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olivia house 1:09am, 11 April 2009
Post any 52 Weeks Photos that you took outside.

Here are mine:


18/52. Tell me, what do you do when it all falls apart? by olivia house
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LeftyJames 11 years ago
27/52.2 - Roadkill
nyah74 11 years ago
5/52: different paths, same destination

13/52: being

11/52: where does the road lead to?
olivia house 11 years ago
20/52. Fire from my heart, burning just for you. by olivia house

22/52. by olivia house

23/52. by olivia house


26/52. Always. by olivia house

27/52. Downpour. by olivia house


29/52. by olivia house

30/52. Our roots say we are sisters, our hearts say we're friends. by olivia house

32/52. If you ever feel like letting go, I won't let you fall. by olivia house

33/52. Before it's too late, this could all disappear. by olivia house
- POD - 11 years ago
I think I only have 1 that was outside.... Hmm, I need to work on that...

Very Early Morning Coffee (29/52) by - POD -
- POD - 11 years ago
Found some others, guess I had more outside than I thought!!

My Own Worst Critic (27/52) by - POD -

Technically outside under a parking ramp
Carpe Diem (23/52) by - POD -

My favorite outdoor one,
Agassi has Nothing on The Hick!!! (22/52) by - POD -
lisa kimberly 11 years ago
week 3!

03/52 - disconnection
- POD - 11 years ago
Waiting for the Bus (33/52) by - POD -

#33, getting close to done!
titchy_lou 11 years ago
Reading 2010 by titchy_lou
_moonlight_shadow_ 11 years ago
Forgive Me Now Cause I Have Been Unfaithful (week 5/52) by _moonlight_shadow_
- POD - 11 years ago
40/52, doing a little "Fine Tuning" :-)

Fine Tuning (40/52) by - POD -
_moonlight_shadow_ 11 years ago
You’re Wrong If You Think That I’ll Be Just Like You (week 6/52) by _moonlight_shadow_
titchy_lou 11 years ago
Week 16 You are what you are and you have to accept it by titchy_lou
baresilver 11 years ago
I do believe most of mine are outside...

36/52 Lúthien
titchy_lou 10 years ago
week 40 Where are they all now? by titchy_lou

Week 42 I thought I could at least keep you together by titchy_lou

Tomorrow Never Knows 10 years ago
Currently my favourite outside photo this year, this was a simply glorious evening.

A Wake of Stars
Sarah-Satellite Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Sarah-Satellite (member) 10 years ago
Week 25.1 by Sarah-Satellite

Week 21.1 by Sarah-Satellite

Week 20.1 by Sarah-Satellite
evilibby 10 years ago
So far this year...

I Won't Let This Happen.

Don't Speak

Hung out to dry.

{9/52 weeks} sensitive soul

Happens just in the golden hours

molteplice me

{7/52 weeks} Take time to enjoy

I just wanna shot

Light me up

{6/52 weeks} Thinking about me

osservo ogni dettaglio di te

883  {Ti sento vivere}

Running in the golden hours

Precious old camera

Golden hours

paglia e capelli

Sabato in carso
titchy_lou 10 years ago
Week 52 by titchy_lou
devilish reaction [deleted] 10 years ago
After the rain

I heart Pacha
Katherine__ 10 years ago
 by Katherine__
Tomorrow Never Knows 10 years ago
so we got to the end of the year and here are some of my (better) outside photos (it was a year for swimming)

10s 2 Go

I'm over here!

Going swimming

Down at the bottom

One last time around the cove

At The Water's Edge
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