Fivefifty_Tom 10:29am, 11 August 2011
I notice A LOT of people have old school 35mm cameras in their bags. Is this really something people do? Or is this group just really 'cool'? :)
Fly Phoenix 10 years ago
I was thinking the same thing I have noticed a lot of cool old school cameras in the pool lately! :D
oliverleschke 10 years ago
Nothing to do with 'cool'.

At some point, you'll enjoy having a full frame camera, without robbing a bank first. ;-)

I usually have a film camera in my bag.

At the moment I'm switching between a Ricoh GR1 and GRD II.

Have to admit, that the controls are better on the GR1.
John Berner 10 years ago
A lot of people shoot film still. I personally shoot about 99.999999% film. Inexpensive way to get into lots of fun systems. Also for a lot of people its more fun to slow down and be involved in all the different parts from start to finish like choosing the film and developing it themselves. Some people also think its overall just better than digital, but thats really just opinion.
Dreaming Magpie 10 years ago
I still shoot and carry film cameras. For me personally It also has nothing to do with "cool"...
useful art [deleted] 10 years ago
I use them! I usually carry it around my neck though but I do sometimes place it in the bag. I hear that it's now the "hipster" thing to do, which used to bother me, but I could care less now; I didn't pick up film photography for that reason so I don't care what people say.
daisyvisionxxx 7 years ago
I definitely still shoot film! I devoted about 30 solid years of my life to learning how to shoot, process and print film BEFORE I ever went digital, and I don't feel like letting that all go completely to waste. Also, properly exposed and processed C-41 film has a quality that digital capture STILL just doesn't have. There's a certain depth to the colors, especially the reds, which digital cameras still have a lot of trouble even focusing on. With digital, reds tend to just be red (often a kind of washed-out red compared to the subject's actual red colors you saw with your own eyes), while with C-41 film, done right, the reds are gorgeously vibrant, with an almost physical depth; like you could dive into that red and swim around! All that being said though, my DSLRs do get used a lot more often than my film cameras these days, but I'll never quit shooting film completely.
Jonathan Östberg 7 years ago
I have one or two analog cameras, I bought myself a nex digial SLR, but I never have it with me. I love my analog film cameras, and I love shooting with them. I dont shoot 10 pic on the same thing and I dont feel stressed because I dont get the stress with having to look on the LCD to check if the pic was okay.

But then when i do get the pictures, some of them may be bad. ^^
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