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The bigger the bag the more you carry. Nuchangez12 0 Nuchangez12 9 years ago
Why do (almost) everyone use Moleskin? danielhaaf 3 groc 9 years ago
handkerchief, tissues, both or neither? absorbed ticket (deleted) 45 Trae A. 9 years ago
Guess the gender boncey 1 CaryFairy 9 years ago
Belt Bags (aka Fanny Packs) : yey or ney? fuzzy twig (deleted) 106 Klee Bruce 9 years ago
What are the top three things you would not want to happen to your bag? fuzzy twig (deleted) 21 Klee Bruce 9 years ago
Do you carry a handheld gaming device in your bag? ultra teaching (deleted) 9 Klee Bruce 9 years ago
Does anyone wear a watch anymore? Dolltacular 19 Klee Bruce 9 years ago
What Type of bag do you use? tobywuk 88 Klee Bruce 9 years ago
Ladies, what are the 3 most important items in your bag?(besides your wallet, keys and phone) Peacybaby 291 Klee Bruce 9 years ago
Why is there so much kids' stuff in adult women's purses (that doesn't belong TO kids)? Plume145 41 MyHun 9 years ago
holiday baggage Rakka 11 Salkri 10 years ago
something unique Agamid 92 CJensenS 10 years ago
I love when people use Notes on their photos... Laserone ☆ Lauren 2 carlosgtz 10 years ago
Does anyone NOT own a moleskine or an iPod? beautiful pocket (deleted) 295 wvancamp 10 years ago
new group whats in tool bag loungelover31 0 loungelover31 11 years ago
What Makes You Click? endurable dime (deleted) 25 useful art (deleted) 11 years ago
What bag do you think is worth spending major $$$$$ on? -Miss_Liss- 37 CJensenS 11 years ago
Does the name matter kayleighna 8 The Princess & The Geek 12 years ago
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