7ichi88 6:59pm, 10 April 2013
Well, that's the question. I saw a photo here which the iPhone had a name (Jarvis?) and I was wondering who else put names in mobiles, music players, etc?

As for me, my iPod is called "Aipo-chi".
My collegue has in her bag a nail cutter called "Tétano" (tetanus, in portuguese)

My mobile and my new camera have no names yet :/

How about you?
(is this topic ok, btw?)
Trae A. 9 years ago
My iphone is Crow, ipod classic is silver wolf, kindle is snowy owl, filofax is finsbury (came with it), and my camera doesn't have a name just yet.
A_Shankasaurus 9 years ago
I name my gadgets!! iPhone is Shanky. iTouch is duckie. iPad is chicken f***er lol Nikon Camera is D. Dell laptop is Negrita. My VW bug is Gracie lol
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