Long time (a little over 40 years) Pentax user with wide collection of film and digital bodies. I used a Fuji Finepix 9600 when I bought my first digital camera in late 2005 and images from that can be found in my older albums.


My style continues to evolve but by volume, I'd tag it as travel documentary with a bias to architecture and interesting little side streets. I shoot context images with one body and then pick out the interesting detail with another fitted with a medium or longer zoom lens. I hope this approach makes my efforts a little more interesting to those who live in the places we visit (albeit sometimes very briefly) and to those less familiar with the location by including more than the standard tourist shots. Being retired now allows more travel opportunities and my Collections and associated albums are expanding quickly, though the speed of my uploads are constricted by the desirability of getting them into groups and the daily limits of the key relevant ones. The other side to my work is local to where I live in the West of England, so it includes the street photography, architectural photography and landscape photography genres.


I still shoot film, mixing colour slide and black & white (which I develop myself) with the occasional colour print film, all of which I scan in using a Coolscan V ED. Favourite film bodies are my Pentax LXs or if traveling light, a Pentax MZ-S.


I have begun to add in detail of lens, f stop and shutter speed etc to my existing film images. I started recording this from late July 2006, so with the exception of 1 roll of Tri X, I have all the data and it's 'just' a matter of typing it in as the opportunities arise.


I have added infra red to the formats I shoot in, using a converted Pentax K7 which has a 720nm filter fitted before the sensor. These images are very different from what most would consider to be 'normal' and shows the locations in a different light, literally.


My pet hates are:

over done HDRs - should be subtle and hardly discernible in my view

images with no EXIF, tagging or location information. Some great shots out there but no thought for the discerning viewer who'd like to know the the where and the how.

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