 bags that are my faves.
CJensenS 11 years ago
No way. I´d never ever buy a fake bag or even use it if it was given as a gift.
Eva_Knox 10 years ago
Nowadays, it's really hard to spot a fake handbags, especially since they are made of the same materials as the original bags. There's nothing to be ashamed in wearing a replica as long as it's perfect. If you want to know more about how to spot fake handbags, check out my blog,
Rule_62 10 years ago
the answer is both yes and no- yes, if I liked the bag, I'd buy it whether it was fake or not. But if I wanted a bag that was a particular name- then I would not buy a fake one. For example- Louis Vuitton- there are lots and lots of fake Vuitton bags around- Some of them don't really even pretend to be real Vuitton- they are more in the Vuitton style than they are actual fake. If I liked one of those bags, I'd buy it. But if I really wanted a Louis Vuitton bag, then I'd buy a Louis Vuitton. I wouldn't settle for a cheaper fake. If someone asked me if my bag was real or fake- I'd tell them the truth. I wouldn't try to pass off a fake as the real thing.
How can there be any such thing as a fake Bag?

If it has a hole in the top and no hole in the bottom it is a Bag :-)

Bags and anything with a Label on the outside are just plain Tacky.

Class does not need a Label.

Hugs all

Grumpy old man
SignsOfLife/Love 9 years ago
NO! No! NO! They fund so many illegal enterprises. Most commonly: terrorism! Read up on it. #Criminology major
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