early rake [deleted] 1:21pm, 10 October 2007
If you made it to 26 weeks then you are half-way there! Whoo hooo! Please share a small size photo of your "week 26":
(small size preferred - it saves on bandwidth and if you're shot is really interesting to someone, they may be more likely to click on it to see it larger...which gets you more views)
Olivia Joy StClaire 14 years ago
amanky 14 years ago
Day 180: Beautiful Flower
Kaptain Kobold 14 years ago
Week 26 was the week of my brother's wedding:

Dancing To That Bhangra Beat
pusspaw 14 years ago
mm, my best ones aren't milestone weeks...better make 52 a good one!
I am the head of state...or not
KatColorado 14 years ago
early rake [deleted] 14 years ago
bump for anyone else who wishes to share their week 26...
Julie Moo 14 years ago
52 Weeks, Week 26
zarkin 14 years ago
Week 26 - Hong Kong
zarkin be approaching :)
icy beginner [deleted] 14 years ago
Finally... Made it to week 26. It's downhill from now on...

Week 26
KirscheTortschen 14 years ago
Workspace View
Minus Zero 14 years ago

Week 26 of 52
resolute nose [deleted] 14 years ago
there's a small town called midway close to where i live.
it's hard to believe it's been half a year already.
Week 26 of 52:  MIDWAY
Buzia 14 years ago
this is my week I am in 45 already!

it's not a perfect weather outside...
airencracken Posted 14 years ago. Edited by airencracken (member) 14 years ago
Week Twenty-Six: Halfway
gapey 14 years ago
I made it!
Week 26 - Double Jointed
Kiky01 14 years ago
Stop and Stare
faygate 13 years ago
Not a very exciting shot, but I made it to 26 weeks!

lazzzzy toes
Eustace James 13 years ago
Almost forgot that today was the day I needed to post something. And that it's week 26.

Wait.  You're
jodi*mckee 13 years ago
a lot on my mind
Stewart Leiwakabessy 13 years ago
52 26 Suicidal
Athena Carey 13 years ago
week 26 was a little ;o)

CrAZy LaDy
Desirée 13 years ago
why does it always rain on me?
perkyNbLue 13 years ago
Not much on this week... But I took it. :)

{Week 26} At Traffic School
rachelakelso 13 years ago
Willster K Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Willster K (member) 13 years ago
Started running out of inspiration by week 26, only just beginning to pick up again I think!!

Half Way There - 26/52
evilibby 13 years ago
alicephilippa 13 years ago
Alice (week 26)
Thorpeland 13 years ago
Made it!
26\52:  Nuthin to Eat
tasteful recess [deleted] 13 years ago
just made it ! :D

26 of 52 - Halfway there.
gracieshoots 13 years ago
1/2. That's strange somehow. But yay, too.
glimpse 26/52: halfway done, where does the time go?
Adam Lyon 13 years ago
Almost 13 months in, here's my week 26 shot. I'll try to make the next 26 weeks be closer to... 6 months. (=

Eurobeats (52 Weeks, Week 26)
Hypppylány 13 years ago
Nothing special.
26. hét: félidő - Week 26: Halftime
Magda Reis 13 years ago
Friday poser - 52 WEEKS the middle of the road...
sevgi.k 13 years ago
26/52 - Need to break free

on week 29 now :P
Eli Feher 13 years ago
My 26 week... Merry Christmas

cjacobs53 13 years ago
Here is my 26th week... Having fun and it keps me just enough distracted...

26/52 A rose from my girl
halting doctor [deleted] 13 years ago
twentysix/fiftytwo - lucid dreams
visithra 13 years ago
Stuck in time
Laura (Tigerlily999) 13 years ago
26 weeks!!!!
{26/52} Heart (by Tigerlily999)
Pagan Publications 13 years ago
26 weeks! i love this ended up being such a happy, silly shot of me since this whole project for me has bee about breaking down borders in myself.

26/52 ~ nothing's gonna change my world
Craig B 73 13 years ago
Scoop the Pool 26/52
Matador the First 13 years ago
26/52 – The Smile, the Face.
26/52 – The Smile, the Face.
Ariana Toothpaste 13 years ago
180\365 Camouflage by Ariana Toothpaste
gia_365days 13 years ago
week 26
Texican Ranger 13 years ago
26/52 by Texican Ranger
naenobe 13 years ago
I made it without missing a week!!

26 of 52 (Half Baked) by naenobe
Amanda SG 13 years ago
Oooo, I wish I were an Oscar Mayer wiener...

26/52 - Halfway, and Half a Weiner-Mobile!
olivia house 12 years ago
26/52. Take my breath away. by olivia house
paperingasmile 12 years ago
Ana Santos Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Ana Santos (member) 11 years ago
Hooray for me! :D

Why I Grew Out My Hair

The minor fall, the major lift

The Breakaway

Emm Enn 12 years ago
w00t w00t
I really did and just turned crazy a lil :>
la Bragarde 12 years ago
Half-way without missing a week! Yeah!!! And it's been so fun!!
claireberries 12 years ago
I think I missed a couple of weeks, but here's my 26h shot!
Sofa (26/52)
karla_k 12 years ago
Even though I don't like it too much, but here's my week 26

week 26 of 52
half way there!

Who said anything about not peeking?
Sion Fullana 12 years ago
Week 26 (and I just posted 27th 2 days ago! YAY).

52 Weeks Project (26): "Proud"
chimphappyhour 12 years ago
Half lit for the half way

Taz Spin 12 years ago
kosebose 12 years ago
Let your light shine by kosebose
evilibby 12 years ago
sempre_vivace 12 years ago
I'm up to week 24... just about there!!
nieske 12 years ago
Woohoo, week 26!

sempre_vivace 12 years ago
YES YES YES!!!! Totally worth it journey :-)

26 . 52 We came to the earth to graze (read: laze)
Lucie-Jane 12 years ago
Shelly Tee 12 years ago
[26/52] half and half (by shellygrrl)
Nicky_too 12 years ago
Halfway there!
dave lewis 88 12 years ago
Just made it! Hurrah!
juicowski 12 years ago
Half way through, yay! Feels great, looking forward to the next 26! :)

[26/52] It's half full! by juicowski
thankful popcorn [deleted] 11 years ago
Eye Pod 26/52
freezing sand [deleted] 11 years ago
Iacobus Images 11 years ago
26/52 I'm Back baby!!! by Iacobus Images
poptart prince 11 years ago
we are nothing more than what we are breathing in by poptart prince
scarab.claire 11 years ago
week 26 was my birthday. haven't missed a week yet....

SHADY*lane 11 years ago
i did it!!!
haven't missed a week yet!!

week | twenty-six
[carleigh jean] 11 years ago
I'm at week 32 right now, but this was my week 26 :)

- POD - Posted 11 years ago. Edited by - POD - (member) 11 years ago
Totally forgot to post this.... Week 26.

My Man Smell (26/52) by - POD -
nyah74 11 years ago
26/52: flickr ninja
Texican Ranger 11 years ago
26/52 by Texican Ranger
evilibby 11 years ago

The Last Chapter...
baresilver 11 years ago
I finally made it! I'm really far behind, but I did it! I'd planned on making it a really creative one, but exciting news got in the way. ;)

26/52  Bragging
eric journey 11 years ago
26/52 by eric journey
titchy_lou 11 years ago
Week 26 Time to tidy up your life. Time to start again. by titchy_lou
astonishing zinc [deleted] 11 years ago
*manda Posted 11 years ago. Edited by *manda (member) 11 years ago
one of my least favourite of the year, but oh well :)
26/52 curiouser and curiouser
Riccy Wings 11 years ago
half way there!!
Week 26.52
zesty treatment [deleted] 10 years ago
Just made it :D
devilish reaction [deleted] 10 years ago
Under the microscope
esnieselt2010 10 years ago
I also made it half way!!!
52-26 Halftime by esnieselt2010
evilibby 10 years ago
Into the Sunset
VeronicaSheppard 10 years ago
26/52 by VeronicaSheppard
mickymilé 10 years ago
26/52 ~ I Want You To Fall Apart Like I Did. [SOOC] by mickymilé
that was my week 26, but I'm now in week 31, though I lost track sometimes... :/
lessake 9 years ago
the first 26weeks
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