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Designer handbags zeyno*kiz 25 Alyiena 13 years ago
Backpacks - strap on two shoulders or one? tobywuk 16 annie.washburn 13 years ago
Do you carry more than one bag? ficbot 39 annie.washburn 13 years ago
How often do you clean your bag? kinch76 79 rampant expansion (deleted) 13 years ago
what kind of bags do you prefer? Messenger or backpack t.spang 65 mighty moon (deleted) 13 years ago
Are public transportation users bags more interesting? brown eggnog (deleted) 11 brown eggnog (deleted) 13 years ago
Backpack or Messenger bag? Kyle Ponce 17 RaY'z 13 years ago
Packing Problems. second-hand fold (deleted) 7 nondescript step (deleted) 14 years ago
whats the 3 things you feel naked without being present in your bag? tizzit 196 xfancy 14 years ago
comfort items hospitable suggestion (deleted) 12 punk rock prom queen 14 years ago
Handmade bags aaearhart (216) 6 groc 14 years ago
What did you leave out of your 'what's in my bag photo'? jittery holiday (deleted) 42 popsicles for dinner 14 years ago
Your favorite "What's in your bag" pic YogaG33k 7 go ask alice, ı think she'll know 14 years ago
does anyone have tons of keychains on their bag? Dragon breeder 15 latino_actovi33 14 years ago
Where are you from? confused zipper (deleted) 163 ThaisMouraShoes 14 years ago
What's the most important thing in your bag? ♥mabeliita♥ 152 R D L 14 years ago
laptop bag ideas? Ðê§ï†rðglðÐ¥†ê 29 bumpy hair (deleted) 14 years ago
Some questions NataschaM 34 popsicles for dinner 14 years ago
high hit rate? .michaelchung 23 substantial reading (deleted) 14 years ago
How did you think to start this group? Plume145 9 ♥mabeliita♥ 14 years ago
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