ashleyyjk 5:40pm, 10 October 2013
I am a design student and doing a thesis around our relationship/ interest around bags and its contents within. The contents of our bags can show our lifestyle but it can also be a portrayal of our material dependant society.

The fashion industry seems to image bags as a desire.
But when we look back, bags evolved from our necessity to carry things around in our minor migrations we make everyday..

what do you think.
is bag a necessity or a desire?

Do you ever think Bags ever confine your movements or activities throughout the day?

Anyone willing to contribute and share their thinking around this.
Please contact msg me :)
by shante 8 years ago
Why is this an either or situation? People need to carry stuff and the fashion industry has taken advantage of that by making bags that people have and will desire.
I have bags that get in the way and I have bags that do not. It is typically a measure if I want to be more practical or not.
Sandra Blanca 8 years ago
Very interesting topic!
jsdgdo 7 years ago
I'd love to read more about you thesis.
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