early rake [deleted] 1:22pm, 10 October 2007
You are 3/4 of the way there if you made it to 39 weeks! Please share a small size photo of your "week 39":
(small size preferred - it saves on bandwidth and if you're shot is really interesting to someone, they may be more likely to click on it to see it larger...which gets you more views)
KarenMarleneLarsen Posted 14 years ago. Edited by KarenMarleneLarsen (member) 14 years ago
Several of us that I know of- Bean Mama, Magstultz, you, Georgie Sharp, Erthsister, Harry Harris, I'll remember eventually

here's mine

52.39... in situ
KarenMarleneLarsen 14 years ago
oh, and the 365ers who join in, Sosij, amiko, mrs. tea, ...
amanky 14 years ago
Day 267: Daniel
Kaptain Kobold 14 years ago
Here's mine, taken back in August:

The Great Vine
JK> 14 years ago
pusspaw 14 years ago

Although I'm actually up to week 44 now. Nearly there!
KatColorado 14 years ago
chiaro scuro
early rake [deleted] 14 years ago
bump - who else wishes to share their "week 39"?
vamom7678 14 years ago
Week 39
early rake [deleted] 14 years ago
bump for those 3/4 of the way....
zarkin 14 years ago
Week 39 – Lying Around

Yay!! Onto the home stretch.
Julie Moo 14 years ago
52 Weeks, Week 39
icy beginner [deleted] 14 years ago
Finally, on the home stretch now....
Week 39.
airencracken 13 years ago
Week Thirty-Nine: Contemplation
Kiky01 13 years ago
Half of me
faygate 13 years ago
Well I made it here this week, yea only a quarter to go. Next year I'm going to get my weeks done proper. So my 52nd week picture will also be my 1st week picture or maybe I'll just post two! :o)

Leftess 13 years ago
Week 39 just last week!
it's not just about having your butt in the pew
CandaceK 13 years ago
made it this week ;)

"39.52" by CandaceK [?]
jodi*mckee 13 years ago
me & my army green holga
perkyNbLue 13 years ago
{39/52} Self-Portrait

Last week.
I was very excited!
Desirée 13 years ago
this week! cannot believe I'm so far :)

mariposas en el estómago
LPM 13 years ago
A rare glimpse of something I rarely let people photograph me with.

Week Thirty Nine
Athena Carey 13 years ago
where soul meets body...
Thorpeland 13 years ago
39\52: Catching Up!
evilibby 13 years ago
Matador the First 12 years ago
39/52 – Tre quarti.
39/52 – Tre quarti.
Amanda SG 12 years ago
Got mine in with a long exposure out on the beach in July. :)
39/52 - Under The Milky Way
Ana Santos Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Ana Santos (member) 12 years ago
Let the Wild Rumpus Start! :D

I'm the king of all wild things,
Owen Schaefer 12 years ago
Oh yes, nearing the end, and pretty pleased about it! #39:

Gutless :: thirty-nine of fifty-two
la Bragarde 12 years ago
Only 13 more to go! I'm so glad I've made it so far.
karla_k 12 years ago
week 39 of 52
Shelly Tee 12 years ago
[39/52] three quarters! (by shellygrrl)
J.G.E. 12 years ago
Week 39: Hide and seek ... 11 years ago
Project 52 Week 39 - Don't play with fire

Just posted week 40 which as a number seems more of a mile stone to me
juicowski 11 years ago
[39/52] It's important to have red shoes by juicowski
titchy_lou 11 years ago
week 39 Shoot for the moon, even if you fail, you'll land among the star by titchy_lou
Riccy Wings 10 years ago
Week 39.52
devilish reaction [deleted] 10 years ago
Surrounded by colour
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