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Ana Gremard 11:56pm, 21 January 2012
Hello, all.

My friend and I started a 52 week project at the beginning of the year and as an added challenge, we chose themes. My friend, however, is far more active on facebook than she is on Flickr and was uploading her photos there as well as here. I thought that she may not be the only one and as I couldn't find a 52 week fan page on facebook, I created one, with a link to this group. This way you can share photos with family and friends who may not be active on Flickr. I'd love to invite you all to join the group, themed challenges optional. :)
Les 52 moi de l'année 10 years ago
ok i added you.

Here is my facebook page :

(In french me and month sounds the same so the title of my project is the "52 month of the year")
Nell Spi Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Nell Spi (member) 9 years ago
Hey guys!

this is my facebook profile, you can see my photos, if you add me.

I haven't got a fanpage yet but I deliberate whether I should create one.
Greetings from germany
Kate Hook 9 years ago
Hello everyone!

I could really some with feedback and likes :) I always like back xx

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