Erica Perry 1:28am, 28 February 2012
Exactly what the question says, what made you want to do this?

I started photography through self-portraits and learned a lot in a short amount of time. Eventually I started having other people model for me and noticed my skills improving at a much slower pace. So I'm starting this project to get myself back on track, challenge myself with difficult ideas, and just see what I'm able to do again!

And after only two weeks, I've already picked up on a couple more tricks. :D
baresilver 10 years ago
Great question! I got interested when I watched a couple of friends do the project. I had a lot of fun waiting for each installment, sometimes helping them work through an idea. After a while I was surprised to find myself coming up with all sorts of things..."'d be really fun to do a self portrait like this...and this..." I'm always a little shy in front of the camera, far more comfortable behind it. But I had ideas pouring out of my brain, so I decided to give it a go. It's been fantastic for me, I've grown a lot, and taken some of my favorite photos...even if I haven't managed to completely finish a full 52 weeks yet. ;) I'm still taking self portraits, and certainly enjoying it.
Erica Perry 10 years ago
Haha, you sound just like me! Since I've started I've had a million ideas come to me!
Les 52 moi de l'année 10 years ago
Like you i want to improve my skills. The project help me a lot and force me to think about everything : light, composition, expression...

Some weeks, alchemy doesn't works but sometimes it does. That's the game.
motionless coast [deleted] 7 years ago
I'm pretty much a beginner and I hate having my photo taken! But I thought this was cool way to a) get over myself and b) improve my skills.
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