Trinidad Pena 12:19am, 3 January 2012
I'm just curious, if this will be updating or if everyone is done with their projects. I'm just starting now...
che11eo 10 years ago
I'm starting for the first time.
Christina♥Kay 10 years ago
I'm not going to.. I ended up taking a lot of selfies that looked the same. I am going to do a once a month self portrait though.
I am ! :] this will be my first time doing a 52 week project.
mammoth eye [deleted] 10 years ago
I am starting too.
Lieke_ 10 years ago
I am starting too with my first 52 weeks project!!

so.. I think it will be awesome to share inspiration in/with this group..
Tomorrow Never Knows 10 years ago
Taking a year off. Instead doing a 365 (366? as it's a leap year) themed entirely around photos of my hair. That should drive everyone crazy.
Trinidad Pena 10 years ago
YAY! Can't wait to see all the pics!
Gogs Deol 10 years ago
I'm starting my first 52 week project :)!
KatColorado 10 years ago
yep, I'll try to... once more ;-)
Clickumentary 10 years ago
I'm snappin' at the opportunity.. 366 is uber impossible! : )
Shooting Dave 10 years ago
I am starting for the first time! Got some models to shoot this weekend! I am excited about this - hopefully it will show my progress throughout the year.
Monik_76 10 years ago

I am starting as well this project. Wish me luck :P
I JUST started today. I've been talking about it for a while, but just went for it. Hate being in front of the lens, so wish me luck. Comments appreciated! Hoping it will get better as it goes...LOL.
laurainlow 10 years ago
I think I tried this last year and failed. Try again!
espressoDOM 10 years ago
i am going to try again
Lauren Gherardi 10 years ago
I just started! :)
John FotoHouse 10 years ago
I've started my third year having done a 365 first!

52 Y1:
52 Y2:

Good luck everybody!
C h l o e . 10 years ago
i started for the first time :)
Elena Ayll☀n 10 years ago
Hi all, I´m starting my first 52 weeks!
espressoDOM 10 years ago
yay for everyone starting for the first time
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