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regular art [deleted] 11:22pm, 13 June 2008
Mine is a Converse messenger bag. :)
(well the one i am using now is but i have quite a few)
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elena, 14 years ago
I have so many bags, but the ones I use most frequently are Lesportsac. (:
Meg.M 14 years ago
The bag I am using now is from Old Navy.
Darrell Harden 14 years ago
I use two. One is a Wenger computer bag, and the other is a Timbuk2 messenger bag.
Miss Foxeh 14 years ago
the one im useing at the moment is paul frank!
mighty moon [deleted] 14 years ago
I'm using my Betsey Johnson, but I'll probably change my bag tomorrow.... :)
Lt. Cobretti 14 years ago
mine is a Dickies brand messenger bag!! woot!!
muddled jewel [deleted] 14 years ago
i have a collection that i use at the moment etnies backpack, circa backpack, quicksilver mini messenger thing, gravis mini messenger thing, nike holdall. i use them all at least once a week the quicksilver one gets stolen by my mrs quite often aswell.
foodie polly 14 years ago
The two I am currently using are the market bag by moop (of etsy) and a One Teaspoon freebie from Cleo (I bought the mag for the bag O_o).

I'm "resting" my Crumpler messenger after 10 years of service.
vintagemnstrs 14 years ago
The bag I'm using right now is Tano and its my favorite
CoreyWoodruff 14 years ago
Glenn Cronkhite, Crumpler, Burton
adventurous fold [deleted] 14 years ago
i am obsessed with timbuk2--love the bags and the wallets.
punk rock prom queen 14 years ago
the one im using at the moment is one that i made myself but more often than not i use one of my tommy&kate bags, i just love them
Lomara 14 years ago
This week I bought a bright teal Hurley canvas tote which I really like, plus two backpacks and a Harvey seatbelt bag. I really like the Timbuk2's Eula tote too, but don't own one yet.
portobelleza 14 years ago
My new fave is by Baby Phat, bought it just over a month ago.
genevievelepine 14 years ago
Two of my bags are by Metro.
chunghow33 14 years ago
second-hand fold [deleted] 14 years ago
OBEY, lesportsac, kate spade, a bunch of random urban outfitters bags, etc.
bamzilla 14 years ago
Right now mine is a Tinsley Blake.
IvanRomero Posted 14 years ago. Edited by IvanRomero (member) 14 years ago
As of late, I have been using my Maxpedition Falcon II pack as my EDC bag.
richL. 14 years ago
Louis Vuitton Neverfull PM monogram.
Shellbellz 14 years ago
Not so much the brand for me, as the style of the thing. At the mo, its my REALLY old black leather Oroton which I customised by cutting out that annoying centre divider piece. Its much better now.
mahalobeauty 14 years ago
Right now Guess.. next week LV Speedy <3
superlocal 14 years ago
Muji (rainy days)
Wood Wood (social & shopping)
Crumpler (laptop days)
liezlwashere 14 years ago
today, I'm using a red suede coach bag.
my daily one is my bright yellow banana republic flatiron satchel.

my only prerequisite with purses is that it fit my canon rebel. ;)
harusday 14 years ago
mook, lesportsac and mmmg.
violet profit [deleted] 14 years ago
i am using a Husky tool bag from Home Dept.
no other 'bags' fit my needs.
keb375 14 years ago
My most used is my Timbuk2, followed by my fake-ostrich nana bag.
Jenn C. 14 years ago
Am carrying a Target bag right now, but will be switching to one of my D&B's shortly. I always look at bags, especially if I go to Target or Macy's - total handbag 'ho here!
Jenn C. 14 years ago
P.S. liezl: LOVE that Banana Republic bag!
MissVee 14 years ago
I got alot but Im kinda stuck on my Marc Ecko bag right now. I just holds all the stuff I gotta carry around :)
jessek 14 years ago
cloistered apparel [deleted] Posted 14 years ago. Edited by cloistered apparel (member) 14 years ago
I have a few bags:

Cycling = North Face Rucksack
Work/Light Photography = Crumpler Satchel
General = Mandarina Duck Satchel
Travel Bag = Manhattan Portage Satchel
Heavy Photography = Gap Denim Satchel

My fave has to be my Crumpler Satchel...A nuclear strike wouldn't take that bad-boy out!
Ramin's 14 years ago
i have a Super Mario bros 3 shoulder bag :P 14 years ago
Ok, I admit...I am addicted :-)
I have about 10 bags (working ones & messenger).
8 The Bridge.
1 Wayfarer.
1 Pao Ding (Chinese brand bought in China. I preferred this than to buy a fake one, there were so many...)
Mei Todd 14 years ago
all mine are made of cloth, no brands...
jojonas~ 14 years ago
generic red
super mario bros mushroom
and now a yellow super lovers bag~<3
SilverTurtle 14 years ago
I change bags all the time. Mine are mostly just cheap bags - totes, messenger, backpack. I was digging a small laptop bag made by columbia that my stepdad gave me - it converts from messenger style to backpack style for a long time. But I broke out an old, old Eastpak backpack last weekend for a festival and am in love what that thing right now. It's tough and waterproof, after all these years.
azizer 14 years ago
A yellow Banana Republic waxed cotton tote, got it last summer :)
animedolls 14 years ago
I have a couple of Kipling bags that i like to switch around :)
superstargirl 14 years ago
i've been using my lesportsac tokidoki for a while now. :) i actually want a new one :D
Zelda Halo 14 years ago
simply LV
nondescript step [deleted] 14 years ago
hmm right now i'm using a coach
bite-sized shape [deleted] Posted 14 years ago. Edited by bite-sized shape (member) 14 years ago
During Assignments my Northface rucksack and the Lowepro StealthReporter (Of course, I make a living with my camera(s))

On Fashion/Studio Shoots/ Same messenger bag but Domke Camera bags.
Lomara 14 years ago
I'm partial to bags that are utilitarian and sturdy and easy to clean, so currently I carry a small canvas army messenger bag. When I need to carry a laptop and accessories, I switch to either a larger army messenger bag, or a Hurley backpack.

When I'm going out, I prefer my little Harvey's seatbelt bag. It's still sturdy and easy to clean. I see more Harvey's bags in my future.
Tiane ♥ 14 years ago
I'm using an H&M bag right now =)
eclairre 14 years ago
sanrio :P
Colin N. 14 years ago
An old swiss army messenger for day to day lunch/coat carrying.

My other one is a WWII British cloth satchel.
ambie_d_d26 14 years ago
One I'm using right now is an over sized satchel from Dickie's.

My favorite is a mini metro messenger from Timbuk2
drewly 14 years ago
Orange Freitag messenger bag with a big blue letter n on it. The bag is mad from a recycled truck tarp and a seatbelt for the strap. My camera fits perfectly in the front pocket .
al-noof 14 years ago
i'm using now ( Fendi)
jaymiek 13 years ago
I have wayyy too many bags. I use bike panniers (do those count as bags?) a few different MEC bags... my two main purses are matt & nat and yak pak.
♥mabeliita♥ 13 years ago
The one I´m currently using is MNG from Mango.
sunchildrunswild 13 years ago
I'm using my brown Dorothy Perkins shoulder bag these days. It's practical and goes mostly with my outfits. Love it! :)
accurate property [deleted] 13 years ago
My coach one
Poisonistic 13 years ago
I'm currently using my Loop NYC/III Parcel Bag.
Amanda <3 13 years ago
American Eagle
ILIGHT 13 years ago
Today's is a (generic) free-be from The Weather Channel.
carolineeeelizabeth 13 years ago
Marc by Marc Jacobs Heidi Bag. I love it! :)
J0D1 PR1C3 13 years ago
Forever21 bag. It fits my camera bag plus everything else I need perfectly inside. :)
tobywuk 13 years ago
north face backpack

TechAir laptop messenger bag

Lowepro slingshot DSLR bag
MKCardwell 13 years ago
LowePro Fastpack 250
today ... coach
psyder 13 years ago
gas masque 13 years ago
I'm cheap, so I bought my messenger bag thing at Walmart.

eastport, haha.
legalnonresident 13 years ago
I have 2 timbuk2 messengers. 1 custom laptop messenger and 1 classic messenger. I got the classic messenger for 50% off during a sale at a local retailer.

Timbuk2 bags are expensive, but hands down the best 2 bags I have ever owned. I guess you get what you pay for. More recently, I have been looking into Kata bags for a new camera bag.
xfancy 13 years ago
I'm using a brown H&M bag right now
elifem 13 years ago
I'm a bag whore!
I love me some bags: I sport them all, on occasion.
I love messenger styles(cross body) the best.
I recently purchased a Channel and wear it to death!
goddessofxanadu 13 years ago
I love the beautiful handmade bags you can buy in India and Nepal, hours of work go into them, they are so beautiful and cost so little.

I hate the whole brand thing, its ugly and out of control.
Pamsku 13 years ago
Carpisa from Italy for shopping

Crumpler Messenger for outings
captcreate 13 years ago
Marissa Whipple 13 years ago
I change my bag quite often. But, right now, I'm using a bag I bought in Mexico. Handmade :]
72feetabovesealevel 13 years ago
Chrome and Tom Bihn
fuchsia_girl 13 years ago
I change bags often. Right now I'm using the black Girbaud bag.
hello rach 13 years ago
Almost always Orla Kiely and then cheap cotton bags with nice designs for extras like a lunchbag or spare shoes.
feeble grape [deleted] 13 years ago
i use a dickies messenger bag ( but mine is royal blue, and covered in patches and the accumulated dirt and grime of six years!
Ms. Alisha 13 years ago

My laptop is in my lime green Timbuk2 and my purse is the Orla Kiely crocus bag.


Louis Vuitton Speedy


Betseyville by Betsey Johnson Gym Bag
Target reusable tote


Envirosax reusable bags. (they roll up really small and function as shopping bags. They're super handy.)
hallowed hat [deleted] 13 years ago
I always love The North Face bags for it's easy to carry and lots of pocket. They have different design and colors to choose from.
Cowtown Andy 13 years ago
I use a Chrome Mini Metro for my normal day jaunts, and a domke camera bag when I'm out for a major photo shoot.

What's In My Bag by Cowtown Andy
Godiva06 13 years ago
a jansport tote
gngabriel_78 13 years ago
craiglea123 13 years ago
Chrome messenger bag for cycling. Nothing else is quite so comfortable or stable.
bballchico 13 years ago
daily bike grind and yellow timbuk2
have 2 other timbuk2 for just the writing photo outs-all brown and red/white
nikkole! 13 years ago
my day bag right now is from agnès b.
bagluvah 13 years ago
my bag right now is lv papillon 26
da bag dat am useing now .. iz adidas .. but it woz Lacost .. !

but soon it's goin to be ELLE .. Luv it
RaY'z 13 years ago
roxy and mango as a messenger pack
nike & samsonite & jansport as backpack... easy to use...
Jenny Goodfellow 13 years ago
I use a Ducti Deployment messenger for work and day-to-day, or an Eastpak "Tattoo Padded Pak'r". For hiking or outdoors stuff I use a Karrimor Airspace 25 which has a handy waterproof cover :)
LeP'titಠ_ಠ 13 years ago
I have many but they are all cheap from normal shop like H&M and such and many were from thrift shops/market.The ting is that they have to be huge!
judicious mist [deleted] 13 years ago
The one from my picture is from Old Navy.
r e n a t a 13 years ago
Miu Miu!
melojelo16 13 years ago
I have several American Eagle bags, and also recently i got a laptop messenger from Timbuk2
Castaway in Scotland 13 years ago
Oh, I've got so many, I'm sure I couldn't name them all. I've got loads of Suzy Smith ones, as I love the bright colours. I've got quite a few Kurt Geigers as they are really funky. Claire Langfords are quite pretty and practical. What else? Couple Hullabaloos and Custard Shops for fun, Ripcurl, Eastpak, Billabong, Lois, heavens, I honestly can't remember. I get most at charity shops for a few quid or maybe TK Maxx if I'm feeling flush. Best buy was a medium black leather Radley rucksack for three quid! Beat that one! :-)
lise.charmel 13 years ago
I used to change bag basically everyday according to my outfits. last year I bought a LV small neverfull bag and now it goes with me everywhere. I love it. I really throw it anywhere and it still looks perfect. I just change it in special occasions and to go out at night.
I also have a YSL Muse: I call it the "presidential bag" :) and I use it basically for special business days
hard-to-find thought [deleted] 13 years ago
I've got a Timbuk2.

For a while I was considering which brand I liked the most, and I was just about to order a custom RELoad. But I found my XL Classic Messenger for $40 (new!) after shipping, so I bought it as a temporary bag. I'd had a medium messenger before and had a good experience.

As I went back to buy the RELoad after a while, I realized I couldn't justify the price tag because I already had my TImbuk2.

This could have been a one word answer, couldn't it have? :(
Hena A 13 years ago
rite now i'm using marc jacobs :)
itchy store [deleted] 13 years ago
I couldn't name all the ones... there's so many!
I don't like average designer ones. So I go for quirky cute ones.

But off the top of my head;
Babycham, Pucca, Tokidoki, Kipling, Blue Q Cute as Hell, Hello Kitty, Nightmare Before Christmas (by Sanrio).
Smith San 13 years ago
Currently on my Miu Miu.
beeeeeel 13 years ago
i got so many bags, but i got to admit i have a kipling addiction.

so, yeah, the one i'm using right now is a messenger bag, vintage collection, by kipling
Rianne_fv 13 years ago
I LOOOOOOOOOOVE MY FREITAG very unique messenger bag......
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