Thermoptic 11:06am, 24 March 2011
When i look at photos here in the pool i very often see people showing there cellphones and smartphones, and this means that they have them in there bag. But is this really the truth?

I would never ever put my iPhone in my bag, I always have it in my pocket so its fast and easy to reach, and more safe too.

So do you really have your phone in your bag?
TheSunShinesBlue 11 years ago
My phone is always in my bag. Too bulky for my pockets.
chivalrous walk [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by chivalrous walk (member) 11 years ago
I have phone that is resistant to water and dust so im not worried at all :)
I used motorola l7 (aluminium mask), 2x nokia 6630 and now samsung b2700. Next one will be rugged too :)
damp pizza [deleted] 11 years ago
Never in my bag. Otherwise, I'd never know when I got a call or would forget to get it out when I'm at home or work - plus, I don't carry my bag everywhere. My wife leaves hers clipped to her purse, and she always scrambling to get it when it rings and she's in the next room.
Bootleg Betty 11 years ago
Yes, most of the time I do carry it in my purse. Probably why I miss a lot of calls. I rarely hear it and if I do, it's too late and the call has gone to voicemail, lol.
elhamisabel 11 years ago
Almost all the time in my bag. And almost all the time do I miss a call. ;-)
Unless I expect a call, then I try to put it in my coat/jacket pocket where I feel it ringing.
belenesq 11 years ago
If I'm carrying a bag, my phone is in it.
itsaz00t 11 years ago
I keep it in my pocket just in case I don't hear it. Sf is such a noisy place and putting it in my bag means missed calls lol.
fazalmajid 11 years ago
In my jacket pocket. It would take too long to reach for it in the bag, if I could even hear it ring in the first place.
♥mabeliita♥ Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ♥mabeliita♥ (admin) 11 years ago
it depends on where I am... if I'm at work or in my car then i'll have it next to me because at work I'm using it constantly and in the car is esasier to reach for it. BUT if I'm somewhere else then it's in my purse
Raynah Thomas 11 years ago
Usually in my bag - I can't use it while I'm working (I am a teacher) so I keep it where it's safe. It's in my bag while I'm in the car too - there's NO WAY anyone should be using a phone while driving.
kayleighna 11 years ago
I always have my phone in my purse...I am too much of a klutz to have it anywhere else.
Elin A 11 years ago
Yes, my iPhone is in my purse. That´s probably why I miss a lot of calls ; )
aya1gou 11 years ago

I'm not deaf but I have auditive problem, therefore I use text to communicate with my clients ;)
I only talk to people with my phone about 5-6 times a month XD lol
Chazz Layne 11 years ago
I recently moved it to my bag, guess I'll have to re-shoot and re-submit. :)

I've pocket-carried my phone for something like 14 years now, but in the last year or so it just hasn't been as important. Most of the communication I do with it is text or email, and most of the time when I'm out I'm driving, so there just isn't much reason to have it on me anymore. Having it in the bag is one less thing filling my pockets.

I still pocket it when I go bagless of course.
mrslightwood 11 years ago
Since I usually wear clothes without pockets (and because I'm uber paranoid that it will fall off my pockets) my phone's usually in my bag.:)
Phantomisa 11 years ago
Depends on where I am going or if I am texting with someone, usually in my bag, in a pocket easy to reach, while i drive or travel, then, if I am using it, in my pocket.
alert card [deleted] 11 years ago
I always carry my cellphone in my bag.
Rooey202 11 years ago
If I am out, my 'droid is in my bag if I am not texting or talking on the phone,
tazzy kitten 11 years ago
its usually in my jeans pocket
and even then i can miss calls LOL
industrious bike [deleted] 11 years ago
Usually always in my jeans pocket- it keeps me from losing it. (: Sometimes it is in my bag if the phone bother's me in my pocket or sometimes I falls out when bend down or something. :D
wvancamp 11 years ago
Mine is always in my purse. I have a pocket in there that is dedicated to my Blackberry. It does tend to muffle the rings and sometimes I miss calls, but I find that it is more comfortable for me to carry it this way.
barbaraluel Posted 11 years ago. Edited by barbaraluel (member) 11 years ago
Mine is always in my bag because I almost never have pockets except sometimes my jacket but as I never keep my jacket on inside I usually leave it in my bag that I NEVER leave alone ;-)
I used sometimes to leave it in my jeans back pocket and once it got stolen and another time it fell in the ... toilet. So now it is ALWAYS in my bag :-D
sleepydoll 11 years ago
It depends on what I am wearing that day :) If I have no pockets, my phone goes into my bag!~
witty coat [deleted] 11 years ago
truthfully i don't care about my phones so i always throw them in my bags. both my work BB and my iPhone. i know i should take better care of them. .___.
Mount Fuji . 11 years ago
Yes, always.
THEMACGIRL* 11 years ago
I can't say for everyone in the pool but if they don't have a regular camera, they may be using their cell phone to take the photo.

I always carry my phone in my bag. I have an otterbox on my phone so it makes it hard to get it in and out of my pockets with ease.
andid333 10 years ago
i do,my handbag has a dedicated pocket for your cell phone so it stays safe!
gabby crowd [deleted] 10 years ago
Yep, also in a dedicated cellphone pocket. Women's clothing is a bit bad on pockets.
Aunt Beverly 10 years ago
Most of the time it's in my purse if not it is in my pocket.
Kappolito 10 years ago
I ALWAYS (except one time) have my cellphone in one of my pockets. I had it in my bag one time and i had such a hard time finding it when it rang. :S
offbeat wrench [deleted] 10 years ago
It's usually in my purse, in a side pocket. If that's not the case, then it's in my hand, if I'm expecting a text etc
Tomorrow Never Knows 10 years ago
Yes, and usually somewhere near the bottom. A mobile phone is not an accessory I have identified with and embraced to date; despite almost 20 years owning one (of course back that long ago they had to go in a bag as they were far too big for any pocket. It was a Motorola, a dirty burgundy colour with an aerial you had to pull out, it had a battery life of about 4 hours on stand-by and it made phone calls and nothing else).
andid333 10 years ago
depending on what bag i use,if i use a bag that has i nice pocket for my phone yes,otherwise its in my coat pocket that zipps up,in the summer i stuff it in my bra lol!
delirious bells [deleted] 10 years ago
I'm usually either biking or on my scooter, so it's usually in my bag for safekeeping and so I can find it lol
Issac Yamir 10 years ago
No, i don't.
rkevwill 10 years ago
Showing an expensive watch in the bag, is nothing more than a brag tag. How about a neat book, or your cell phone, or your masters thesis. Your watch?????? who the freak carries their watch in their bag???
CJensenS 10 years ago
Yes, actually. I guess the paranoia factor applies to me in a way so I cannot keep my phone in a regular pocket. Meh.
chauvesouris 10 years ago
I don't have pockets many times (I don't wear trousers very often) so it has to be in my bag!
CaryFairy 10 years ago
I don't have many clothes with pockets so yes, phone is ALWAYS in the bag! I prefer to carry bags with a special phone pocket so it's easier to find.
carl413 9 years ago
No. I do not have my phone in a bag, I use "The CellBand""The CellBand" is a wrist sports band converted to hold small devices. They make two models. One holds all kinds of small devices, and another that just holds smart phones. They are cheap $6.99 and $7.99. Also, you can buy at wholesale from $1.50-2.00 depending on how much you want. Just put cellband in the search.
Cat2398 9 years ago
It's almost always *not* in my bag ~ it's almost always in my hand with my keys or in my pocket ... that way I know I haven't left it somewhere *scared face* ...
MyHun Posted 9 years ago. Edited by MyHun (member) 9 years ago
Yes. Cause I don't really use it much especially at work.
davekpcv 9 years ago
As a motorcyclist who often gets caught in a heavy downpour of rain and the jacket lets water in, a tank bag is the safest place. Also if I fall off....which is always possible......the phone would probably smash if it hit the ground, leaving me miles from anywhere with no means of contacting anyone. ( I once fell off with a tin of aerosol deodorant in the jacket pocket on the way back from the gym - it says "Don't puncture" on the side of a can for a good reason, so I found out)
daisyvisionxxx 7 years ago
I ride a bicycle, and when I'm not wearing a jacket that has a zippered pocket for the phone, it goes into a front zippered pocket of my bag so it's safe. Stuff has a way of dumping out of un-zippered pockets while you ride.
screamingflea 7 years ago
Yes, I put my phone in my bag. If it's not in my bag then I just hold onto it. My pants usually have small/tight pockets, in the very rare times I don't have a purse and need to free my hands, I slip my phone into my back pocket. I haven't broken it yet. Lol.
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