patia 5:38am, 17 January 2008
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I feel like I have spent my entire adult life searching for the ultimate purse and method of organizing it. It's getting old. I am hoping this topic will give us all a chance to share our techniques for keeping an organized bag.

My current strategy is a small shoulder bag within a larger tote bag; I keep all the must-haves in the small bag and all of the might-needs in the big bag. If I'm just running around, I take the small bag and leave the big one in the trunk of my car.

I think this strategy is OK, except that I don't like my small bag very much. I am always buying new ones and I can't seem to find one that has just the right combination and placement of pockets. Do you have the same problem? Have you found a solution? I am thinking maybe I need to forget about pockets and use a bunch of smaller bags inside the small bag.

What's your strategy?
ladyinblack1964 14 years ago
I've been looking for ultimate purse all my life, too. Always, I think I've found it, and then as I use the new item, its shortcomings reveal themselves to me!

I have to have a separate handbag in addition to the tote bag I take to work, which includes my lunch, thermos, day planner and whatever book I'm currently reading. A small bag wouldn't fit inside there.

However, a coworker never uses handbags. She keeps her wallet and other smaller items in her big tote bag and just takes them out when she's going to lunch or wherever.

One interesting bag that has pockets is called a Kangarina. They're on the Web if you Google them.

I have several handbags so I switch them when I get sick of them. Usually my problem is that they're too small!

Good luck to you in your quest. Keep me posted!!!
MandyEC 14 years ago
i bought this bag organizer--it's this tiny nylon bag with a lot of compartments. so it's supposed to keep my bag clean & organized and keep my junk in just one place, the wallet & mobile phone separate, but it's still a mess! haha.
beautiful insect [deleted] 14 years ago
I have a modular approach since I switch between bags a lot. I organize my stuff into smaller organizer pouches and some of these even go into slightly larger bags. I end up with about four small bags - writing stuff (pens, notebooks, markers), electronics (mp3 player, cables, earphones, batteries, camera), computer stuff (portable hard drive, cables, memory sticks), and art supplies (sketchbook, watercolor set). I try to use mesh or clear bags where I can and color-coded ones (Waterfield and Tom Bihn make some good ones) where I can't.

I continue to look for an ultimate murse but until I find it, I just keep moving these four little bags around.
patia 14 years ago
Ladyinblack: Yes, that is exactly it -- I think I've found the perfect bag, but then over time its shortcomings become more and more annoying! I found the Kangarina website and will check it out, thank you so much for the suggestion. I have found a lot of sites that let you design your own handbag, but unfortunately they are mostly about fabric. I think it would be perfect if there were a design-your-own site that let you choose from different modules and put them into one bag.

MandyAllen: Do you know who makes your bag? It sounds interesting.

Vicandwilliam: (Murse? Is that a man-purse?) I like your idea of smaller bags for separate categories of items. I recently found this zipper pouch on eBags and am intrigued by the idea of using it as a wallet.

Thanks for the ideas! Keep 'em coming!
substantial reading [deleted] 14 years ago
I always prefer bags with lots of pockets. It's easier to keep everything organized. The downside is --that's why I never find any suitable hand bag/purse. I end up with bakpacks and messengers.
redhead_rachel 14 years ago
I make sure I clean out the rubbish once a week- receipts and other such detritus.
I'm ashamed to say that that is about it!
kensch 14 years ago
Bags in bags.

I user some see-through pouches (from Eagle Creek, Outdoor Research, etc) to group like items.
berserk sheet [deleted] 14 years ago
Just throw everything in there.
Important stuff will eventually make its way to the top of the bag and things you dont need work their way to the bottom.
Every week or so reach in, take a lucky dip and throw the rubbish away.
patia 14 years ago
Farah: Yes, I'd prefer to have lots of pockets, too. I just can't ever seem to find a bag that has the right combination of pockets for my stuff.

Rachel: That is excellent advice! I wish I could get in the habit of cleaning out my bag once a week.

Kensch: I'm increasingly thinking that is the way to go. Short of making my own bag, anyway.

Monkey: Nooo!!! :-) I go insane when I can't easily access what I need.
sparkleponies 14 years ago
I just bought a medium "purseket" purse organizer off of ebay.

I think it should be the answer to my purse-organization issues... It's not really that I'm disorganized- I just carry a lot of stuff and I hate when I can't find what I'm looking for right away. Plus, I switch bags all the time...

Anyway, I think it will probably work for me! Look it up if you haven't heard of it! : )
patia 14 years ago
Hmm, I actually have a Purseket. It didn't really work for me. I think it's a great idea, but the pockets are sort of slim so it's hard to get stuff in them without two hands.

(I know -- picky, picky!)

I hope it works for you, though.
kensch 14 years ago

It really works for me... One clothing cube for a gym visit or clothes for work (depending), a spare cloth bag for grocery shopping, a pouch for important (loose) papers and maps, a bag for the electronics (iPod & earphones).

Everything else goes into the built-in pockets.
dewayne smith 14 years ago
I usually place all the items in the bag, then shake and place in the oven which has been preheated to 350°F.

Oh, we're not talking about roasting beef.

My bag has lot of pockets, what doesn't fit in the smaller pockets go in the larger pockets, and the stuff that doesn't go in those, goes into one of the two main compartments.

Although, one of the two main compartments are meant for Apple notebooks, but whatever.
patia 14 years ago
Kensch: Sounds brilliant. I love the idea of having your gym clothes in a cube. I've always seemed to need a different bag for each of my "lives" -- work, school, gym, pool, hikes, grocery shopping, laptop to the cafe, going out at night .... And yet, even with all that effort to be organized, I still end up with the wrong stuff in the wrong place.

Dewayne: Sounds like Shake 'N' Bake to me. (Do they still make that stuff?) Do you carry the same big bag everywhere?

See, I'm trying to optimize my bag so that I carry only what I need with me at any given time. I've recently realized that I'm becoming "crooked" from carrying a huge, heavy bag on my left side all the time. I've also been shrinking. It's a little scary.
yearofthegurl Posted 14 years ago. Edited by yearofthegurl (member) 14 years ago
I still havent found the perfect solution or strategies either patia. I keep complaining about each purse i have, yet i can't live without them. I suppose nothing's ever made to be perfect in this world.
wingnut4ever 14 years ago
Don't even get me started! I've decided that THE PERFECT bag simply does not exist for me.
I got an OK tote bag from Target last Fall that has a bunch of different pockets and slots and I've been using that faithfully since I purchased it, but I still list to the port side because it is a large tote bag and I tend to carry everything with me that I think I might need during the course of my workday.
On the weekends, I'll switch to a regular "normal" handbag because schlepping this totebag around on the weekends just isn't possible (unless I got wheels put on it!). And sometimes I'll just carry a wristlet that I got as an extra with my Dooney & Bourke bag .... just because I get so durn tired of carrying this tote bag.
patia 14 years ago
You know, I'm starting to think I need to open my own business selling customize-your-own, modular bags.

Too bad I can't sew.
*janine* 14 years ago
After yeeaaarrrsss of searing i finally fond the sort of perfect bag.. I say sort of because sometimes I still find myself rummaging around for things.
but maybe that's just because I stuff to much in the bag. All sorts of thing I think I "might" need.
Maybe ther isn't one perfect bag..but a perfect bag for every occasion.
I did once get a very good tip..put alle your stuff in seperate little bags and asses what you need for every occasion. Then throw those bags in the bag you are going to take..
Or maybe the awnser is just to carry around less stuff..;)
patia 14 years ago
Kittycat, what kind of bag is it???

While scouring eBags, Zappos and eBay, I discovered some Fossil and Brighton organizer purses that I rather like. The Fossil Sutton organizer, in particular, seems to be pretty popular, judging by the bidding wars on eBay. I'm leaning toward the Brighton "Mila's Heart" model, though ... .

But damn, they aren't cheap. Upwards of 130 bucks, which I realize is cheap in the world of designer handbags, but I don't play that game. However, I will pay top-dollar for quality and something that will serve my needs for years to come.

I also found this guy who made his own leather bag. It's pretty awesome. I'm thinking about making one out of denim as a prototype. I would have to pay someone to do the sewing for me, but it might be worth it to finally have the perfect bag.

Hmmm ....
hospitable suggestion [deleted] 14 years ago
i use s smll black puch for putting all the cables etc in then i use what was originally a surf stash ouch made by dakine as an organizer for all sorts of stuf the little things that float about, adaptors lip balm meds etc the rest just gets slung in however most of the other items such as camera ipod etc have their own pouches
blueberryhorse 14 years ago
hi everyone! you might want to check out this one.. c",)

what's in a bag

hope that helped! c",)
Shellbellz 14 years ago
Because there is no such thing as the perfect bag, (it varies for everyone) this will be a lifelong challenge. Accept it, go with it,keep your eyes open for possibilities and dont get disheartened when something doesnt work for you. Its all part of lifes interesting pallette.
Seditious Canary 14 years ago
I usually try to pack as few things as possible and focus of a good way of packing the things I always carry. The bag I carry the most is a Timbuk2 bag while riding my bike, and I always carry a bunch of tools, spare tubes, pump, lock, pens, markers, pencils, and paper. I have a rag which I roll up my tools in, which is organized so the tools I am most likely to need are on the outside, and least likely to need as you move toward the center of the roll. I use a Velcro strap to keep it from coming undone, and a canvas bag I got a stem in to hold my tubes and patch kit. I also modified my bag to hold my lock on the outside and in a way that keeps it from bonking into my leg when riding. I can stuff a lot of other stuff into it, but it's always got those items in it. I have pictures here.
emerybook 14 years ago
my sister has gotten so frustrated with this quest (which her & i have had forever) that she has resorted to using brown paper gift bags with the little handles on them. sadsadsad. i carry a satchel from target that i like okay, it has 4 outer pouches, 2 zipper pouches inside, and a big zipper pouch in the flap(which is nice in theory, but if you actually put something in there, it flops in a very weird and uncomfortable to carry sort of way), and then the large compartment inside. my quest is actually the perfect my bag/diaper bag combo. i'm pretty sure it doesn't exist, but man it would be lovely to carry desitin, wipes, toy robots, journal, wallet, and camera all together, living peacefully in the same bag. sigh.
outstanding vessel [deleted] 14 years ago
I definitely think that pockets are the key to keeping the bag organized. If yours doesn't have pockets that fit your needs, and if commercial purse organizers don't fit your stuff, it really is very simple to make your own. You don't have to be an expert seamstress - it's all straight lines, and they really don't have to be all that straight. The advantage is that you can lay out the stuff that you carry and make pockets of exactly the right size. Plus, you'd still be able to use it with all of your other bags, so your stuff would always be organized. The pocket organizer would keep most of your items secure around the inside wall of the bag, and you'd still have the space in the middle for larger items.

You can find simple tutorials by doing a quick Flickr or internet search.
patia 14 years ago
Seditious Canary (that's a great name!): Wow, you carry a lot of tools. I know lots of people like messenger bags, but I find them frustrating because the flap gets in my way. I want to be able to access everything easily without taking the bag off.

Emery: That's great, I love your sister's "solution." I think I've hit a chord with this topic -- people are frustrated with their bags. I really think there's a market for real, build-your-own modular bags. Sadly, I don't have the time or skills to pursue it ....

Drv: Thanks for the ideas and encouragement on making your own bag. I was just about to do that when I found someone on Etsy who is going to make me a custom bag. I'm so excited!!! I will let you all know how it goes.
patia 14 years ago
Hey Blueberry, that's a neat insert -- thanks for sharing!

Shellbelz: Your approach is wonderfully Zen. Sadly, I'm way too much of a control freak! I am determined! :-)
paintedbooklady 14 years ago
I keep a lot of smaller bags for everything that gets lost in there.
patia 14 years ago
I was just about to try that. But of course, I'd have to have all color-coordinated bags ..... :-)
Shellbellz 14 years ago
~Patia~ have you ever read the book 'Who Moved My Cheese' ? It might help.
patia 14 years ago
Yes, I have read it. It was cute. Adaptability is indeed a valuable trait.

A book I really identify with is "The Highly Sensitive Person." From the web site:

"Being an HSP means your nervous system is more sensitive to subtleties. ... Your brain processes information and reflects on it more deeply.

"Being an HSP also means, necessarily, that you are more easily overstimulated, stressed out, overwhelmed."

I get stressed out when I am standing at a supermarket checkout and can't easily access the credit card I need. Or when I'm driving and can't find my sunglasses. Or have a drippy nose and realize I left my kleenex in my other bag.

And I think those things ought to be within my control. I love figuring out systems to make my life simpler and more efficient.
mlle_bleue 14 years ago
• Bag insert with compartments.
• Never put in the bag things you don't use.
• Take everything out of the bag in ther evening and only put back what belongs there.
patia 14 years ago
Mlle Bleue, what kind of bag insert do you have?
sjoerd_reverda 14 years ago
I have a notebook bag, which is very easy. Just putt everything in a separate compartment. Books and paper in one, notebook in another, cables + food in another. Random crap and alcohol in another. Usually I carry a large backpack with me as well, in which I put tools and car parts. Often my third bag is filled with photography equipment, or heavy books that dont fit in my notebook bag are in there.
Zelda Halo 14 years ago
just throw everything there BUT in an organized way ;P

It works for me!
patia 14 years ago
What's a notebook bag?

Alcohol? You carry a flask or something?

Car parts?!
Hollytron 14 years ago
My strategy has one simple, answer: tokidoki for LeSportsac. (Most bags.)

I carry a Zucca. Good, roomy, size for the main pocket, inside pocket for phone, elastic strap with carabiner for keys/wallet/iPod case in the main pocket (so you just grab the elastic and it fishes out the stuff stuck to the carabiner and the carabiner locks!), then there's a smaller zipped pocket on the inside where I keep small things like mints and medicine. And, a small but good sized pocket on the outside where I keep my comb, brush, and chapstick (sometimes a pen finds its way in there or something, too).

tokidoki for Lesportsac for the win. Automatic purse organization.
patia 14 years ago
I've carried LeSportsac cosmetic bags for years. They're great. That carabiner sounds interesting!
sjoerd_reverda 14 years ago

for my school I visit a LOT of companies. It is decent to bring some kind of present for services provided free of charge. So we get bottles of wine or whatever.

For the race team I am manager of for school, we always are busy :) Car parts of all kinds are carried home for further work in the weekends. We dont have like a lathe on school, but i do at home ! Quite handy !

A notebook bag is sometime like this example:

Business man style ! Ideal to protect your crap and carry it along in busy subways etcetera !
Ssupytalp 14 years ago
Trouble is, what is 'perfect' one moment can be un-perfect the next...
One minute I might want to use a big, roomy, slouchy bag that doesn't weigh much, which usually means it's made out of cotton or canvas or something - but then I get caught in a downpour, and everything gets soaked, and I'll absolutely *need* a completely waterproof bag.

But those tend to be rigid, and rather heavy, and feel too cumbersome on a nice sunny day... etc etc.

I now have a system (more or less) of a tiny bag inside a big bag; actually, I have two tiny bags, one bigger than the other depending on the size of the big bag. ;-)
I keep smaller stuff (passport, pen & small notebook, painkillers, tiny strip of gum, some shea butter, safety pins, condom, contact lense case etc) in one of those, and put it in whichever big bag I'm using.
Phone, wallet etc can also go in the tiny bag when I don't feel like using the big one, but for easier access they're usually in a compartment of the big bag.

In theory, I can just take the tiny bag - but usually I carry the big one anyway, with my journal, a book, etc.

I also have a little pouch from Chickenpox at Etsy, with handy-but-not-essential stuff (hairclip, glue stick, perfume sample, Buff, granola bar, tea bag, etc) that I switch from big bag to big bag.
They're the things that are not necessary to have when getting groceries or going to a restaurant or something, but make a long day at work or out and about much more comfortable.

@ Patia, which is the Etsy seller that's making a custom bag for you?

Etsy is a *great* place to find custom stuff; a lot of the people there are really into making something just-right for you.

Of course, I tend to fall in love with bags that are completely impractical, but just look so nice that I use them anyway... ;-)
mlle_bleue 14 years ago
My sister, the leather worker, is making a leather over-the-shoulder tote for me, with specialized compartments for what I usually carry, sized to my specifications. I can't wait. She started yesterday.
peyton_dt 14 years ago
I basically have a pouch for everything in my bag so I can carry everything regardless the size, since most of my bags are huge anyway: I carry my lotion, hand sanitizer, and mirror in a cosmetic case. I have a make-up bag for, well...make-up. I have a lipsick caddy that carries three to five lipsticks and lipglosses. There's a pouch used for carrying stamps, postits, train map and receipts. Then finally, I have a blue vinyl envelope like pouch used for papers for the car, bills, etc. I have manicure set, too.
Of course there's the wallet and the change purse which I usually keep in the zip compartment in the back of the bag, since this carries my change and dollars. Since most contemporary bags have cell phone pockets, the cell phone is kept in this pocket and if there are two cell phone pockets, I keep my electronic organizer in the other one. The only loose things in my bag is an Altoids tin and glue stick, which I only use if I'm sending some snail mail. Everything else has a home in one of these pouches. :)
Greg Williamson 14 years ago
ha ha - i just have a big bag and throw everything in there.
jittery ear [deleted] 14 years ago
When I buy a new bag I prefer the big :) Because it's easy to put notebooks, books, pensil cases and school things. I do a little list with what I will go put in the bag, because sometimes I forget important things.
P.S: sorry by my baaad english, Brazilian girl here.
Shellbellz 14 years ago
~Patia~ I'll try find that book-'The Highly Sensitive Person'-from your quick synopsis I do recognise a few little traits about myself that fit the description.For instance, 5 days ago I lost one of my favourite earrings-a gift from a relative- and went into a downward spiral over it. Tears, tantrums, the whole works. No-one could possibly be good enough to help find it for me. Well, surprisingly, my behaviour did not help find this wayward earring. It turned up a 3 days later outside on the ground by the clothesline. Soooo lucky! Stressed out ? Overwhelmed? Definately! Over one earring. (but I'm thrilled I found it)
Hows the handbag organising going?
So over it! 14 years ago
Well use to have a friend that kept it nice and tighty for me, boy do I miss him, since he moved to Orgeon!!! Help, there has been a tornado in my purse!!!
Goddess Findings Posted 14 years ago. Edited by Goddess Findings (member) 14 years ago
Im the bag queen -in that I LOVE bags, and let me tell you, I have everything from a large Chloe tote, to a faux snake clutch made out of pvc or something from Target.

The Chloe tote is LARGE enough for file folders and papers to grade so i sometimes carry this as my bag when I give workshops- but MAN is it heavy by the time I get all of my teaching stuff CD's etc in there. I can bearly lift it! The many divisions of the bag were great in theory, but I literally get lost in the bag BECAUSE of the divisions, and IF I am not religious about putting things back where they are supposed to go, which of course, as hard as I try, I am NOT.

This summer I bought an Anthroplogy BIG tote, in lapis blue leather (they sold them in bright yellow and white as well) and I carried a HUGE load of books and music etc while teaching in Spain, but the shoulder strap was too thin for heavy loads, and I used instead the tote handles, which were sturdy, and ok, but too short to put over shoulder. Still the bag looked great and got raves. This bag would be best filled with clothes and lots of light things, then you could use the shoulder strap.


For every day, I change purses alot. I ended up selling a Fendi spy bag because the thing has nary a pocket in there even for the cell phone, and it ended up being one big dumping bucket- all dark and scarey, So, Fendi or not, i got rid of it.

I find that if I have a fabulous WALLET , and right sized cosmetic bag, I can live with any bag, as long as I keep my cosmetics pared down to only essentials--something that took me over two decades to learn to do and I'm not that old. I also must have my pen, my little notebook, and a place to put my cell phone and the rest i leave up to the wind. If I can find the core items and they are organized within themselves, I let everything else get unruly and I don't completely loose my mind.
There is an art to being able to reach into a messy bag and pull out exactly what you need with little rummaging, and I'd say I've gotten pretty good at it. If the bag hinders me in being able to do this in any way, I find I don't wear it, and often return it- because it's bad feng shui to constantly be frustrated by your bag. It's bad enough you have to lug it around.

For the cosmetic bag, I found the perfect little hot pink reptile/croc embossed leather at a dept store in Spain. Its perfect in every way and looks tres rich and tres chic-- it s little, but somehow roomy and big enough for all the essentials while still being light and compact. OOoooo!
I love stocking up on tiny versions of everything I like to have with me--- which include mini sized vials of essential oils, pheremone potion, tiny pots of Philosophy solid frangrance, one application sized vials of contact solution tiny tubes of my fav. lotions, a cuticle wand, mini scissors, pill box with several chicklets of that weird natural gum from whole foods (always keeps the teeth clean let me tell ya), a nail clipper cause long nails make me insane, a hand made slide open mirror made of wood, charms, mini hair pick , mini tube of antisceptic cream, body shop face botting papers, band aids, a packet or two of Stevia, Shout towelette, alcohol towelette, bug repellent towelettes in the summer, a tiny vial of tea tree oil, and two extra tea bags-- various other items as needed. I also keep credit card sized affirmation cards in there for setting my mind straight if I get zapped by something negative. All this sound like alot, but its not. And somehow, I manage to keep this little bag pristinely organized . When I change puses in a hurry in the morning i know if I
have my wallet an my pink cosmetic bag, I'll survive anything. I carry a compact of MAC Studio Fix powder separately, my lip sticks go in the inside pocket, and that's it.

My favorite bag of all, because i can count on it to make me feel the MOT organized is a retro looking Latico bag bought at a little boutique a few years ago about 300 bucks the best money ever spent! It has an adorable vintage fabric on the inside kind of sear sucker like with vintage flowers, and is LIGHT, yet stylish, yet roomy, yet organized. big enough for my wafer thin Ferrari laptop, and a boatload of papers and files, while keep my personal stuff organized.
I dont have to zip it closed and I still look polished.

I'll take some pics and post them on the site. soon. This is a FUN topic, thanks for sharing all!
steven t. 14 years ago
i just carry 4-5 plastics in a single 1cm thick wallet... =]
anberlinne Posted 14 years ago. Edited by anberlinne (member) 14 years ago
as i realized, the smaller bag, the more organized bag.
i always try to find a bag, thats not too big for the stuff i wanna carry.
it helps a lot to keep your things organized.

and the "bag in bag" idea really works, just think about a wallet or a make up bag.
1. empty the bag
2. put everything (the content) in a bin
3. clean the bag
4. have regrets
5. empty the bin
6. put everything in the (cleaned) bag
7. etc.
patia Posted 14 years ago. Edited by patia (member) 14 years ago
I finally, finally have my perfect purse:

My new custom purse by Happy Kat Designs

The discussion here prompted me to go to Etsy and find a wonderful seller, Happy Kat Bags, to make a custom bag for me. I am thrilled!!!

More pictures and information here.

It is so nice to have everything I need with me -- and nothing more -- and to have it all within easy reach.

aaronrussin 14 years ago
dump everything out of your bag, everyday and take pictures of it. that's my advice ;)
BeccaG 14 years ago
The perfect bag is something we strive for but never achieve.
Busy Me 14 years ago
I like the pockets/slip ins in the Healthy Back bag . . . by Ameribag, also sold by LL Bean. It's not a fashion statement, but LOTS of storage space. :)
Shellbellz 14 years ago
Congrats ~Patia~ on finding your perfect purse. Perhaps not such a lifelong challenge, but more a good research excercise.
What I'm interested in is this: did ~Mlle Bleue~ get that customised leather bag made for her by her sister?
A pic of it on here would be nice.
Yours in anticipation.
Cannelle et Vanille 14 years ago
Bags in bags. Always works and it makes it that much easier to change handbags.
femurbreak 14 years ago
"I have to have a separate handbag in addition to the tote bag I take to work" I do this also, I have a tote for things like my diary and whatever and then I have 3 others for everything else. I sometimes take more than one sometimes I use one, woaaaaah
patia 14 years ago
I am still loving my bag -- it's the perfect size, so easy to access everything. I'm having her make me a larger, convertible backpack/tote, too. Yay!
grandma7 14 years ago
Huge bag - sore shoulders
Medium bag with a lot of pockets - seemed ok
Tried a Fossil organizer bag for Europe trip - love it and use it at home. Room for my cards and money, so no need for a wallet. Space inside is fine for meds, phone, hairbrush, coin purse, small technology [camera, memory card, flashlight, iPod). Keep my lip stuff in the outside pocket on the other side. Only downside, can't change bags to go with outfits but so what - it's black!
hibiscus101 14 years ago
i tend to use a bag until it dies or i start to hate it. as far as organizing goes, i always buy a bag with a small zipper pocket for my "needs" ie.e tampons, extra key to the car, etc. i have a purse with lil pockets for my cellphone and my camera. i have a fantastic wallett with a check book in it so that suts down on alot of clutter for me and i keep a mini file folder full of coupons so that i dont have cut up things floating in my purse.
patia 14 years ago
Yeah, I don't really get the whole "match your bag to your outfit" thing. I want one bag that goes with everything. I have more important things to do than change out my purse every day. And more important things to spend my money on!

But to each their own.
Seditious Canary 14 years ago
I have a pretty simple strategy.

Don't Carry Things You Don't Need: Kind of a no brainer, but ask the average person to dump out their bag, and you'd be amazed how much extra crap they have.
Carry staples: Have a core set you always carry and need. Other things may come and go, but these are things you cannot live without.
Wrap, Roll, and Bag It: Having a lot of small stuff in the bottom of your bag sucks. I have a bag or roll-up for everything smaller than a cell phone which I don't use as often as a cell phone. Makes the core set easier to manage too.

You can see some of this here:
super noise [deleted] Posted 14 years ago. Edited by super noise (member) 14 years ago
organized bag?

I just try to "purge it" when it feels too heavy.
I too am always on the search for "the perfect bag" and I think ive found it (the mini puddle jumper)
Its big enough to hold everything i need without looking huge and it has lots of compartments and pockets so I can find everything fast and stay organized.
I also have the moped mesenger bag in black, for when im just going out for short trips and need only the essentials.

also, check out you can design your own bag! I dont have one yet, but a friend of mine does and they are great!
patia 14 years ago
That Lug camper bag looks really great. Thanks for sharing.

I am still loving my Happy Kat bag; it is just so perfectly organized for my needs. I've also traveled several times with it now and am amazed at how it expands to carry so much.

And my matching backpack/tote is on the way. I'm so excited!
muddled jewel [deleted] 14 years ago
i have a area at home that holds everything that frequents my bag, when i get home at night i empty said bag, when i get up i have a quick think about what i may need for the day whilst eating my breakfast, then throw it all in and away i go. by doing this i dont carry things i dont need that day and it makes the bag that little bit lighter and more organized, it has served me well so far.
patia 14 years ago
That's a good idea. I have a "landing/launching pad" area that I keep my purse, but I don't really have room to empty it.

I am, however, loving my two custom-designed bags!
Klee Bruce 9 years ago
Don't have one :-)
xvictoriajordan 9 years ago
I find that lululemon always had bags with tons of pockets! They even have of them labeled, although they are quite expensive if you are willing to pay for it, they have great bags! I personally don't have one but I'm considering buying the Take Me With You Tote for school. Plus I love the fact they are all waterproof!
SignsOfLife/Love 9 years ago
Put things where they go
Try NOT to get/keep receipts- email if possible
Use a cosmetic bag for all the small stuff
Use the pockets more frequently
---this works %50 of the time lol---
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